Thursday, January 3, 2008

It Is Over

The holidays are over. This is when people become depressed, hate to go back to work, commit suicide, etc. I feel a little on the down side about the formerly constant high offered by the sequence of holidays, offers of parties, shopping, drinking. But in a good way.

I am savoring the aroma of what I had just experienced. Earlier this morning I ran across a posting where a fellow blogger asked, and I must paraphrase, for I did not save the link (I apologize, I will try to find it),
“Is there anything in life better than the aroma of a really turned on female?”
My response was, “No,” and that I would follow her like a good little puppy.” Which is where I am.

As a side note, she told me to remove the CB2000 last night so that I could give the little guy a good cleaning. The cage is still off. For the time being.

She summoned me in the morning as usual. We had our coffee, cuddling, and talk of getting out of bed for breakfast and such. Then she made a comment about my little guy doing this and that. I took that as a challenge. Not in the sense of taking over, but more like “Oh yeah, let me show you what He can do …” She did actually challenge us, so I got away with it. The first thing that gave me a hint was when she parted her thighs and allowed me to slide between them. Aside from being every man’s dream, it was a boost to him. You know, the little guy who at this time had already gone through the requisite transformation.

I am so silly, I thought that I was invited to go along.

As I sit here writing I still enjoy her scent on my face. You just had to be there!

Well, actually the little guy and I are attached, and from time to time, when he is mistreated, (and I appreciate it) I feel his pain. This time he was very well treated. First class accommodations between a pair of lips that lead to my center of being. I was devastated. I did not expect it. I did not believe my good luck. I went with it and enjoyed it to the hilt.

She paid attention to me too. She took both of my tits in hand, and mistreated them to the extent where I could have squirted all over the neighborhood just from that. As it turns out, she allowed me to squirt into more private space. During this time she was telling me about what I would be allowed to do when this is done. Things such as giving her what is due her, and that I may end up on my back while this is happening. Please don’t think that this deterred me from doing what came naturally.

If anyone were to ask me about the scale, I would say that it was the most intense orgasm that I have ever experienced.

Yeah, I suppose that I would say that every time. But this was different, which may be why I remained so horny afterward. I can never tell whether she is having the “big O” during this time, but it just seemed like either she was, or she was ready for me to flip and give it to her. I asked her explicitly whether I should turn around and continue.

Oh my! She said that I should! I did. Can you guess what I did next?

I still savor her aroma . I may never wash my face again.

Unless you have a preference for this sort of thing, you can’t really put yourself in my place. Ok, some of you over-sexed people may want to do so, but I meant it in a hypothetical way. Really. There is nothing better in my life, even though I am willing to experience this and more. She did not follow through with her promise of “turning over and riding my face”. In a tiny way I was a bit thankful, although now I wished to have had the experience.

I have yet to ask her how many “O”s she had so that I can post it on my blog. I have no regrets, nothing that I would change, and it was a most wonderful experience with MW. No, wait, I do have one regret: she may be a bit reluctant to continue this sexy relationship for the nonce. You know, some people need to take a short break between orgasms. Imagine that.

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