Sunday, February 28, 2010

Update On The Events Of Last Week

There are a number of items about which I wish to talk to bring you up to date on developments.

Jason’s Deliverance

This is a femdom book. If you like female led relationships, strong women, Dominant female/Submissive male interaction, I think that you will like this book. If you would like to serve a woman with a strong hand, you need to read this. If you like a story with hardship, romance, and triumph, you definitely will enjoy this.

I have very much enjoyed writing this book. It is published under the pseudonym, “Jason Worth”, who is also the main character. I have included real characters who have relationships other than the usual “hump, hump, hump,” “suck, suck, suck”, and “whack, whack, whack” scenario depictions. The story is real (well, you decide!) and romantic, but with a purposeful D/S kick in favor of the female on the long run. It involves people whom you could know and care about or would be happy to destroy. It presents the transformation of a shallow young man into a person of value while titillating you with the details of his adventures. There is some incidental violence, but that is done to make the story compelling and true. There is servitude, honor, purpose, loyalty, submission, and love in addition to the obvious background.

To find this book you can go to browse for the title, or go directly to an excerpt that gives you a flavor of the book: Excerpt from "Jason's Deliverance" at Pink Flamingo from which you can access the book. If you like it, I would welcome your giving your approval of it on your own blog or at least by your comments on mine. More such books may be in the queue.

Surgery1: I need some attention from some specialists that I had to postpone because MW and I had taken a scheduled trip. Next week, however, I will attend to it, although I despise oral surgery. In this case it may be necessary.

Surgery2: MW’s surgery is still pending some issues, but we are zeroing in on it. The trip put all that on hold also, so she will have a busy week next week just as I.

Trip: MW and I did one of our infrequent short vacations in a charming town that we had liked before. This trip was also great, but after a week we are happy to be back at home. She was planning to do another piercing on me, this time a dydoe variety. I could tell that she really wanted it, but I also felt that she was not ready for it probably because of the distractions. I set her mind at ease saying, “Let’s do this when we don’t have anything else to worry about.

Books Versus Movies: I may have pontificated about this before, but I need to set the stage for what I have revealed above.

I like to read as opposed to seeing movies or videos. I define movies as visual depiction of stories with mostly believable people and plot. They can be drama, comedy, biography, even cartoons and fairy tales. Movies usually involve writers, producers, directors, actors, different kinds of professionals, and usually someone with money to make all that possible.

What I am not including is what is generally termed videos, which may be a misnomer, or at least, doing injustice to a true video that is somewhat like a movie, only less. Then there are videos with no plot, gratuitous sex or violence whether faked or real, and of low quality production.

Now that I have defined my visual input to story telling, I want to say this: “As much as I like movies, they cannot convey the depth of a story the way books do.”

“Shocking!” you say. Maybe so, but movies rely on what can be conveyed visually, and often skip over what actually makes a story. That is exactly why movies based on books detach themselves from the true story line and end up with shallow special effects at the expense of what the writer of the book so eloquently conveyed. In my vast experience with books and movies, my rule is, “Never see a movie based on a book that you have read and liked!” For example, I read the book, Battlefield Earth by L. Ron. Hubbard. It was a bit two-dimensional, but I was still fascinated with it. I formed a real mental relationship with the characters and the people they represented. Then there was the subsequent movie based on the book. Result: no resemblance.

Getting back to my original line of thought, I again say, “I prefer books.” I can immerse myself in their depth, and visualize all that I think the writer is saying. My imagination fills in the gaps, I experience it to be real enough to feel what the characters feel, and experience what they do. Some of this can be done in a movie, just don’t try to depict what was written in the book. Many people will be angry about the shallow attempt no matter how much money was spent on it.

This reasoning supports my preference for books even more. Writing a book is by itself a great adventure by the author. He feels as if he is creating life. The characters are his children. He is responsible for giving them attributes that enable them to function. It is godlike! A book will take effort for research and investment in time, but nowhere near the amount expended for a movie. Yet, for the reader, it can be more effective entertainment. You be the judge.

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