Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Gift From Mistress Wife

We have not done much sexually for the last few weeks, as I indicated earlier. The night before last MW “strongly suggested” that I shave my face and private parts “or else.” I knew what the “or else” meant, so yesterday afternoon after my work was finished I did shave all the goodies, and reported to her. She graciously accepted my efforts and approved the results.

During the morning coffee I mentioned to her that “sharing skin” would be nice. She remembered. Late in the evening as we watched some movies on DVDs while reclining in bed she pulled me to her. We lay face to face while I did that wonderful thing with my hand on her back and other parts. Apparently my hair tickled her face, so she suggested that I move south just a bit. I certainly did not need a second command to do so. My face embedded between her voluptuous breasts I was on the verge of eruption given my state of long-term denial.

I said nothing, but began to move further south in a somewhat stealthy mode. I don’t think that I was fooling her, but she did not object. After a while I arrived near my objective, and did some tentative probes with my tongue. My interpretation of her response was apparently correct, for she allowed it to enter between those provocatively fragrant lips. I took a bold move and turned into a 69 position for best advantage to give her maximum pleasure.

After some big Os on her part I backed off. She was done.

Later on I pointed out with amazement, “You have actually let me get away with that!”

She answered, “You seduced me.”

I could have just kissed her all over for that remark. That was just so-sweet!

The morning after was also good. She instructed me to sit at her feet as we sipped our potent brew. We conversed, we discussed our needs and wants. It was very constructive.

She is planning another week’s excursion with her lady friends at a resort a few hundred miles away. I have been selected as a driver, baggage handler, butler, etc. I will report on the details as they develop.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Day After The Anniversary

I am listening to the howling of the wind through gaps in the windows. This is a late autumn night.

Today was a perfectly lovely day. The hot summer has waned. First day of “no need for air conditioning.” Breeze blowing through the open doors and windows keeping temperatures at a most pleasant point. The afternoon went with quiet enjoyment for both of us. I did some work outside with the dogs helping me. I will not show pictures because these mutts are too well known, and I want to maintain our privacy. But these sweet big bumbling mutts were all over me, and I loved it. We had a free-for-all one after the other. I was licked in places that I did not know I had. Fangs were flashed before my eyes and behind my butt. It was not sexual, but it was all love. These guys (one male and one female) kind of like me. As for the rest of you, just don’t jump over the fence. Actually don’t even stick your hand through the fence. These pups are very territorial, are big, and they do bite.

MW has asked me to stay out of her space while she would attend to some personal meditative therapy. I was glad to oblige. During this time I attended to some writing while listening to some of my favorite music. Later, in the evening, we ate some of the anniversary dinner leftovers and loved it. I felt guilty when she said that she would load the dishwasher, and that I had no chores for the evening.

Well, that was not quite all. At some point I went to see what she was doing. It turns out that I missed drying her after her shower. Pity. But I asked her to be patient while I “batten down the hatches,” so to speak. After my return I did the daily leg and foot massage that we both love. By the way, it is her legs and feet that get massaged.

Afterward we began to watch one of the Jane Austen classics on a DVD. We love the wondrously green British countryside and the beautiful people who portray the characters in Austen’s novel. I guess the beautiful women in the movie prompted me to suggest that MW and I share some skin. She thought it to be a good idea, and we did. There went another half hour with fond memories. You may not know this, but cuddling with MW is a thrill. She has those wonderful parts that my hands explore as we lie side by side. My face can be nested in the crook of her neck. Or it can be between her generous breasts. Or anywhere.

Later, as we reclined side by side, she began to fondle my bejeweled member decorated by a wedding ring and a Prince Albert ring (see Mistress Wife is away). I was all for it, and it took a few seconds to have the little guy respond to the touch. From then on, for the next hour and a half, I was gasping, groaning, and writhing to support the little guy’s enjoyment. He does take over that way. MW, of course, went along with it, with occasional use of my on/off buttons. Aside from the pleasure she imparted plenty of pain by pinching and squeezing. She knew just what not to do to keep me from blowing it all over us.

At some point she decided that I was receiving too much pleasure in spite of the mistreatment of my private parts. She told me to present my butt unimpeded. I turned over and lay face down as instructed. For the next fifteen or so minutes she used a flail and a paddle (see the little darlings). I suffered and at the same time I loved her for doing this. When she was done, she sent me away to write about it, so here I am doing it.

On the way to my study I fondled my sore butt. Have you ever fondled a tire on your truck? If you have not, try it. That is what the skin on my butt felt. She is too good for me. I should serve her more. I am listening to Alan Jackson’s “I’ll Go on Loving You” as I write. Good music.

MW just now walked into my study to see what I was doing. She looked, and it appears that she was satisfied with what she saw on the monitor of my computer. She spread some love juice over my lips, and a finger or two between them. I guess she also liked the evening so far.

The wind makes ghostly sounds through the house. It is sounding like a real Halloween night. I hear the wind beating on the house all around me. The night should be cool. A warm wife in bed will be wonderful. Oh, and then there will be some cats in the bed too. Her comment to this was, "There is nothing like a horny Pet with a warm ass in bed too." Don't you just love her?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Service To Mistress Wife

Anniversary of our wedding

A couple of days prior we made plans to visit an arboretum that we both have enjoyed over many years. It is within a half hour of drive from where we live, costs a fair sum to enter, but once there, we enjoy it every time. The road out of town continually tends toward open space and high country. Once there, we are in a re-creation of varied strata of ecosystems relying on elevation, yet having commonality with respect to the latitude on our Earth. What I am saying is that desert cuts across the earth at latitudes of North America, Africa, and Australia, and we see it all in this wonderful pocket of created wilderness. Wonderful country with its thousands of flora, and some fauna.

On this day we already had plans that I implemented perfectly. All MW had to do was to prepare herself for the excursion. We were on time in attempt to avoid the late-rising tourists with their sneezing and coughing and wheelchairs. The time of the year being late fall allowed us to dress and enjoy the relative coolness. We visited several of our favorite places in the arboretum. After some three hours of joy we returned to our Beast to drive home.

At home we relaxed some, biding our time until going out again to enjoy our anniversary dinner. I made the reservation, we did what we had to with respect to pets and such, and we left.

The restaurant that we frequent is between ordinary and pretentious. We like it because of the atmosphere and reliability. The waiters and waitresses change over time, so we seldom encounter one with whom we bonded on the serving food level. Still, it is a rather nice place on which we can rely over the years.

MW always carries her new digital camera with her, so even though I thought of taking mine along, I figured it to be superfluous. Alas, as soon as we sat down at the table she asked me to take some pictures of us, but offered no camera. I have no use for excuses, so I did not offer one. I somewhat saved my ass from her wrath by whipping out my cell phone and taking a picture with it. She let me get away with my omission, maybe even approved of my improvisation.

I had two drinks, which is usually over my limit, but according to her, we were celebrating. The dinner was excellent as usual. Once we consumed the appetizer of fried zucchini, and had a bite of the dark bread with butter, the green salad that preceded the main course was more than I could take. I ate some because it was so good with the bleu-cheese dressing.

The arrival of the main course took a while, so we conversed pleasantly. We discussed my willingness to build an anniversary present for her out of wood and copper. It will be big, and will require wood finish, copper polish, and installation in the bedroom. I will report on it upon progress and completion.

We do the restaurant thing a couple times a month, but don’t always order that much food. The main course arrived. It was rib-eye steak with grilled potato slices, fried onion rings, and a mix of grilled vegetables. The amount of food looked like something that each of us would consume over two or three days for our main meals. Everything was perfect. I did have my Merlot with the meal, she her iced tea. We kept looking at each other waiting for the other to stop eating. Laughing about it, we decided to pack most of the food to go.

There was a dessert included with the meal, and we were not in a position to eat any of it, so it too, went into the doggie bag.

Just as we were about to leave, I mentioned to the waiter that this was our anniversary, and that I would like him to take our picture. He did, and then ran off to get us a complimentary dessert for our occasion. I was willing to just leave it, but MW could not allow herself to offend our waiter, so she insisted that we eat. We did, although did not finish the rich chocholate, vanilla ice cream, etc.

We got home a bit later than planned, and consumed some quantities of carbonated water (I do that when I over-eat). MW had a large cocoanut-cream pie defrosting all afternoon, which at this time seemed unappealing regardless of its otherwise yummy features. However, after a couple of hours she was ready for it. I magnanimously assented to having a thin slice of it. She gave me more than a thin slice, and I ate it happily. I had some wine with it.

The evening did not conclude as well as it could have under the circumstances. I passed out at a certain time, and she chose to do some work on her computer. When she came to bed she was still not sleepy enough, so she decided to read. That woke me, and I lay there with my eyes closed but unable to sleep. At some point I decided to leave the room to either do some work or sleep in the living room. She caught me and told me to go back to bed, which I did. Some time after that she turned off the lights and left. I slept alone.

I was up again before 3AM and went down to my weight room. With two cats assisting me I spent an hour pumping iron, after which I settled with my computer upstairs. I finally collected her from a bedroom in the basement after sunrise. As usual, we were happy to see each other. We had coffee on the front deck enjoying the newly cool weather. The rest of the day so far has been great. Nothing of sexual nature unless we count my fantasies, but a lovely breakfast which she prepared, my doing some chores, and working on odds and ends while bothering her with little things. I find it hard to stay away from her when she is around.

As she says, “We have been together for longer than we have lived.” We are each other’s support group. Of course, I always covet her delicious parts, too, which spices things up from time to time.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hanging In There

Update On Surgery, Etc.

My last real FLR post was when I casually mentioned She Is Getting The Idea. This was subsequent to the explanation of a problem that we have been trying to eliminate. I described this at Mistress Wife Is To Have Surgery.

Many things have happened since then. Some have nothing to do with this particular problem, yet they are disturbingly effective at perverting our FLR. MW has gone through some difficult times concerning her family. She is the one who is expected to fix these, and with her other problems it is taxing her resources. I try not to change my outlook of our FLR. I believe that if my love and devotion are needed, these may be the best times to demonstrate them.

I still try to serve as before. You know, doing the manly chores that involve fixing things and installing new things. But I also continue with the other responsibilities that I assumed a while ago, like cleaning the bathrooms, etc. I make her phone calls when she tells me, and I drive her to appointments much of the time. She accepts my service without complaint. Once in a while she acknowledges it.

Aside from the lack of sexual involvement I have observed two things. She is not as assertive about telling me what to do as she was a while ago. The other thing is that my careful and regular cleaning schedule is not as strong as it once was. I can fairly well explain, if not justify, why my servitude is slipping. But I must guess about why she is not as self-assured as she once was.

I think that she is trying to handle the situation, and has not found a constructive way yet. The lack of her positive approach tends to feed back on the situation, thereby making it worse. I don’t think that we will ever revert to a male-led-relationship to the extent that we were. However, I see a danger here. Without giving relevant details, I will give you a real example that MW and I have experienced through people whom we know personally.

The Other Couple

I will call them Sam and Mary. Sam has been a “man’s man” all his life. He has worked hard, helped raise two girls and three boys. He always paid the bills, and was faithful to his wife, Mary. Mary was not ready for marriage when she married Sam, but back then it was the thing to do when a girl was of age. I am sure there was love between them, hence the children.

Being inexperienced and young, the two of them had some difficulties with raising children. As a result, all became psychologically damaged over the years. Many years later, now, their children are responsible adults, but old wounds keep re-surfacing. Sam may have figured this out, and in consequence, blamed himself for lack of maturity in the early days. I am guessing here. Mary does not seem to acknowledge anything wrong about how they raised children. All along she thoroughly submitted to Sam, but has become a master manipulator over the years.

Lately however, things have changed. As Mary became old she has not developed a relationship with anyone on any basis that could have supported her needs to interact with persons other than her immediate family. She became clingy and dependent. Sam had many productive relationships, some he still maintains in his old age. But he was stuck between those and Mary’s increasing dependence on him. Initially her dependence was only psychological. Later it turned into physical through self-induced or self imagined illnesses. Sam continued to support her, and Mary continued to take advantage of Sam in deeper dependence.

The way it turned out is that Mary has given away all her will for any form of self-reliance. Sam is now stuck with this absurd relationship that was initially based on Mary’s self pity for lack of other resources, but is now real. Sam is no longer capable of trust to make a rational judgment with respect to what Mary needs or should have. All he does is serve her in the many irrational ways that she demands through pity. They have spent a lifetime together, and he is not able to say “no” to her. The result is an untenable situation where neither person can or will change. The prognosis is bleak.

I have said before that FLR is all about sex. In its natural form I still believe that is true. However, when sex is totally removed, as in the case of Sam and Mary, the only thing left is the willingness to serve. The reason for the service is not clear. It is some combination of love, guilt, duty, and responsibility. It is like a soup where the combination of ingredients is not controlled, or even known. The taste of the soup will change over time.

How Does This Relate To MW And Me?

There is no resemblance at all. However, I will repeat the bottom line on Sam and Mary’s relationship: he serves her because she has become irrationally dependent on his service. One act feeds the other. That is the situation that I want to avoid with MW. Not that she is that way; just that anything can become perverted, kind of like mutation in nature. It is not a natural evolution, but an aberration. We are both aware of this danger, and we talk about various aspects of it from time to time. She has said that she does not want to become that way.

In our case the situation is not bleak. Rather, we have much to which we can look forward. MW’s family problems will resolve one way or the other. We help, but there is only so much we can do before we run into the other party’s free will and our own financial limits. MW’s medical problems are being addressed, so there is a good chance that they, too, will be satisfactorily resolved in the next several weeks. Meanwhile we are like roommates who care for each other, one being subservient, no more, no less.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Woman Wants To Dominate: Part Five


One aspect that I did not cover here is a courtship in which the woman is already dominant, and she finds a man who is certainly willing to submit to her. The courtship is followed by a long-term relationship and possibly marriage with full commitment to FLR. She is more likely to be interested in her pleasure and less in his or how he feels about the approach she is taking. This idea is another favorite male fantasy, which has shown up often in blogs as fiction or in some cases claiming to be real. Personally I like the idea, and wish the participants a happy FLR life.

What Is Out There?

There are several female bloggers of the dominant nature out there, and I follow some. All offer some fascination to me, otherwise I would not bother. There is, however, a different class of blogs. Not better or worse than the others, just on a different theme.

I have read and am now re-reading the blog of Katherine West. She is a fairly good writer, has an imagination, and as far as I know, a legitimate dominant female in marriage. She is one of the very few on the Web who presents her life of dominance to that detail, and from her point of view. She has been around since 2005. She stopped posting for a while starting in May 2007, then resumed in November. In her subsequent posts she no longer mentions her marriage, and writes admitted fiction. The subject matter is stylized, and somewhat contradicts her earlier philosophy of “the dominant woman will never be dominated by a man,” which suggests that someone else is writing the posts now. Whether or not she is writing these new postings, I don’t know. However, she has not posted anything real after the resumption of writing. As such, this could be just a bit of diversion in an FLR, which is no longer visible to the reader. You can form your own conclusion about her blogs. The early postings in 2005 are the most sensuous and daring. You might not agree with it, but it is every submissive man’s dream.

There is another site by Mistress Kathy. Since Katherine West stopped posting a while ago, when I ran across Mistress Kathy’s blog, at first I thought that they are the same person.

Mistress Kathy’s marriage, how she started the FLR, and how it matured is very well documented by her. I don’t agree with her 100 percent, but in general she is very well organized, consistent, loving, and wise. Her husband is lucky to be allowed to serve her.

In a way both women are believable. Kathy sounds more real, but Katherine is more daring. I hope that they are both legitimate and real. They would authenticate the males’ desires to be led by a strong woman by knowing that strong women are out there.

There are two nascent blogs by powerful and/or dominant women of which I became aware recently. Both look interesting, but it is too early to tell whether the owner will stay with it: His Keeper and Temple of Trin. Their blogs are from the single dominant woman’s point of view.

I have asked you before in How Did Your FLR Begin? to share with us. It would be especially instructive and interesting if it was started by the woman in your relationship. It would also be great to hear from single dominant women on this subject.

Monday, October 6, 2008

A Woman Wants To Dominate: Part Four

A More Realistic Scenario

There is a way that an FLR can be assumed by a vanilla couple, and having a chance to become real on the long run. Skip the BS about having caught the man in infidelity, too much masturbation, being a wastrel, being a total slob, etc., and then imprisoning him and his private parts from then on. Those are just fun male fantasies regardless of who is writing them.

The woman can still initiate the FLR that springs from vanilla. She still may have legitimate reasons to change her relationship to something that she perceives as better. It may begin with setting some rules, or may not. It could be stealth domination, but not in the way I presented it above. She could slowly introduce him to the joy of serving her just for the sake of serving a wonderful woman. If he is bent that way he will not fight too much. If she spreads some honey on the trap he will likely stick to it and enjoy it. She could even make him believe that the whole thing was his idea, instead of hers.

To what degree the FLR will go may never be determined in advance. It may be on and off or stop completely, although both partners will have learned in the process. It can be a positive change from vanilla because both bought into it. The woman did not have to be convinced of its attraction, since it was she who advocated it. She is more likely ready to assume the 24/7 dominant role in this new relationship.

The man did not have to be forced, coerced, or blackmailed. He was naturally ready to become her servant. Nobody was subverted by stealth. If you add to this an already committed and loving relationship prior to the assumption of FLR, you have a potentially high chance of success on the long run.

Friday, October 3, 2008

A Bit of Diversion

I was reading Elise Sutton's site ( and ran across some enticing material. It has a lot of stuff to which I would love to respond, but I don't want to get dirty.

However, here is a qoute from her that I thoroughly support:

"Everything about women and the feminine excites males and causes them to be curious."

Oh my! I am excited and curious whenever a female is involved. She is so right!

Oh, I have my limits. But I don't want to display them here.

A Woman Wants To Dominate: Part Three

Where Am I Going With This?

OK, I am just messing around. What I presented above is as bizarre as the actions taken by the male FLR wannabes and their unreasonable expectations. As much as I admire the accomplishments of female dominants (see my list of book titles in the sidebar) I respectfully submit that their doctrine works only when it works. It cannot be a general prescription for FLR or MLR (male led relationship) for that matter. Call me jaded, call me inflexible, or call me anything. After all that, I still don’t know how an FLR would get started by a woman, especially when the man in the relationship is not willing at least initially.

I am not saying that it cannot or will not happen. It does in rare cases. It happens when it is natural, and not when the man does the stealth or the overt application of servitude and the woman has other ideas. In case some of you want to argue this point, I want to present a bit of challenge. Go ahead and argue with me. It will be fun. But you must be able to define your terms. By this I mean, we must agree on definitions. For example, I maintain that an FLR that is assumed, as opposed to forced, is a game. By assumed I mean, shifting from vanilla or MLR to FLR. It was not a “given” at the beginning of the relationship, but something that people accept as a mutual participation at some point in a relationship. When a vanilla couple agrees to become FLR, the new relationship is assumed. Because there is no physical, legal, or economical barrier to back out of it, this new relationship is equivalent to a game played by willing players. It will appear real, and may feel real to participants especially when the female whips the male’s ass, but all that is with explicit approval of the participants.

I like the idea, I support it, but it is still a game. Even when the man goes to a professional dominatress and pays her for the service, it is a game. The only time and place where it would be real is if the man has no realistic way to avoid following her rules. Something like a “do or die” situation. That is not a game. The rest of it is a game. It is a potentially fun game that may last a lifetime, nevertheless, it is a game.