Wednesday, January 2, 2008

More New Year’s Thoughts

The boys are suffering. With the CB2000 and the signaling device attached they don’t stand a chance at being free. I try to feel their pain. Wait, I do actually feel their pain! In spite of all that I think that MW did the right thing.

It is not that I could not remove all that and be done with it. I would be free of encumbrances, and I would not need to answer to anyone. The situation is that I want to answer to her, and I want to rely on her to give me pleasure or pain. And this is part of that. I wear the devices because she wants me to do so. That makes all the difference. I am hers to use in any way that she chooses. This is my fantasy melded with reality. She is generous enough to grant me all of this. We don’t need a key to keep me locked. Her decision to lock me is more binding than a real lock that I could cut in a second. That is why, for the long duration of my DWO, I had not taken control. She has control, and I go with it.

I remember the passage in the movie, The Three Amigos where El Guapo’s sidekick, Pepe, said,
“Just take her!”
Yes, El Guapo could have taken her. But, as satisfying as it might have been at the time, on the long run, it would have been wrong! Even though he was rude and crude, he knew that a man should not “take a woman” unless she wants to be taken, which is another totally fascinating subject to be explored later. I want to point out here that I would be very much thrilled to “take her” as long as I am sure that she wants to be taken. It is my way to give her what she wants and be assured that no harm will come to her.

Meanwhile, it is more the other way. She "takes me", and I love it.

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