Saturday, January 5, 2008

Catching Up

Being a Friday, I thought of doing some weight lifting as I lay partly awake around four. It was still chilly in the room, but much warmer than even a week ago. I have been neglecting my exercises using the excuse that it is too damn cold to go into that unheated room naked and handle cold metal. As I said, I am supposed to remain in my natural state unless I need to deal with the outside world or be told otherwise.

I got out of bed, grabbed the zapping end of my signaling device, and went to my computer to do some work. In other words, I chickened out again thinking, It may be a bit warmer on Monday, and besides, I had intended to restart my weight lifting routine on Monday anyway.

A little after six MW summoned me only as she could. After I found her soft thighs in the dark and kissed them in detail, she asked, “Have you exercised?”

"No Mistress.”


"It’s not warm enough yet.”

"It’s warm enough,” she asserted over my lame reasoning. “Bring me coffee when you have finished. You may remove the device while exercising.”

"Yes Mistress.”

During the above conversation she punctuated each of her statements and my responses with a signal to the boys. Of course, I was on my way downstairs even as I answered her last command. She can be soooo good to me! You can see how she takes care of me. I am happy to be her pet.


The word edging is used in a special context, usually with heavy sexual implications. We don’t do that. And yet, I may be wrong. Judge for yourself.

I don’t like pain except in some narrow circumstances (I will have more to say about this in a later post). So, I try to be a good pet according to her rules. I am not a believer of mistreating or hurting a pet even as part of education, but I have been know to swat one on the butty with a rolled up newspaper. You know, after catching him in the act of clearly unacceptable behavior.

I am talking about a dog here, folks! Sheesh!

That’s kind of what I will expect and accept from MW. Not that I am dictating what she can or cannot do to me, just that I know where I stand with her.

In view of the above I find it curious that I push her from time to time. Actually, most of these little pushing incidences are only in her opinion. But, I know that I am not supposed to argue, or even to continue a conversation at some point, yet I do so. This is what I meant by edging. I know that I am taking a chance, but I still think that I can make my case, and after that I will be in the clear.

Once in a while I am wrong about that, and so I fall off on the other side of the edge. Then I feel like a wise guy who got his ass kicked. She gets to reassert her authority, and I get to have some stripes on my ass. Sounds like a workable solution. What makes it a little more daring is that I don’t know when this will happen. It is because we don’t think alike. I probably would not want to be married to one who thinks like me. It would be too boring to know exactly what is going to happen.

Hey, any of you guys do this sort of edging?

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