Saturday, January 26, 2008

We Have Done It Again

For the Record

We had an ordinary day, followed by what began as an ordinary evening. Then MW began to mess with the ON/OFF switches (my tits). I must have been tired or something, because my only reactions were a few moans of pain or pleasure, plus the apparent inability to breathe.

I had a chance to catch my breath after she switched her attention to the boys. As painful as they can be, they don't interfere with my breathing. Alternating between the boys and the ON/OFF switches she held my attention.

After a while she must have thought that the apparatus needed some exercise, so she turned on her side and picked up both tits. Pinching and twisting them must have cleared the cobwebs from the contacts, for the little guy was promptly responding. After several minutes of on and off switching she slyly commented, “We should do something about him,” She took off the large tee shirt that she wore. Lying on her back gave me the clue that we were invited. Hallelujah again!

It might be impolite to go into much detail. As usual, I went at it slowly and gently. Resting on one elbow or another, I enjoyed feeling her softness all over. This always enhances my pleasure. I would have continued slowly, but after a few minutes I was again concerned about hurting her with my smooth, but knobby Prince Albert ring. So, I let it happen.

We had another one of those “first time” experiences. My orgasm inside her lasted a long time. Much longer than any I have ever had. It just went on. It would be interesting to have had somebody time it so that we could have some kind of record preserved. Alas, there were only the two of us, and we were both busy with the job on hand.

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