Monday, June 14, 2010

Shopping With MW

I think that her hormones have kicked in again lately. Not that anything significant in the orgasmic sense has happened, but then, there are other things appreciated. I may have mentioned that she installed the CB2000. On me, that is! Yesterday she expressed an interest in acquiring some sexy underwear. No, not for me. I am best when I am in my uniform, which is minimal so to speak. You know, nothing on my skin but a ring or two or maybe the CB…

She had me drive her to one of the fine stores in the area. She remembered my yearning to see her in brilliant colors of enhancement aside from her lovely freckles and red hair. See Brilliant Colors. You know, underwear where the emphasis is not really on “under” but “outer”. After all, who would know the color of underwear but the one who put it on. Whereas, if it is really “outerwear” as we sometimes practice, well, then it does more than just contain some of the beautiful parts of a woman. It enhances one’s appreciation.

I stopped in front of the store’s door to allow MW exit the vehicle in style, after which I parked our car and walked back to the store. I had the understanding that she would wait for me inside the air conditioned space and then she would go look at merchandise and I would look at the female shoppers. I am still naïve when it comes to her. I took about a quarter hour to find her. But I had a good time looking at the female customers during my quest. The older I get the more latitude I have for the enjoyment of the female charm: there is more to appreciate. I eventually found my dear MW and we went on to find colorful enhancement to her beauty. I carried her choices like any other appreciative male would with my arms full and eyes still wandering over the local fauna. Then she wanted shoes.

I know that some guys are weird when it comes to women and shoes. I never could figure out the reason. On the other hand, (or maybe the other foot) I am a total slave when it comes to woman’s feet and shoes.

Did I say that I like women’s feet? In case I did not, I will say it now. She began looking at some totally non-functional but damned sexy sandals. After a while I sat down to wait for her to settle on her choices. Meanwhile I was on my knees on and off as she tried several of her potential purchases. I made some comments that I knew other shoppers nearby overheard. I like to play with people’s minds. In the famous words of Bill Murray in one of the Ghost Busters movies he said, “… Egan, you’re scaring the straights …” I was not exactly kissing her feet, but close to it. There is something about women, feet, and shoes …

My little guy was in a bad way inside his cage all this time, but at least I did not embarrass us by a blatant erection on account of the erection was contained in a plastic cage and not too obvious. We picked up a few more items on the way out. I carried a full armful of beautiful female enhancements and then paid at the end. I mean, with money, not the other stuff.

Hours later, in the night, we shared skin as we often do. It means full body contact. It is not blatant sex as one might imagine (not that I would refuse). It is appreciation of tactile and olfactory gifts by her to me. Oh yes, her taste also gets to be part of the joy. We each dozed off from time to time, and then came back to enjoy the goods. Nobody orgasmed, but it was good.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yeah! Men Are Stupid, Whereas Women Are Smart

Showing how stupid some men are is fodder for comediennes, comics, and jokes. One of my favorite cartoon strips is Andy Capp. Here is an example:

He is not really stupid. He is just without a clue when it comes to tact. It is obvious that his wife knows it.

However, I have a problem with the entire scenario within and way outside of the cartoon strip and comedy in general. Take, for example, Flo, Andy Capp’s better half. By comparison she is smarter, more charming, more forgiving, and generally a better human than this sorry excuse for wasted skin. My question is, “Why is she married to such a piece of worthlessness?” Even more to the point, “Why did she marry him in the first place?”

If men are so shallow and stupid, should not an intelligent and supreme woman know that and avoid long-term relationship with them? After all, if she is so much smarter, should not she see past his sexual endowment and not try to burden her life for years with it? Sheesh, a dildoe would be much less expensive in emotion, commitment, and monetary ways. So what was it that grabbed her attention long enough to go with the stupid schmuck? Does anyone have an answer?

Could it be that women are not really smarter than men?


I have been skipping sleep lately. You know, stuff happens, and you don’t do justice to your basic needs.

No, I don’t mean sex.

Well, yes, there is that too. Without sex the world would come to an unappreciated end. At least, unappreciated by me. But then, I am highly sexed. That is not to say that I am a predator. It is very much the other way: “Please use me for your pleasure.” Yes, am a slut when the situation warrants it. Last night was such.

MW has been hinting about sex. For me, anything with sex is better than nothing, which is what we have had for some time. She had a CB2000 installed on me. I know, it is not the ultimate sex toy, and yet, it turns me on. It has been two days. She has the key, and I would not dream of breaking this toy without her permission. Goddess, I would love to be at her mercy. Alas, it is a toy. A sexy toy, but no more than that.

Last night we stayed up later than we usually do. It could have beeen her pheromones. I don’t know. She gave me pain. I know, the way I convey this is blasé and blatant. But that’s just the way it was. I know that I am a pain slut. I love MW to mistreat my precious parts. Do I need to go into details? My counterparts in maledom are out there. You know who you are, you know when you want your … ah … parts mistreated “just so”. You have been there, and want to re-visit about once an hour unless you have passed out from lack of sleep.

Getting back to the subject … Oh Goddess! She gave me pain. You know, the good pain. Not like a headache, not like a broken bone. The good stuff. My only wish was that she would increase the intensity and prolong the duration. But then, we must not succumb to pleasure, for it would be the end of life. Pleasure must be meted at a reasonable rate and mixed with boredom and drudgery. I know that I am a pleasure junkie when it comes to MW. In general, I would rather give it than receive it. I know it’s perverse, but that’s the way I am. I could live and die pleasuring her.

Still, I love receiving pleasure by MW. It is her precious gift to me. And then, there are her pheromones. They grab me by the ... you know.

Friday, June 11, 2010

It Is Just A thigh

I stand on her right side. She sits before her computer doing whatever she does, I don’t want to intrude. I just look down. Her right thigh is horizontal partly exposed from near pubis to her knee. If a man is ever tempted by female charms this would be it. And definitely I am tempted. God, she is beautiful There is nothing as charming as a female thigh. Oh well, there might be, but for now, I stand and admire. She is a gift from the Goddesses. She is MW. And I belong to her. She promised that I will get a closer look later. I will wait.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

An Excerpt ...

Garth woke up on Carmelita’s couch. His mouth tasted like shit, all the smokes and that cheap wine added up. He needed a shower, but his head was just too damned big. He drifted off again until Carmelita kicked him in the leg, “Time to go, lover boy!”

Garth gathered his wits to the extent possible, and sat up. Oh shit! Ellie will be a bitch. He did not have the money to pay Carmelita. Fuck it. She will take an IOU like usual. “Sweetheart, I owe you.”

“No shit? You’re damn right you owe me. And if you don’t come up with some cash soon, I’ll cut off your nuts!”

“You’re beautiful when you’re angry.” He reached for her tits, but stopped as she kicked him in the balls

“You know about that title to your RV? I have it. You were stupid enough to sign the transfer, so it’s as good as mine. Now get your carcass out of here, and come back with money soon, or I’ll have the sheriff out there helping me to take ownership of your RV.”

Carmelita was a good fuck.. She was a great fuck. He could live with all that great stuff she strutted. The pisser was, she never was into blowjobs. She had that piss-ant boyfriend of sorts who would do anything she wanted, and once or twice she told the boy to suck him off. Garth went along with it basically because he got his rocks off his favorite way, and also, all he had to pay was a couple of six-packs, which was cheaper than what Carmelita usually charged.

See my book "Jason's Deliverance" for the rest of it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

She Kissed Me

We have kissed before, obviously. Before marriage we dated, and kissing was a major part of our ardor. At least, on my part. She was delectable, a veritable sweetheart of any man’s fantasy. But that was many years ago. Since then, we kissed lightly and seriously many times, so we both know what kissing is about.

Tonight, however, kissing took a serious turn. I have never been kissed like this. It is as if she suddenly owned my soul. Her lips took over mine, and commanded respect by their power. Yes, she was also working on my cock at the same time. My (her) cock has a Prince Albert ring through it. In addition, I wear a silver ring that she bought for me The Rings Yes, the cock manipulation had an effect on me. But that was miniscule compared to what she did with her lips to my lips. There is no way to convey the feeling to another human. You would just have to have experienced it. Her lips had a mind of their own that took over mine and reduced them to submission in the most flagrant ways. It would have been enough, but she, being her lovely Self, added her tongue to the exercise. I am not a religious person, but at that point I could have assumed MW worship to any extent. Her tongue did not exactly rape my mouth. It was more like using it to its lovely advantage. At that point there was not anything that I would not have done for her. God, she is great!

It was a kiss to die for! Maybe some day I will show a photo of her lips. It would not be enough to express my feelings, but it might be enough to show their wonderful potential.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Bull [shit]

I am reading a few blogs where the man writes about the woman in his relationship dealing with extracurricular sex. Yes, I am talking about the man being pussy-whipped and the woman taking any sex outside the relationship as her due.


In some cases that is what the man wants regardless of what the woman wants: she must have sex outside, or else his fantasy is not fulfilled.

In other cases they already have a shitty relationship, and it is only a matter of time before it breaks without redemption. So she looks outside, he gets a hard on, then gets resentful at the end. Sometimes it works ... for a while at least. Maybe.

Then there is the pathetic fantasy where he has a small dick that would not satisfy a gnat, and she must have one of those big ones we read about, you know, some foot-long schlong attached to a piece of human meat with no brain, but that’s all right.

Yeah, we all have our fantasies. I don’t see the preoccupation with huge dicks, though. For one thing, it might be painful to the person on whom it is used. Forget anal sex, and maybe even forget vaginal sex. Oral sex might be fine as long as the male with the schlong pulls his punch. For another, well, just like having a big head, a big foot, or a big belly: it is not necessarily esthetically pleasing. But some men think that a bull with a huge cock is god’s answer to a woman’s need.

My main objection to all this is using the word bull. As if a woman were to say, “I’m going to the stockyard and hire a 3000 pound mindless animal to rip my innards so that I’ll be totally satisfied for once after dealing with this unsatisfying pipsqueak with a tiny cock.”

Damn, don’t these [assumed] women realize that a bull has a pea-size brain running a twenty-inch penis? Yes, I know, it is an analogy, but even the analogy fails when it comes to, say, tact, cleanliness, kindness, consideration, safe sex, let alone intelligent conversation. Then again, maybe these women need only to be reamed and then they are done?

Actually, I don’t believe any of this. I think that all of this is in the fertile mind of horny men who write pretending to be in a relationship of that sort, or pretending to be women.

Does anybody out there have actual information on this? Does anybody think that a bull is a good term for a sex mate in extracurricular affairs?

Friday, June 4, 2010


I have been reading some blogs having to do with Female Led Relationship (FLR) over three years. There were some that attracted my attention in chastity, denial, cuckoldry, and mild S/M, but most lost my interest on the long run. Simple FLR is what I desired. It still has my attention. The problem is, I am losing interest even reading about that because of all the fake blogs. I keep touch with those that I know to be real.

I have debunked several blogs over the short three years that I pursued this interest. It felt good. But lately I began to feel different. I think that a man has fantasies that he cannot fulfill; he needs an outlet that is relatively harmless. Posting a blog is a way. If he is good enough writer to fool the readers, then what is the harm? The readers like it, and maybe learn from it, or go off and create their own fantasy blogs. As a result of my epiphany I resolved to stop debunking fake blogs as a rule. I would still debunk one upon a challenge, but I no longer feel compelled to make FLR Blogdom pure. Yes, I know, it took me a long time to become benign in this respect.

Hell, there is little reality left out there. If you are real, please let us know and how we can tell that you are not fake.