Friday, March 27, 2009

The Police

MW made a comment a while ago. She said that I did not attain a certain kind of wisdom until I had been involved with law enforcement for a while. You should take that as my being on the enforcing the law side, rather than on the being enforced side. I have strong feelings on this subject. What I am about to tell you is kept generic for a reason. When I say “police” I mean all aspects of law enforcement that deals with the public first-hand.

You may not have guessed, but I am somewhat of a writer. I have published a lot of material that related my experiences. All that was under my real name. That is why I don’t want to get explicit about the subject. But that still leaves a fair amount of latitude to say what I want.

Some people have hatred toward the police. Where I grew up, it was justified, just as some of you may feel. But I doubt that anyone reading this blog is from such environment. Mine was different, and I will not elaborate on it, for the purpose of keeping my identity private. I assure you, I was not one of the “inner city” denizens, yet, the police, in my mind, was the enemy.

I warn you to ignore the crap that you see on television and in the movies. As a start, they are fiction. They may be based on reality at best. They are mostly sensationalized and eroticized fluff just to make entertainment. Some of those “On the Street” shows where you are watching real time are realistic, so that is not what I am disparaging here.

If you are still with me, we may be in three camps. Those of you, who have had only the bad experience of being stuffed into the back of a police car, may think that our police are bad. You may think that they just “serve the Man” and that they could die and you would be better off. I would not try to change your mind. You will do so yourself as a result of age. Most people accumulate some wisdom by a certain age in their life.

The second camp contains those who had been in some dire circumstance from which the police bailed them out. At that point you realize that there are some dedicated and brave people who will serve the deserving and undeserving without expecting compensation. This realization is rare, but it happens. And after that, you might forget it until the next time you need the police to rescue you.

This leaves some folks who are either in law enforcement, are married into it, or have a close relative who is in it. These people are different. Until you have a loved one who dies as a result of some lowlife’s joy ride, you can’t really appreciate the pain. If you have a son, daughter, husband, or wife who goes out every day jeopardizing his life for the rest of us you know that they are people just like us.

Consider that most of us don’t want to get into a fistfight with a thug. We don’t want to have a shootout with robbers, anarchists, terrorists, and the like. We don’t want to deal with a mugger, or even with a loudmouth ignorant person who insists that his or her way is right, and you are an ass. That is where the police come in. They handle your problem.

The police are manned (or womaned) by people just like you and I. But they are exceptional people who will do things that most of us are incapable or unwilling to do. What they have is what we lack in general.


They are willing to go through rigorous training for a long time. This training eliminates those who are not capable or dedicated enough. Physical and mental conditioning becomes a way of life.


Few of us want to be called at any hour of the day to attend a situation where we could be killed. Yet the police will go with that. They know the risks and the annoyances. They don’t like to be awakened from sleep and put on a uniform to go to a hostage situation, but they will do it. They don’t want to get between a citizen and the gunman in a shootout, but they will do it. They don’t want to see the gore in a high-speed crash and deal with the relatives of the dead victim, but it is part of the job.


The job is rewarding, but it is also stressful. I will not talk of the thrill here, although I admit that it is addictive. It is the stress part that becomes devastating over time. It destroys one’s life. It destroys one’s family. Alcoholism is common, and may lead to drugs and crime. No man or woman is immune to the false and momentary relaxation that these drugs offer. Suicide is common.

Once in law enforcement, a person gives up a number of things. The pay is not commensurate with the sacrifice and the effort. Family life is uncertain due to unscheduled events. Insurance against liability to civil suits, and life become expensive. Continuous and rigorous training are necessary. Always being on duty adds more stress, and tends to jeopardize people around the person. Competition and advancing in the ranks is essential, but it transcends the general idea. Say, if you work at Walmart, you don’t have to be a better shot or a super negotiator in a hostage situation to get a promotion. If you are police, you do.

A weapon is a great equalizer. A 150-pound man, whom I would call of slight build, can be subdued by a trained police person. With a weapon in the person’s hand the situation escalates. The slim misfit with a two-by-four coming at me is deadly. Any man or woman with a knife can cover a few feet in a second before I realize that I need to step out of the way. Then there are drug-induced anesthesias. A person affected by certain drugs feel no pain. Even being shot, cut, slashed, hit with blunt instruments have no effect on them. They will go on with a broken leg. If they come at me, only a totally deadly force will stop them. Even though I would be cleared of criminal wrongdoing since I had to protect myself, there is the inevitable civil suit following, for which I have to pay lawyers to defend myself.

After a while I no longer throw up seeing a mangled body. I still feel protective of women and children, but I tend to be hardened against lies and rhetoric by assumed criminals. I go to court to give evidence, and try not to take sides. I try to go back to work with a clear mind and conscience. But all that comes with a price. I know what is going on, and I try to filter the feelings that would incapacitate me. My family is still precious, but even with them I need to maintain a distance. I have a different standard for dealing with them as opposed to dealing with public. Stress is a way of life forever. I am changed, just like the warriors who return from wars.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Degree of Submission

The FLR Manifesto

I ran across a posting that was supposedly gleaned from Ms Rika. The posting was at Domestic Bliss and the Submissive Man dated December 18, 2005. It details in explicit terms what a submissive man should do for his love of dominance. I want to give it the name, “FLR manifesto”, in a local sense just so I can refer to it later. You will have to read or skim it before you can appreciate my comments here. I include the text for two reasons: (1) sometimes blogs go away, so if I just link to it, I may be sending you to nowhere, and (2) Ms Rika’s blog appears to have been hijacked, and I cannot access it to confirm this.


1. Cook all meals and clean up afterwards.

2. Prepare a weekly menu and review it with your partner

3. Do the shopping for the food, track food usage, and keep the kitchen stocked.

4. Clean the bathrooms (with brushes and cleanser, not your tongue).

5. Make the beds (including the pillows).

6. Do the laundry, iron, fold and put away.

7. Dust and vacuum and yes, do the windows too :).

8. Put out potpourris, candles, or oils with her favorite scents so that the house is always fragrant.

9. Feed, bathe, and groom the pets.

10. Take the children to school (or bring them to the bus stop).

11. Do home repairs within your capabilities.

12. Take the garbage pails to the curb on garbage nights.

13. Clean the pails after the garbage has been collected.

14. Package the recycling, wrap the newspapers and bring them to the curb on recycling days.

15. Prepare the monthly bills and payments for review and prepare all checks for the domme's signature.

Yardwork :

16. Mow, edge, and trim the yard regularly.

17. Take care of the garden beds and trim the trees.

18. Make certain the lawn and flower beds are watered regularly.

19. Care for the pool and spa.

20. Keep the patio, drive, and garage swept and clean,including cobwebs.

21. Remove the leaves from the gutters.

Nightly Activities:

22. Bring late night snacks while his partner watches TV.

23. Give up the remote! LOL!

24. Go on the Internet and research the Dish schedule (or TV Guide) and print out items which are of interest to the domme.

25. Get on the Internet and read the papers and her magazines to create the equivalent of an executive clipping service... articles of interest with key points highlighted.

26. Take down her bed (including the pillows).

27. Sit on the toilet seat before she needs to go in (in the winter it gets kind of cold).

28. Take her cell phone from her bag and put it on the charger (and then put it back in her bag, turned on, in the morning).

29. Draw the blinds and shades (and open them in the morning).

30. Put toothpaste on her toothbrush.

31. Fill her glass with water.

32. Bring her slippers.

33. Brush her hair.

34. Lay out the clothes she selects and press as appropriate.

35. Light scented candles, and put them out after she is asleep.

36. MASSAGE her back until she falls asleep (every night) :):):)

In the Car:

37. Keep a pager or cell phone so you can be called to pick her up at a moments notice.38. Ask her if she'd prefer to drive!

39. If not, drive her wherever she needs to go and wait for her tocome out.

40. Arrive at the front of the building within 10 seconds of her first step outside the door, 5 if the weather is not good. Keep an umbrella handy and escort her to the car if it's raining.

41. Keep her favorite magazines and CDs in the car.

42. Never, ever criticize her driving or suggest a "quicker way" (unless she requests it).

43. Wash the car regularly inside and out.

44. Preheat and de-ice the car on cold mornings.Around the House:

45. Pee sitting down so that the toilet seat is never up and you don't leave "droplets".

46. Prepare her bath (and the kid's baths, if appropriate) and run the water until it's warm for her showers.

47. Paint her toenails.

48. Pick up her shoes from the front hallway and carry them to her closet, inspect them and polish them as need be (with real polish, not saliva).

49. Keep her favorite magazines, books and CD's ready in her favorite sitting areas.

50. Answer the phone and make phone calls for her (such as ordering items she's marked in a catalogue).

First I want to state that, “It is a great thing a man can do for his dominant partner.” It is just that I had some rebellious thoughts while reading it. For one thing, the situation described is totally lopsided. For the other, “Would she really want all that?” It seems to me a form of manipulation by the submissive. But please, correct me if you think that I am wrong.

A Wife Is Only a Servant

Let’s backtrack to the dark ages, and assume that some well-disciplined and all-knowing older matron is describing the role for a young married woman. Just substitute "he" for "she", "him" for "her", etc. in the FLR manifesto, and you get the suggested role reversal. She is doing all of this for her husband. There is an assumption on this suggested male-led-role-reversal, and that is, he, the husband, earns a living for both of them, and all her real needs are met. By real needs I mean food and shelter. Anything else is luxury. Aside from the unstated assumption that she is expected to produce (husband participates in this to a certain extent), nurture, and raise several children, her role in life is well defined within the limits. He is in charge, she does the work, and as often as the husband requires provides sexual pleasure for him.

A Husband Is Only a Servant

In the referenced link nobody said anything about earning a living. This is another unstated assumption. The trouble with this assumption is that it is based on a variable that can be troublesome. If the couple under discussion has enough wealth such that their living expenses are covered, then earning a living is not an issue. That frees a lot of time for one or the other to do domestic and personal duties to and for the dominant person.

Alternatively, if the woman works outside the home and earns enough to keep them financially stable, then the situation is workable. In this scenario the female led relationship makes as much sense as the male led relationship does in the above MLR example. Sure, she is still expected to produce children, but the nurturing, raising, etc., revert to the husband.

To make the comparison more simple, we can subtract the part having to do with children. In that case, one partner works outside the home to earn a living, the other stays at home and is barely above the status of a slave, or at best, a servant. He or she may not receive recognition for service, and his or her life as the submissive partner becomes one of permanent drudgery. Whether MLR or FLR, the situation is the same. The dominant partner lives the life of a decadent tyrant at least at home. There may be some fringe benefits given to the slave/servant, but not guaranteed. Other than that, it can still be considered a consensual marriage or partnership.

My Point Of View

As the head kinkster in the family I could visualize myself being the submissive partner here. I could live with it for a few days, or maybe a couple of weeks. But I can see even before getting into it hip-deep that there would be unrest among the ranks of the submissives, maybe even protests! I can abide drudgery and lack of pay for a while. But if I am so damn good as to satisfy the FLR manifesto, then I want some recognition for it. Having a life sentence of servitude without redemption and rewards is not satisfying for me.

I know that there are degrees or submission. There are men who consider themselves sub human when compared to any woman. They may feel totally worthless, and hope that some woman will give them a break and allow them to serve her. I have just one problem with that: why would any woman want a totally worthless man to serve her when she can get a man who has value? But I don’t want to get sidetracked here, so I will drop the question.

There are men who don’t feel worthless or sub human, nevertheless, they feel it their duty and destiny to serve a woman to any extent that she desires. That is fine, if the man in question can and will actually do that unconditionally. But there is the rub: there are always conditions attached to this unconditional service. Skip the conditions, and you have slave rebellion in the making.

I am not one of those men who feel worthless and want to serve unconditionally. Let’s say that I had to work for a living, and was still willing, or be drafted to satisfy the FLR manifesto. I would immediately have some unresolved issues with respect to getting enough sleep, have time to keep in shape, and taking time to relax once in a while. If, in addition to that, my female partner spent her day lounging around with no tangible result of her hours awake, I would be resentful after the first few days. She could be the ideal dominatress, and treat or mistreat me in any way that satisfied my kink, and I would still become distressed at the inequity. Let’s just say that I would not make an ideal slave except in short bursts, such as when we are on a vacation away from home.

In conclusion I want to state that whether in FLR or MLR, the dominant partner has responsibilities to satisfy the submissive partner, otherwise the relationship is doomed. As to how to provide this satisfaction, well, that depends on the particular relationship. As long as they are both happy with it, anything goes. Even in the far-fetched fantasy scenario presented by whoever is posting this stuff there is a need for mutual satisfaction, otherwise one or the other partner will call it quits, and for a good reason.

Now, if it were true slavery, then only one partner needs satisfaction. But we are not really considering that.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Decisions, Decisions ...

A lovely lady, who has impressed me with more than her bent on fetish, made a comment that prompts me to do this. One of my options is to broaden the scope of this blog. I did say that a while back, and it is one of the significant alternatives to just quitting. Generally, you win some, and you lose some audience. But I must move on.

Today is a gusty spring day. The temperature is pleasant, the air is clear. The house is open to the winds. Some windows produce a howl that is reminiscent of ghostly movies. I love it. We get some fine dust as an unneeded bonus, but we enjoy the outdoors indoors also. I feel quite comfortable in my natural state without needing heating or cooling, at least during the day.

Of our two big dogs, the favorite one was allowed to come in. He was all over the place to reaffirm his dominion. His pseudo mother, our spotted cat, groomed him. She was able to reach him only as he lay on his side while relieving his puppy hood when she adopted him years ago. As I was writing I popped a couple of peanuts into my mouth. The dog naturally took interest. I dropped one peanut on the carpet for him. He made quite a show of appreciating it. An hour or so later he vomited on the same spot. I let him out of the house, and then cleaned up the mess. Peanuts are off his menu henceforth.

I enjoy heavy-duty weight lifting six days a week. Even when I really exhaust myself on hard labor the previous day, early each morning I go to the dungeon and spend from forty to sixty-minutes pumping iron.

But I have a problem. It has to do with some injuries that get in the way of trying to do all of this justice. I am right handed. Consequently, my left side is the “weak side”. It is vulnerable, and prone to injury. Over the years I have accumulated enough for a lifetime. I have gone through a shoulder injury recently that set back my bodybuilding for a few months. The left shoulder is now holding its own without blatant signs of worsening, but now my left elbow complains. I can do some stressful exercises with my right arm, but not the left. Unless I want to become lopsided, I must make a choice between limiting all to what my weak side can do, or make it worse. Damn. It is the curse of old age. My muscles are all willing and able, but some of the joints can’t support the stress. Where is bionic technology when I need it?

I am not disrespecting my left side. I have learned to write with my (weak) left hand, and do an adequate job of it. In law enforcement, I am required to qualify shooting with my weak hand, and I do so. My left hand is basically used to relive my right hand when I need it, and it works. Still, it is not as finely honed as the right. Somehow, masturbating with my weak hand is not that satisfactory. I have yet to ask my wife’s opinion on the performance of the Sinister versus the Dexter appendage when it comes to her pleasure.

About the decisions… I have a need to write. Just as an artist has a need to paint, sculpt, write music, etc., I must write. Until I change the venue I will do some writing here. So, my emphasis may not be always on FLR on this blog, but at least I can provoke some people so that I can respond with witty comebacks and we all can have some fun.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Interest In Blogging About FLR Is Waning

I used to have a website. It was not a “blog”, but a domain that I built and maintained from scratch for a certain set of interested audience. I used an HTML editor to create a lot of good stuff. I had fun with it. But after some years the rewards appeared to be less, or my expectations were too much. I killed the website at that point. I still feel the pain.

I am not into narrow aspects of FLR or D/S to the extent that they would become the focus of my blog. Consequently, I don’t wish to compete with such blogs. FLR is still my purpose, but keeping an audience while limiting the topic to vanilla FLR is not rewarding enough for me, and not challenging enough to the readers. Just think: a couple of years ago FLR was radical. Today it is ho-hum unless you throw in some kinky sex (or lack of it!).

I have not posted outrageous subjects in order to gain attention. The visits are apparently based on word content. Neither have I included commercial material. All pictures posted have been my own, with one or two exceptions, which I duly noted. At the time of this writing the visits to my blog are over 117,000 since the beginning of 2008. I am sure that some readers were bored, while others were pissed. Based on the count of repeated readers, at least some were satisfied, or hoped for more material.

There are two issues unresolved with the imminent demise of this blog. The first issue is that the blog was spawned by Mistress Wife. While postings have been written by me, they were subject to her approval. My complete dissociation with the blog is still subject to her approval. However, my adding or not to the blog is my prerogative. The other issue is the likelihood that I become identified based on my posts. After enough time this would be inevitable. I am not ashamed of what I am or of what I do. There are some small-minded people out there who could and would use it against me. At some point I begin not to care about that. But as long as I have to earn a living, it matters.

The FLR part of my life will remain, at least in our private space. I want to emphasize that MW and I are still as committed to FLR as before. We have been working through problems unrelated to our relationship, and it is consuming most of her energy. I am patient, and feel no need to change. I have enjoyed reporting our experiences. But there is a difficulty keeping strictly FLR from other issues. And the other issues are, for the moment, more compelling.

I need to make some decisions: should I take a sabbatical? Should I stop blogging? Should I change to a broader format? Should I delete the blog? Should I delete my ID?

There is no compelling reason to do anything at this moment, but just so you know the decision is pending. I may check in from time to time or may post if something fascinating occurs. I may become recharged or reoriented. It would be nice, but things change, so I don’t know whether I will have the same feelings as I did at the beginning. I still have a lot of provocative and non-political material to be posted, but at this point that, too, is uncertain.

I treasure the fine people who had commented in a civil and benign manner whether agreeing with me or not. Some of you have not commented, and that is all right. As for the others, I don’t give a rat’s ass.

If I toss my ID, we may meet again in cyberspace after my reincarnation.

Yes, I have had a couple of beers while writing this. But as I said, “I do my best writing while under the influence.” Writing keeps me off the streets (except when I am working).

Monday, March 9, 2009

Everyone Take a Deep Breath ... No, Don't Hold It. Exhale!

I Am Not Entirely Derailed

I realize that I have entered some territory that has nothing to do with FLR. My occasional pontifications cover other subjects that in general are considered part of FLR. This time it is something dear to my heart, my being, my family, my country, and the government of the United States of America. I assumed that in the spirit of our founding fathers, who were masters at deciding what was important (see United States Constitution), we can point out failures and suggest solutions. Alas, some take it as political, and really get on my case. This post is addressing that issue. As for the rest of my blog, it is still there, at least for a while. I have some tentative plans for that too. I promise to either get back to FLR or … something.

When Public Education Fails

I apologize to some of you who usually comment under “Anonymous”. I think it does not work any more. The reason is that I have had some minor annoyances with comments from some readers who hide behind anonymity while flaming me, so I try to limit the damages.

Let’s say that I am an uninvited guest at your home. Your door is open, and I walk in. You make a statement of your opinion with respect to a potentially controversial issue. If I have an opposite view, I may want to comment on it. Being somewhat civilized, educated, and versed in diplomacy I would not call you names. I would not attack your family or pets. I would not use foul language. I would not try to make you feel guilty of having a different opinion. Yet those actions are exactly what some readers do when commenting on my post.

I realize that political issues are known to create volatile conversations. But my points are not political. They are philosophical. They deal with our government, not political parties or individuals. If two people cannot have a philosophical discussion without resorting to behavior described above, one or both of them are either unintelligent or unenlightened.

In my previous post Comments On Gov'ment 2 I said that I reject some comments because of the extreme language and content. Yet I did let one such comment to be posted under Gov'ment 2. I did this to allow one of these people to demonstrate to all of us what he is and what kind of persons he represents.

He and the others so adroitly demonstrate their fifth-grade-level-education-going-on-twelve! Beside their bad grammar, bad composition, and sloppy typing, they have a hard time articulating their message without resorting to vulgarity and vicious attack. Here is the text of one of the messages:

“Hey man. I remember you saying tghat you waneted comments to your blog. now
that your getting them, youbdon't want them. Youre flr is boring, except for
that cat wow!
Obame blose.”

I can almost understand what he is trying to say. Not that it matters…

This is yet another example of education provided “free” by the Gov’ment. The little darlings are forced to hold down a chair in a classroom for twelve years, and this is what they have to show for it at the end. If anyone really needs a level playing field, this person is it. No wonder he had an extreme reaction to my posts.

I did not want to further pollute blog-space, so I have decided against allowing or quoting the rest of these vitriolic messages. I also wanted to spare the feelings of these people, since they would find their writing embarrassing upon reflection.

Public education in the USA is like “Universal Health Care” provided free for all. Not only is it free, but mandatory for the first twelve years or so depending on the age of the unwilling student.

Everybody knows that there is no such thing as free education. Someone is paying for it. I am paying for it, so are most of people I know. I don’t begrudge education offered to families who have school aged children. Our country thrives on people of ability, knowledge, and willingness to learn. What I resent is wasting resources on those who don’t need it, don’t want it, and will never do anything with it to pay back society’s contribution to their betterment. When a young person wastes twelve years in school and is capable only of writing such garbage as shown above, I insist that the resources have been wasted.

I am not saying, “Don’t help them to get an education.” I am saying that the way we are providing the help is a failure.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Comments on Gov'ment 2

I screen readers’ comments before they appear after a post. It is a form of censorship. I don’t allow viciousness, name-calling, and potentially libelous accusations. Other than that, anything goes.

My recent post elicited some of that kind of response. I am convinced that people don’t “hear” what I am saying; rather, they “hear” what they want to hear. As usual, there is a gap.

I stay out of politics on this blog. I could handle a political debate, but I would alienate half the readers, and be patted on the head by the other half. That would detract from the original purpose of the blog, which is FLR.

Although I don’t discuss politics, I do discuss government. There is a difference between the two. Politics are a way to get elected, and in turn do what the government is supposed to do. I tend to be more philosophical in applying the rules. When something serious needs to be done, such as our response to the 9/11 attack on our country, politics should have been kept out of it. Alas, our legislators don’t see it that way, and it has been politics to the hilt ever since.

An anonymous reader (not the really insulting one) commented on this last post. Somehow he added a duplicate of his own comment. While I was trying to delete the duplicate, I inadvertently deleted both. I was able to use the back arrow and save the text, alas, the message itself was gone. As a way of expediency, I include the text here:

"I suppose your hero is Bernie Madoff, who certainly "tilted the fucking playing field", and kicked a lot of people in the balls.

"Tell us truthfully, were you "in your beer" when you wrote this post? It sounds like the rantings of some drunken dope at the local watering hole.

You can do better than this.

My response to Mr. Anonymous follows:

I don’t have any heroes. Madoff is a criminal, and he will get what is coming to him. This is one place where the government does a good job, especially if this thief did not pay federal taxes on his loot.

True, I may have had a couple of beers by the time I wrote this piece. But I do my best writing “while under the influence.” I went back to the post the next day while I was still sober, and I “could not do better”.

While anybody can leave an abrasive or insulting comment, only few people do. It is all right to disagree and say so, but be civil about it. In summary, the best comment you can make on something that you don’t like is to stop reading it.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gov'ment 2

My Ususal Disclaimer

Before you grab the pitchfork and the rope, I will give you my usual disclaimer.

I believe in equal rights for people. Each of us must have freedom to either make something of our lives or totally waste it.

I believe in charity. I help those who are in need. I select my charitable targets carefully.

I don't reward failures, but I encourage success. This goes along just fine with natural selection.

What I don't do is advocate dumbing down society just to make all of us even with the misfits and the loosers. Now that you know the general, I will get to the specific. Some of you who pay attention to what I mean rather than what I say may have figured out that I am a conservative in principle.

What that means is, I value self, family, friends, state, and country, in that order. It does not mean that I would flick off the country in favor of friends. I know my values, just that, there are priorities. Then again, I know who runs the country, and where my loyalties lie.

I grew up in another country where Socialism was the norm: take resources from the achievers, and give them to the non-achievers, thereby “level the playing field”. God, I hate that term, “level the playing field”.

I will tilt the fucking playing field any time, and kick you in the balls if you challenge me! All people are not born equal!

Some people are smart and quick, others are dull and stupid. Some people are willing to work hard, others watch television. It is the way of life, dammit!

I am somewhere between the extremes, and have learned to cope with it. But nobody tell me that all people are equal! If you think that, you are much less equal than I am.

Yes, I am much pissed at Socialists. I killed to get out of a country to get away from it. Alas, the USA, the greatest country on this earth ever, is sliding into Socialism before our very eyes as of the last presidential election.

I am not pointing fingers at specific people or political parties in this country. I am angry with the people who are uninformed and/or stupid, yet they think that they should make their voice known during elections. People, voting for “feel good”, “charismatic”, and “he or she will get me what I need” politicians will just kill your chances of success.

By my rules, “success” does not mean “to bring everyone down to your level.” To me, success means, "Use your resources to achieve what lesser individuals don’t know or don't try to achieve." You also must be rewarded for your effort. “Leveling the playing field” means the stupid and the slow get the boost, and you get the shaft. I am all for charity, but it should be where it belongs, and not “up my ass” as an achiever.

Only you, yourselves, can succeed. Regardless of what the politicians promise, they will have to take from you first before giving to anyone. And that would be without your approval. Of course, they will first take their cut, so what the give is always less than what they take. I don't see what is so difficult about this to understand. So, be as social or liberal as you want to be, but don’t complain to me when some of your precious possessions are taken and given to some schmuck who has never done anything of value for society.

Contrary to what you might think, I am a Liberal in the traditional sense: I want people to have free opinion and to express it any way that they want. I am against censorship of any nature. I am for free speech, free expression of values, keeping the state out of our private lives including religion, marriage, economics, family, education, etc. We the people can handle all that just fine, as long as the idiots in our government stay out of it. The bad things happen when some politician decides that he/she is smarter than the businessmen/woman who is running the show in the private sector. That is what caused today’s economic fiasco. More regulations will throttle initiatives. The government butting in is making it worse. Just leave us the hell alone!

I am not telling you how to live your life. I don’t define morality, religion, politics, sexuality, pornography, etc. I don’t give a damn what you do in your private life. But I do give a damn when what you do impacts my life. I want to defend myself, and I will pitch in when you or the country need my help. I spent years in the Army, and years in law enforcement. I care!

Other than that, leave me alone, and let me do my own business! I am not a two-bit politician. I know what I am doing.
Kinky? Yes, FLR? Maybe

As I have been writing, the last few months MW and I have been in a vanilla relationship with a kink. The vanilla part most of you, especially those who wish to be in FLR, know. The kink is her practice and perfection of Ignore And Denial. I am not bitching, just presenting the situation as I see it. And, oh yes, there is some semblance of FLR. After all, she whipped my ass for my birthday. Not in a mean way, just, you know, lovingly. If I told you how old I am, you would really feel sorry for me, for she gave me a whack on my ass for every year. Well, maybe the neighbor’s age was added in, but who is complaining? She alternated using a flogger and a riding crop. The last whack was with her bare hand (I love that!). What I really like about it is the personal attention by the woman whom I love. She could do a lot worse to me and I would still love it.

Wait! She does. But that is what I am saying.

I tend to get myself into shitty situations from time to time, like the Mistress Wife Returning potential disaster. Well, today was relatively mild. I remember the incident as I was doing hard labor on our estate. I worked up a sweat. After it was over I decided to shower as soon as I dropped my clothes, which I usually do when I enter the house. While soaping I ran across a protuberance on one of my cheeks. I tried to peel it off, but could not grab it with my broken fingernails. Since I am not a contortionist, I could not see what it was. After I dried myself I padded over to MW and said, “This is potentially embarrassing, for I don’t know what you will find, but please look at my butt. I have gathered either a thorn or a splinter.” I presented my backsides to her, and leaned forward to present my best view.

“Which side?” she asked.

“My right.”

She ran her hand over my skinny buns and quickly found the object of protrusion. She sent me to fetch tweezers, then proceeded to remove the quarter inch splinter.

This is what I mean by still having a vanilla relationship, which actually backs up the FLR that we have been holding in stasis for a while.