Monday, January 28, 2008

A Gift from Mistress Wife

Late in the evening we finished watching a movie. I don’t think that we were doing or talking about anything sex connected, but we were relaxed. It was a convenient occasion to visit the bathroom. She went one way, I the other. I took care of some other business before returning to the bedroom a few minutes later.

She was lying across the bed at a diagonal. Her legs spread, with her feet closest to me, all I needed to do to kiss her buns was to lean over her. I did. I buried my face in her wonderfully padded cheeks and snuggled with them for a minute. Not wanting to overstay my welcome I reluctantly pulled away and did a few casual fingernail tracings across her back. She reacted like an appreciative cat (that may be an oxymoron). She wiggled, and practically purred.

Encouraged by her obvious pleasure I moved onto the bed next to her, and did more of these, what we call, fingernail massages. I ranged over her outstretched arms, and drew circles on her back. Slowly I moved down to her buns, and made sure that they had their share of the pleasure. With loose fingers I returned to her back for some kneading. Then I massaged her arms one at a time. While doing so I began to eyeball her legs as my next target.

The backs of her thighs have that lovely smooth white skin that just beg kissing and licking. The same place is also the hardest part of her. I guess there is less fat on a woman’s body over the back of the thigh. With the way her legs were stretched, I massaged her strong muscles beneath my fingers. I stayed with these lovely muscles a bit before my fingers began to be tempted by her softer inner thighs. I could not help but spend several minutes on each before moving down to her perfectly shaped calves. I worked with them only a short time, because she already had her usual evening foot and leg massage earlier. After some more fingernail massage of her legs she turned over onto her back.

This move opened an entirely new playground for me. I repeated my various fingernail moves on her front while carefully staying away from her hardening nipples. I would love to kiss, suck, nibble, and gently pinch them, but she would punch me out if I tried. Her girls are very sensitive, and only on rare occasions while I am pleasuring her with my tongue will she allow me, even encourage me, to actually pinch them. As I approached the center of my being I moved my face a bit closer than my massage warranted just to be able to inhale her feminine scent. She knew what I was doing, and encouraged it by spreading her legs.

I gave up on the massage and began to make love to her inner thighs. They have the smoothest and softest skin on her entire body. I could spend a lifetime kissing them. Her aroma was enchanting. It drew me irresistibly to my center of being. I did a few tentative licks of her lips while observing her reaction. It was to make sure that I was not intruding. She showed ease and contentment, so I did some bolder moves going deeper between her lips. My tongue is highly educated, and with its advanced degree I am usually able to give MW much of what she wants. Of course, I never really know what is on her mind, but one or more shattering orgasms are usually a good indicator of at least partial satisfaction. She pushed away my eager tongue after the first while she caught her breath. After a few seconds I approached again tentatively to see whether she was ready to continue. She was. We gave her clit another round of pleasure before I was again pushed away.

It appeared that she was finished with me. I asked whether I should leave her alone with the girls so that she could complete her pleasure. She declined, but told me to fetch a towel to wipe our shared juices from her. I did, but left all that lovely juice on my face just to extend my enjoyment of being so close to her. I could live with this.


helpmate hubby said...

WOW that was hot, great, vivid descrption of a hot Wife-led night!PLease keep these types of posts coming!

Susan's Pet said...

Thanks, HH

It will be my pleasure.