Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Thoughts on New Year's Eve


Most people like to make the New Year’s Eve a memorable occasion, such as “New Year’s Resolution,” getting deadly drunk, committing social mistakes for which to pay for the rest of the year, rolling your garbage can down the road to piss off the neighbors, shooting a gun into the air and be jailed for it, etc..

According to Merriam-Webster, one of the definitions of “eve” is “The evening or the day before a special day.” For my purposes there is nothing special about the first of January of any year other than the fact that I survived the day before. In the grand scheme of things it is one out of three hundred sixty-five days in any year that I had been around, so it is somewhat commonplace. When I get to the point of considering every day a miracle, and I am working on that, then New Year’s Eve will be special. Aside from that, special things can happen on New Year’s Eve, commemorative event notwithstanding.

This was one of those days. I was up at 3:30 or so, and met MW by her computer. It appears that she had been up since I passed out at 9:30 the night before. We discussed the possibilities of her staying up further, which I dismissed. She went to bed carrying the controller for the signaling device. I made my usual coffee beverage and settled down to a few enjoyable hours of reading and writing. Since I wore the device around my private parts, I knew that even if she were to sleep through, she would have a way to zap me. Sure enough, it began with her feet needing extra cover. I complied with layers of quilts and blankets. I even threw in a fuzzy robe. Next time, about half hour later, it had to do with turning on an electric foot warmer. An hour so later again I was summoned to turn off the foot warmer. Hey, I am here to serve! By the way, I was chastised when I did not remember to kiss her ass after my service. I think that I am losing my mind. I never want to miss a chance at kissing her ass.

Oh My!

She seldom sleeps past seven, but this time it was not until about eight that I was summoned again in the usual manner: zap in the balls. She wanted coffee. I went through the routine of coffee, cups, opening blinds, shuttling cats, etc., then settled with her to sip the brew. We talked, and some of my thoughts took a dark turn. I think that she may have felt it. At some point I nuzzled her under-arm and partook her healthy essence. Emboldened by encountering no resistance, I pushed her gently to assume a supine position. She did not object, so I pushed on, with the little guy trying to get in the way again. At first I made loving advances by licking and feeling all of her available charms near the range of my lips. That was around her shoulders. She seemed a bit tentative about my advances, but for an unknown reason she suddenly changed. When she shook hands with the little guy, I felt that he and I would have a chance to show that we mean what we claim. We did not waste any time. She guided us into the center of my being, and I was ready to follow. She did not waste any time either. She grabbed my tits and sank her fingernails into them as a way of showing that pleasure is to come with pain whenever she is dispensing one or the other.

It never fails to work. I was definitely all right with that, and the little schmuck ditto. I guess that I will be resetting my DWO counter to zero again after less than four days. Not that I am complaining. Maybe I just don’t remember how it usually is, but it really blew my mind. She is terrific! We continued to lie in the missionary position while I thrilled myself with her charms through my fingers and inhaled her heavenly aroma. She felt perfect as usual. Aside from my not being able to get the little guy going again, after his recent excellent performance, I was ready to serve her in any way to take up his slack. She has that effect on me. Oh my! I could just eat ….

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