Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chastity Revealed

I read a fair number of blogs by men who are into wearing chastity devices. Most of them are newbies as I judge by their exuberance over the potential not yet attained. Those who have been through the trials of hardcore long-term chastity are few. Those are whom I admire to a certain extent. These few men have, what is left of, “balls”, albeit, contained in some evil device. They are the ones who don’t mind wearing plastic when traveling using airports. They are the ones who brave the outside world with practically irremovable chastity devices when they drive to work, or go to the hardware store on a weekend.

My wife and I have been playing with this for some years. I was somewhat the same way as the guys I describe above, but I never became comfortable with it. Sure, I could take the pain and the abuse, even a potential embarrassment, but I had my misgivings all along. In a private setting, my wife could and should cause embarrassment by demonstrating the device that I wear for her amusement. I would welcome and love being examined by her friends, even by her friends’ partners, as I melt into a puddle of embarrassment with only the chastity device staying up front.

However, there is a different setting. For one thing, my being in law enforcement, I am always in a potentially difficult situation. Let’s face it; some of us, once in a while, end up being victims of crimes. An ordinary citizen in that situation would be embarrassed, but get over it. Being a law enforcement officer wearing a device while also being a victim would be at the end of his career. After that one time when my wife made me wear one of “Kali’s teeth bracelets” on the job, I explained to her that our future was on the line, and any evidence of my being pussyfied must be kept private and separate from the profession. After that we went with the pretense that I was not pussified by her, unless I was at home. One can imagine that I gave this much thought while wearing the chastity device at her bequest at home, therefore, coming up with the conclusion that it would cost us much to take a chance. My wife being of sound mind knew who buttered her toast, so she agreed.

There are several points of view about being exposed while wearing a chastity device. I will present only two, both of which are from my perspective, but then you can draw you conclusion based on your situation. The general situation is that when you do your own thing, it is harmless, and it is nobody’s business if you and your partner decide to lock up your private parts. I go along with that one hundred percent! The pisser is what I present in my remaining two points of view below.

Being a legitimate and honest law enforcement officer has severe requirements. One cannot just become a policeman. One must pass rigorous tests to just enter the field, and then be pitted against other applicants before being considered for the job. One’s background must be clear of criminal activity, including mundane subjects such as past and current drug usage. Once on the job one must maintain exemplary behavior for the rest of his career. We are held to a higher standard than the citizens whom we are protecting. Any hint of scandalous behavior may be the end of one’s livelihood. Those on the outside might call us sexist and some other names probably being correct in their assessment. It would end a man’s career to be caught in a homosexual act, or to admit to one. The fact is, there are homosexuals among us, just as there are sexists, but we keep it private. We also live with our female officers as equals, but consider them special people: they are to be protected as we would protect our little sisters. There have been deadly self-sacrifices by men in attempts to save the women in law enforcement. Call us sexists, but that will not change.

Being considered less than a man by my peers would be the end of the line. We joke and tease one-another in sexist ways, but we never insult unless there is a reason. Once insult is given, it cannot be revoked, and at the least, one will resign from the job. My peers finding out that I wear a chastity device on the job would give them cause to ostracize me to extinction. That is because I would be deemed less than a man.

The other aspect of wearing a chastity device has to do with a sudden revealing of a person’s private practice in view of unplanned inspection by others. I can imagine many scenarios, but the most likely is when you are handled by paramedics or jailers.

Paramedics and emergency room personnel with experience can say that they have seen it all. A victim wearing any kind of chastity device will be embarrassed if conscious, or be so after regaining consciousness. The devices have been removed using the expertise of locksmiths, on-site bolt cutters, and in rare cases, welding torches wielded by professionals. The good thing about this is that the episode does not affect the victim’s future by tying it to his public record. It may make a good anecdote for one to talk over cocktails, but does not change the course of his professional life. Then there is the other aspect of being found wearing a chastity device.

An ordinary citizen seldom worries about being arrested by the police, for he does not purposefully do illegal acts for which he would be caught. The thing is, shit happens. Much of the time it has to do with driving a vehicle and/or being an asshole. He is arrested and taken to a jail. He will be asked to hand over any jewelry to the jailer, so that it can be recorded and then put into a safe place pending the victim’s subsequent release. The first problem he might have is deciding whether or not to disclose the chastity device to the jailer. He might assume that it is not the jailer’s business. True to a certain extent, but that is not really the issue. The jailer’s concern is to go with the rules. He does not give a damn what kind of jewelry is in question. On the other hand, if the victim were to take his device intact into the jail (assuming no metal parts which would be detected), he will immediately face the problem presented by his newly assumed peers: they seldom go easy on such an obvious victim. If, on the other hand, he decided to disclose his captive private parts to the jailer upon what we call intake (the processing of the person to be jailed), then the device would be removed even to the point of destruction, and properly documented. Aside from the ridicule and discomfort that the victim would endure, the fact would become part of his record. Strangely, this schmuck's chastity device history would be conveyed to the jail’s denizens somehow. Mister schmuck would become somebody’s girlfriend in not time, just as if he had sashayed through flaunting the device on his parts in the first place. Bruno in the upper bunk would expect to be serviced, and he probably has friends with similar needs.

So, if you want to wear your device when going out in public, have fun. Just keep in mind the potential consequences. If you are into humiliation, you might just get it.