Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Alone No More Jan 21, 2008

This is about yesterday (Sunday). Again I did about four hours of hard labor. The weather was perfect for it. I was not as tired as the day before, but I quit at noon anyway, planning to spend the quiet afternoon working inside. All this time my son and SO were at home, but since there was work to be done, he made himself scarce (at least, that was my interpretation).

After I stopped working outside I settled down with my computer. I was trying to create a database using Microsoft Access when I remembered to check my email that MW and I keep private. There were two messages. In the first one she approved my previous two postings, complained about having to sleep on somebody’s couch, and that “… we have some unfinished business ...” The latter maybe good or bad. Or bad but in a good way. We will see.

In the second message the essence was, “…I was supposed to stay here until Monday, you know? I chose you. … I might have to take it out of your foreskin.” I interpreted this as, “I will be coming home today instead of tomorrow, and you might be hurting a bit here and there because of my abbreviated stay.”

I know that she was just giving me a hard time in a playful manner. She really wanted to come home because she missed me. That, and the lumpy couch on which she slept, plus being tired of the rich foods and too many drinks.

Somewhat later she phoned and said for me to “get her out of there as soon as possible.” It took me a while to get ready, plus the drive there, so it was about two ours later that I arrived. As usual, I received very personal hugs and a kiss on the lips from the ladies. I helped them with some heavy-duty chores, and then we all sat down for a last glass of wine (my first). One of the ladies has a naturally funny way to tell about an event. She is not a comic, just has a way about presenting the material. This time it was about how she inadvertently started a fire the night before last on her living room table, and how they managed to put it out after a while. There was some alcohol involved but not in the fire, more like in a lapse of judgment.

About an hour later the conversation began to turn to discussing medical procedures, so I put on my sunglasses, collected my cell phone, etc.. This was a sign to MW that I was ready to go if she was. After more personal hugs and a kiss on the lips (did I say this before?) we parted.

A beautiful drive with almost no traffic brought us home as darkness approached. About an hour later we decided to retire to the bedroom. I explained to MW that on Monday (today) I was going to clean the bathroom, then shop for some hardware items, as opposed to working on the roof. With her early return my plans were short-circuited. She was now using a bathroom whose floor showed signs of usage. She did not exactly say, but indicated that my claim sounded like an excuse. Hm.

She was already in bed and ready to watch a movie when I finished showering. Actually, I awakened her when I asked if she was ready for the leg and foot massage. She did have a hard night before. Since she skipped dinner, I asked whether I should bring her that sinful dessert snack which she mentioned only about four times since we left her friends. She said yes, and that to wake her if necessary. I was back with the snack in about five minutes. She just woke up again. We did not think that we would stay with the movie very long, or that we would do much that evening. Indeed we did not.

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