Friday, January 18, 2008

Getting Personal

As I pointed out above, I have been avoiding anything personal to be included in my posts. Yes, I know, talking about very personal events as I have is not exactly impersonal. Still, the anonymity of it offers some protection from pious eyes. Then there is another aspect of this blog that may make or break its effect on the appreciating reader. It has to do with “how real the people are”. You know, writing ranging from fantasy to super realism. It is not my intent to shock anyone or to be too blatant. There are enough such blogs that do that. This forum is a mix of some thoughts that I wish to develop in my own mind, some that I wish to share, and others that may be an unadmitted cry for help. I will continue, at least for a while, with the same rules: disclose only enough to allow its reality to make my case, but withhold other details to avoid persecution. Damn, I am becoming such a whiny schmuck these days ….

I have issues pressing on me from more and more directions. I am beginning to feel the stress. It might be a good thing if I were to come up with positive ways to handle them. And there is the one to watch: “if” I come up with positive ways. I won’t bore you with a list of issues, but will mention some to give an idea of what my problems are.

We live in a huge house. It is large in square footage, stature, height, maintenance, and costs. We can’t exactly afford it, but we are locked in as a matter of practicality, which I will not disclose at this time. I have been fighting nature with respect to roof leaks. You know, if there is a roof, there is a roof leak. We have a big roof. You get the picture.

I am skilled at fixing things, be they physical, mechanical, emotional, or psychological in nature. You might call me “an engineer of all disciplines”. By the way, I didn't mean "Jack of all trades." I am actually good at all of that. The trouble is that some problems that I am trying to fix have to do with, for example, heights. I have done it, but I didn’t like it. Yet here I am again about to rip tiles off a steep roof three stories above ground. I will let you know if I live.

Another issue has come up recently. MW has decided to go into some real estate venture that could pay off in a number of ways. As we know, nothing in this life is certain, so there is a risk. In order to finance this new adventure I need to cash in some investments. Yes, I know, you are thinking,
“Poor dear, he has to cash in some investments. I could just cry for him.”
No, it’s not like that. We are not talking about real money here, just enough to get the project going for a few months at best. I wish I had more.

The investment under scrutiny here has not been doing well lately, and I hate to sell when I get a fraction of its former value. It might go up. And we will get little with which to finance the real estate project. The other thing is, I don’t really like to make deals, and this will be a series of deals. MW assured me that she will handle all that, all she would need is my support. Well, she is sweet, well meaning, but has even shorter history of making real estate deals than I, and is less confident when she is representing us. I just know that my involvement will be more than either of us assumed.

There are other maintenance issues that I must address, but each one will be taking lower priority than the one I mentioned here, and of course, the project. So as I said, I feel the pressure.

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