Monday, July 28, 2008

Chastity Thoughts

My simple mind has been centered on forced chastity. My chastity. Forced by another person, in this (and only) case, MW. Yes, I am weird. For the last ten or so days I have been researching the products. In addition to her site, there is a lot of comment at

I am handy with tools. If it were not for the current extreme weather, I would spend more time in my workshop that is open to the elements. It is also open to the neighborhood, but I can mitigate that by parking a couple of vehicles in a strategic manner, so that I can be out there in my natural state.

As I said before, my current fixation is on the device that Mistress Lori calls #12A. I realize that first, the cost is exorbitant for us. But wait! Maybe I can stop eating for a month… Seriously, there may be a way to acquire one. The questions are (1) would my MW buy into it, and (2) would it work on the long run. I think MW has already expressed her liking the devilish device. That may be good or bad for me.

I started experimenting with devices. There are some basic issues to resolve. Constriction around the penis, and firm anchor around the package, as in “cock and balls.” I am freaking weird. I like to have my parts mistreated, even if I have to do it myself. When MW does it, then I tend to cream all over myself, not that it has happened lately, creaming or other. Actually, we did have a glorious get-together yesterday. It was as good as ever, and I love her for it. But that was not the subject here.

Anyway, back to experimentation. The first thing to figure out is to get the proper diameter of the device that goes around the glans. You know, a place where you want restriction to avoid removal of the device, but not to “Kill the goose that lays the golden egg.”

As part of the experiment to see whether or not I could accommodate this device, I need to do some research. First I need to deal with what material is available. So-called ¾ inch PVC pipe is standard. Its inside diameter, which is the most important issue, is ¾-inch. Aside from male adequacy issues, it is too frigging small. If I attach something to my PA ring I might be able to pull my poor little guy through it. But I would not rely on the assumption unless proven by experiment. So, next in order of availability is the sleeve that is used to connect two pieces of this ¾ inch pipe. The inside diameter of it is a full one inch! I had cut a piece off with which to experiment. Two screws installed at about 120 degrees apart (360 degrees is a full circle for those of you not tuned into mathematics). I pulled the ring of ½ inch length cylindrical plastic over the little guy, and tightened the screws. Ouch! Had to be careful. I learned that the device as it was had potential. For example, with the one-inch sleeve cutout piece the screws hurt when I tried to simply pull the ring off my cock. They had to be unscrewed first. The conclusion was that I need, for my anatomy, a 7/8 inch inside diameter device with the appropriate screws as a deterrent for removal.

The item with the first part above is one third of the whole package. I still need a way to attach this to a device that bears the weight, and most importantly, makes the device unremovable without my MW’s intervention. With my simple proof of principle experimentation the removal issue is not addressed. All I need for now is to see whether it is feasible. Given the two screws I installed and screwed in all the way. It appears that removal may not be feasible without extreme damage to my most private parts. So far so good. Feasibility investigated and assured.

I really don’t know where I am going from here. MW has expressed an interest in the device and in applying it to my private parts. She has also suggested that I get a job to pay for it. Well, shucks! I already have a job. Can I afford to have one more? I could just say, “No.” But that would close the door on the project, and I would be left with my fantasy. I could get another job, lose some sleep, and earn the cost of the device. But then I would have to commit myself to wearing it at MW’s whim. Without experiencing the device’s potential torture before commitment, I would be a fool to agree to all that. Can anyone advise me on what to do?

Chastity Device Woes

I am not trying to pervert my blog into CBT/CD/TD-specific fantasy. For one thing, unless I say otherwise, all of this is real. Read that as "None of this is a freaking fantasy". The other, aside from the usual FLR stuff that is premise of this blog, not much has been going on. I suppose that I could write about day-to-day occurrences and pose some problems just to jazz it up. I do have problems aside from the chastity issue, but I don't really want to burden you with it. I figure that if I think you can help, I will air the issues, otherwise I keep silent about them. We are still in an FLR, but I must admit that we are not progressing as I expected. Don't take this as a complaint, however. I love my wife, I appreciate the attention she gives me, and I want to continue to serve her. And, once in a while, we have a "grand conjunction."

The following took place a few weeks ago ...

After my bitching about the cheap-ass Chinese knockoff CB3000 I settled down a bit. I made some adjustments to it and all was well as I wore it following MW’s enforcement. All was well until the “stuff hit the fan”.

In general, when one is handicapped, one can get along if circumstances are benign. Having my privates enclosed in plastic is a handicap. Staying indoors with moderate temperature and humidity next to the skin is benign. Stepping outside to high temperature and humidity is less than benign. Wearing the plastic cage while trying to do hard labor outside is putting undue stress on the wearer and the device. Suffice it to say, the cheap Chinese knockoff broke a cog. The posts that hold the ring and the cage in alignment are weak, one broke. Since I took care to clamp my PA ring to the device, I was spared the embarrassment of it falling off and through my trouser leg as I was working with my physical therapist. The device held on to my cock tip, supported by the ring through the PA piercing. I am so good!

After I got home from the workout with my physical therapist, I approached MW with the problem. She had me remove the device. Well, fuck! $130 down the drain.

Now, days later, I can report some improvement of the situation. First, she commissioned me to repair the device, then she had me reinstall it.

No, not my physical therapist, you pervert! As much as a sexy sadist that the therapist is, it was MW who had me do this.

About repairs… I am handy with tools. I have been widely known to repair CB chastity devices at the slightest provocation. Well, maybe not “widely known”, but at least within our circle of... Never mind. I have fixed the damned things before. This was one of those times. I tried, and to an extent, succeeded. I drilled out the broken post, and inserted a piece of 7/32 inch copper wire of roughly the same diameter and length. I made the same hole to match in the ring so the two can be properly mated. MW had me install the works on my private parts to test it. She is still testing several hours later. Yes, that means, I am still wearing it. The device seems to be as strong or stronger than before.

Meanwhile …

I have a very fertile imagination. I could invent (and I have) totally weird sexual situations to titillate anyone regardless of the orientation of their kink. My current fixation is on male chastity. My target is #12A at To put it bluntly, this device is deviously overpowering. I have not tried it yet. I can’t justify the funds to acquire one, yet I feel it compelling. I have a piercing (as if you did not already know) to support its role. I have a sort-of-keyholder, MW, who might be willing to participate. There are two obstacles. The most prominent is the cost of the device. For me, $500 plus is a major expense that I cannot justify at this time. The other obstacle is MW’s potential objection, and my potential rejection of the usage of the device. If we were to spend the money to acquire it, I would feel compelled to use it in order to get our money’s worth out of it.

That’s good, but what if we have problems. Suppose she does not want me to wear the kinky stuff. Suppose I have a physiological problem wearing it. Suppose I chicken out and don’t want to be in an un-removable device. One encouraging note is that MW has expressed an interest in the device. Her position is, "If you earn the cost, you may buy it, then we will see."

Damn, this is difficult. I would hate to get still another job just to pay for it. The device is compelling. You have to do some research to figure out its devious details. I am basing my interpretation on various comments, reviews, and the site’s information. The curved thingie is a thick piece of metal that is supposed to go through the hole under my cock, and come through the front of the tip in the traditional Prince Albert piercing fashion. You need to think of cause and effect, kind of walking through the steps to imagine the post coming out the front, yet preventing the whole device from being removed. The ring to the right of it is one through which the head of my cock should be pushed just before being penetrated by the aforementioned PA curved metal.

But wait, there is more! There are two posts through this ring that impale themselves on the rim of my cock. These are visible in the ring. You can imagine them pressing on an impending erection with some subsequent pain. An alternate design offers and adjustable set using screws that can be locked. The deeper they are screwed, the more I am supposed to feel them. I can only imagine their penetration into my swelling cock as I righteously respond to MW’s challenge when she has me sniff her very private beauties. I am already in pain, even though I am wearing only the CB3000. But I can imagine the details, since I have been the recipient of the Kali’s teeth device already on certain occasions. Oh my! I would be in constant pain due to an erection that is discouraged by this device. Do I want to be in constant pain? Would I have a choice?

I am spilling juice all over myself thinking about this. Once installed, there is no escape. I do not want escape. I want it to control my cock, my mind, my thinking, my servitude to MW. Then again, once installed, I may change my mind. It is still a fantasy at this point, for I am not really in position to spend $500 plus to acquire this device. But it is a powerful fantasy.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Arrival of the CB3000

The box arrived on June 9, about 45 days after the order was placed. It was marked, “Plastic artifact: sample,” apparently to satisfy customs. The sender’s address was in India. The box was packed like something a ten-year-old would do. I opened it.

I sorted the parts. The miniscule padlock was made in China. This did not bode well. I threw the wrapping into the trash. I washed the parts with soap and hot water. In the kitchen I filled a saucepan with water, and dropped all pieces into it, then turned on the heat under the pan. After boiling them for about ten minutes I removed them, and washed them in rubbing alcohol. I laid them out on a clean cloth.

The center post that holds the ring and the cage together has the hole through which the lock goes. In the process of punching this hole the tip of the post became distorted. Consequently, none of the four center (locking) posts would go through the appropriate hole in the cage part. This required garage adjustment number one, then back to the bedroom.

While trying to assemble it, I tried to slip a spacer onto the center post without success. The spacers’ hole was too small. Here came garage adjustment number two. I searched in my drill bit set for a bit that was just slightly larger than the hole. I had hell of a time holding the small plastic thing between one forefinger and thumb against the drill. The bit grabbed it out of my hand repeatedly. Finally I came up with a way to do it without destroying it or my fingers. I drilled all six pieces. Alas, the hole was still not big enough. I managed to find a slightly larger bit, and repeated the process. This time I had a good fit.

I cleaned up the parts, and laid them out on the bed.

She asked me whether I had tried to install the device. I said no. She said to go ahead with installing it. I tested the fit by starting with the next to smallest of the five rings. Skipped two, and tried the next to the largest. Still too small. I finally settled on the largest hinged ring. I suppose one or both of my balls would squeeze through under some circumstances, but the smaller one was just too snug for longer than potentially several hours that I was anticipating. The five spacers and the three center posts offered a number of fitness between the two rings to make it difficult or impossible to remove, and definitely impossible to replace without unlocking the padlock through the center post hole. I chose a distance of about 5/8 inch, provided by the two largest spacers. All was well so far.

She had me put the set together and install it in the evening after we had showered. Wisely she allowed me to use a small latch instead of the padlock for this initial period. It is now early morning. I have had several erections during the night, but none of the ball-pinching problems that the CB2000 caused in the past. Aside from the bulk and occasional need to adjust my balls, the CB3000 device is rather comfortable. In cold weather my balls tend to migrate upward in a futile attempt to return into my body, and my cock shrinks to a ridiculously small size. With the CB2000 I had to decrease the space between the ring and the cage to about 3/8 inch, which in turn put a very painful strain on my balls and sack in cold weather. Since the weather has been warm lately, I don’t know how this CB3000 will fare under the circumstances. For now it is doing well.

With the CB2000, due to its construction, urinating was a relatively messy affair best performed while sitting. About the only time I stood was when in a public restroom. At home I sit anyway, but with that cage on it was a necessity to avoid pissing on everything around me. I have not tried standing with the CB3000, but the stream as I sit appears straight, only partly drippy because of the PA ring, which has nothing to do with the cage. In addition, with the 2000 I had to drop the entire set of balls, cock and cage into the bathroom sink and splash water all over it after urination. With the 3000 there is no need to be so vigorous, since the urine does not splash all over the cage.

I miss the open design of the 2000, since my skin does not get to breathe as much, so long term wear may not be as benign with the 3000.

Later this morning we were having coffee and discussing what I might be doing later in line of work. I had some hard labor in mind, she had other ideas. I will be cleaning the kitchen, hall, and the powder room. They are all rather large, so it’s not a matter of a few minutes work. After breakfast I attended to our animals feeding, and then began the work. She wanted to make sure that I remember her, so she attached and locked a padlock to the PA ring. At first it was sexy and erotic. After a while it was painful, as in tearing the flesh.

It took about an hour to move stuff such as furniture, and things left on the floor, into the living room, so that I could begin on the aforementioned floors. I cleaned the powder room toilet first. Then vacuumed all the floors of ceramic tile. This was followed by mopping the same, and concluded with scrubbing the pedestal sink in the powder room. There were some carpeted areas to vacuum clean, and then move all the furniture and stuff back where they were.

She had other chores for me that required going outside the house. For those I had to put on my jogging shorts, and then take the same off upon returning inside.

Later she attached a piece of acrylic ornament to the weight on my PA ring. It looks something that would hang from a chandelier. The combined weight increased the tearing pain. I went with that until late afternoon when she removed the acrylic weight, but left the heavy padlock on.

Friday, July 25, 2008

In Confinement

I am posting this and subsequent ones as a matter of historical significance which were overlooked during the last three or so months.

As I pointed out earlier, MW has put my private parts into confinement via the CB2000. Lock in place, key on a strap that she has around her lovely neck, I am incapable of fondling my tool.

Last time I orgasmed was March 30. She generously allowed me to share my source and center of existence (her pussy). I have been tempted to help myself since then, but I always back off. I think that she has a reason for denying me, and I should not thwart it.

With the device on as of May 17, my choice has been removed. I am at her mercy.

In general, I am fascinated by chastity devices. The so-called “chastity belts” are the most intriguing. Alas, they are impractical because of the hygienic implications. After all, I would have to ask my Mistress for going to the bathroom. I think.

The cock and ball cage, on the other hand, is almost ideal. It prevents me from fondling myself. It is an offering from me to her. I abstain from the little pleasures for her benefit. It’s not the prevention of masturbation. Truly I cannot masturbate with the device on, but I would not have done that anyway, unless she generally allowed, or specifically commanded me to do so.

There are other implications. I am uncut, so foreskin must be accommodated somewhere. Without the cage it is not a problem. I never had a problem with it. With the cage there are some issues. I use some blunt poking device to pull back my foreskin for a couple of reasons. One, I like to see the naked head of the little guy in the cage. It turns me on. Two, it makes hygienic sense. After urinating, it is good to be able to rinse off the parts. Wit the foreskin pulled back, and remaining so, things remain cleaner.

The only indication of a potential problem is that the foreskin swells over time. I am not convinced that this is a real problem, but still, an indication of something with which to deal. Aside from that, I could stay in the cage for the rest of my life as long as my MW wants me to do so. Given that I am not ever allowed to do anything with her, being in the cage just gives me a reason for why I get no release: physical impossibility.

I have been imprisoned for less than three days this time. Two nights of it. Last night was typical. I woke with the expected nocturnal tremendous hard on. Without the cage the erection can be ignored or fondled with appreciation. I can go back to sleep. With the cage it is a bit painful because of the confinement. The available space is about a third of what is needed. The little guy pushes on the front of the tube, thereby pulling everything forward, including balls and such. Some of the hard substance pushes back into my body, since the skin holding the balls between the two rings can stretch only so far. It is not really painful, but it is interesting to see the prisoner pushing through the bars. All that applies with the POI in place, but with an additional item. The teeth of the POI begin to cut into the hardening shaft, and they are relentless. Lying in bed and wishing it to go away is no help. As I have said, I am a sucker for pain when it comes to intentionally applied genital situation. I consider this one of those intentionally applied pains. Even the process of sitting up intensifies the pain, but it must be done. I get up, walk around for a while. That seems to help. When it no longer hurts, the pain no longer feeds back to maintaining the erection, the teeth no longer dig in. I can maybe go back to sleep. A while later I go through the same process. And then again. I just wish that it had not been only my idea to use the POI, but that she had ordered it. I would rather suffer at her hands, than something self-inflicted. But, the lock is on, and I am stuck with it.

Later when I am up I can see the little guy in the cage. I think of something to do with her, and get an instant hard on. Pinkish skin poking through the bars again. There is a lot of potential there. I hope she feeds it to me if or when she allows me release. At times like this I want it, yet I know that afterward I want it less. Still, it is a measure of my dedication, and I should be tested every time. Not like giving MW another responsibility or another chore. More like, I would be expected to clean up after myself so that she does not have to. It almost makes sense on the long run. In any case, if I were to give her oral pleasure, this would be an excellent way. I would be obligated to do it no matter how much I might dislike the flavor of my own stuff. In a kinky way it would be a natural turn-on, knowing that I can never refuse the pleasure of giving her an orgasm or two with my tongue. Having me do it after I orgasmed would be kinky at the least, and very “just” in a grand way.

A few days ago she did indicate that I could take the initiative in a sexual way. That was before the cage was installed, and I could have done so. I tried, but she was not ready. So, that idea fizzled out quickly. Maybe we can try again. Of course, I would have to use a strap-on dildo under the circumstances. We could buy a reasonable toy. It takes two items: a realistic dildo and a reliable strap-on harness. We could even “clone a Willie”. That would be a blast. She could have me suck my own cock, so to speak.

Now, why we would use a dildo when I have a perfectly serviceable cock that is ready, willing, and able? Well, there is the weird thing about it. We can’t use the real cock while it is in the cage. We could take it out at her convenience, then we could use it in any way that she likes and then put it back. I could even get an orgasm or two while out. But then I would no longer be in chastity. Would I? I could even pleasure myself on occasion. I suppose I could still serve her in any way. As it is, self-gratification may be a more reasonable, or at least, more frequent approach. I would not bother her, and she would not feel pressed. But then, I would have to be out of the cage. Damn! I can’t figure out what I really need. I know what I want, but that would be selfish. So, I will just go with whatever I get. But I tell you, being caged is a tremendous turn on. Knowing that she has the key is even better.

As I said, she let the boys out for a few hours before telling me to reinstall the cage. She, of course, clicked the lock shut. I have had it on for almost a week now. Also have been without orgasm for 48 days as of now. Pretty long for a guy who could have it several times a week.

May 24, 2008. Last night she suggested that we remove the cage. She unlocked it, and I had a hard time pulling out of it until I realized that the PA ring was still attached to the tip of the cage. After I removed the clamp, I pulled out the little guy. The foreskin was very swollen. I went into the shower and enjoyed the hot water, the freedom, and washed all parts well. During the night she checked the problem. I suggested that maybe we could let the little guy out for an hour each evening while we were together. That would give us a chance to see any problems, and I would still be under her supervision. I am not sure what her opinion was. However, she let me sleep naked, and I am still in my natural state, without the cage, this early morning hour.

The skin around my balls and my cock are still sore, but not so much that I can complain. There are some marks like ones left by Kali’s teeth, and I don’t know how that came about. Given that she said I will be pierced again, these are trivial.

I woke her by cuddling up to her from behind. She felt great as usual. One thing led to another… I had two orgasms. I can do that when unencumbered.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Still Working on Chastity and Stuff

We have had a few, and I mean very few, encounters of the sexual kind lately. Those that we had were terrific as usual. Not that I am keeping track of this stuff, but on June 6 she allowed me to penetrate her in the vanilla way. You might think “Ho hum, what else is new?” Well, it is new. We don’t do much of that. The other thing is, doing it in the missionary position might be boring to some of you. For me it is the experience of a lifetime. All right, we have done it before. We have done it many times. Just that it is earth-shaking every time.

When I am on top of her, I try to rest my weight on my elbows to avoid hampering her enjoyment of the occasion. Not that I am heavy, but it is courteous to support my own weight, you know, "Gentlement rest on their elbows." If we were in the flip position, with her on top, I would love to feel her weight on me. But that’s just me. Anyway, I am moving my hands over her luscious body at full speed trying to feel all the juicy spots over and over again. This, of course, requires me to shift weight from one elbow to the other, and to favor one hand or the other. All that is part of the fun and joy.

With her not having to worry about dealing with my crushing weight, she has both hands available to do deviously delicious things to my body. In the distant past she had her finger up my … ah … you know, to enhance my pleasure. Not to a large extent (the penetration that is), but just so I am aware of still another potential pleasure to experience. Lately, meaning the last several years, her enhancement of my pleasure that usually sends me over the edge is to severely pinch my tits with her fingernails as we are building up to a global orgasm. Well, maybe not “we”, but “I” building up to that. Actually I don’t remember when or if she ever had an orgasm simply from my usually penetrating administrations as such. If she had, I am sure that I was there, but I don’t remember. I regret my lack of accomplishment in this area. It could be my lack of girth, lack of length or lack of skill, or all of them. Not that I am or feel inadequate. I could brag, but will not. And then, "It's not what you have, but what you do with it ..." I have it, and know what to do with it! OK, so I brag a little.

I need to point out how important it is what she does to me. I get off on pain when the pain is in the right context. I have had tooth-aches as a child, and if I have them again, I will not enjoy them. This is different. When I am about to lose my composure with an ounce or two of seminal fluid attached, she could pinch off my tits, and I would say, “Yeay, all right!” Of course, after the fact, I would be in the mode of “Ouch, damn it, that hurt …!” She does not pinch off my hard little nibs, it just feels like she does at the time, and it gets me over the edge sooner than planned by me. Sometimes I have sore tits for a day or so after this tremendous fuck. I wonder what my doctor, and physical therapist think of my mistreated tits lately. Neither said anything. But like my doctor, just before he had his finger up my bung hole, he was aware of my Prince Albert ring in place. The therapist, a virile and lean young woman, says nothing about my mistreated tits. Maybe it’s the “I have seen them all” syndrome, and no comment is necessary. In a way I am disappointed.

Getting back to the subject, after the June 6th episode, we remained dormant in a physical sense. As you should know, I am faithful to my Mistress Wife, and also celibate. Regrettable about celibacy, since it is not really enforced by her except for short periods of time when she has me in enforced chastity. Anyway, I have not masturbated. I could have, and it would have been fun, and it would not have detracted from my serving her in any way. Still, it did not happen. In a way it was a waste. The reason is that I don’t think that she would have cared. Maybe I am wrong, but it just seems that way. This is something that we need to discuss again.

On July 5th a few things clicked right resulting in a tremendous pleasure for both of us. She had orgasms, I had the pleasure of providing them in an oral and digital fashion. There was a lot more to it in a way of preparation, and we both enjoyed it all. Of course, as usual, I did not get to participate the same way. In spite of that, giving her this pleasure is better than one of my infrequent orgasms. If I have a choice, pleasuring her orally takes precedence under all circumstances. Her love, her beauty, her scent, her flavor, and the general feeling of the situation overwhelm me and compel me to do for her anything and all things under the circumstances. There is nothing better. As much as I like having my way, doing it her way wins every time. The only thing that I would change is the frequency: hers or mine or both, several times a week would be perfect. Alas, I am highly sexed. And there is the rub!

I am so lucky. Last night was another perfect setup where I was able to give her pleasure. The outcome was somewhat limited by her developing an instant headache afterward. She has that sometimes, and I feel guilty about causing it. I am sorry, my sweet Mistreatess.

Oh yes, my calendar shows that we had a penetrating experience on July 9th. Did we really? I don’t remember. If we did, I am sure that it was as good as any ever. I have been horny all along, so I can’t really prove or disprove its occurrence. Just to be on the safe side, I should have it once a day every day, so there would be no need to make an entry in my calendar. We need to work on that.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Matter of Links

Outside of my blog I maintain many links to blogs and web sites that I visit frequently or occasionally. I also peruse and use commercial web sites for material of prurient interest. I have bought their ware over the years. I am not a prude as far as this goes, so, if I were to provide links on this blog, my blog would look very busy. There is the rub.

I don't plan to include links or advertisements to commercial sites at this time. As much as I like some, I can't justify adulterating my self in that manner. I don't hold it against those of you who do, just that, it is not my way. I would rather take less attention or oblivion, then promote things that some readers would dislike. I am sure that you are all capable of finding what you want without my help in this matter.

The links to other blogs is a different issue. In a way I want to reciprocate when I find that my blog is linked from out there. Don't think that I don't appreciate your attention. Maybe I will just resort to private email to show my gratitude. The reason why I don't show links is more basic. As said earlier, I visit many blogs. I keep returning until I am bored with it, or it goes away. In a way it would be an obvious and ready assessment of my kinks to see to what my blog links. Not that I am trying to hide, nor am I afraid of being seen slumming. It is just that on the long run links to blogs become outdated and tedious.

The real and most compelling reason for not showing my favorite links is that I must limit the number in order to avoid the list being too much of a soul-searching chore. Showing some, and not others, would become a chore, and make the owners of those I don't show resentful. I choose to read and comment on your blog instead, and you know when I do that. On rare occasions I will cite a blog directly in my posts to show a particularly relevant issue. I believe that my approach is fair and just.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I am checking in to let all of you know that we are still here, but MW and I do have some problems that have put a lot of things on hold.

I want to thank those of you who left encouraging comments. I appreciate your interest and support. Depending on how things work out, I may resume writing, but not just yet.

I still maintain that the true measure of the success of a blog is the number of comments and their contents. Stat-counters with their statistics can be misleading. My guess is that most of the visitors to this site arrive via word search interested in narrow subjects, such as chastity, orgasm, spanking, etc. Once they see that the blog is not pornographic, they move on. The rest of the folks may be interested in reading, but either don’t care or are hesitant to comment for fear of involvement. It is easier to read an interesting free story, than to pay for it by leaving a comment.

It is true that writing my experiences is fun, and perhaps I should do it even if nobody stops to comment. For that reason maybe I will continue. But it is sad when I read excellent postings on many blogs, and nobody comments. Lately I have not been reading much, and commenting even less, so I am one of the lurkers mostly.

I also find it interesting that shortly after I started my blog many others popped up, as if we all experienced the same stimulus to publish. The effect is similar to musrooms appearing overnight after a rain.

Looking at those blogs over the last two or three months I see another trend: fewer posts, no posts, and blogs having gone away. I am sure it is not the lack of interest in our theme that causes this. My guess is that there is only so much one can say before it becomes repetitious as far as the writing goes. I am not suggesting that, say, having sex daily is repetitious and boring, just that depicting such may be superfluous. Same thing with FLR. So, the writing slows down or stops because either nothing is happening, or the same things are happening repeatedly.

Some writers are so talented that this is not a problem for them. See, for example, He has been posting for a long time, and remains interesting regardless of the subject. I suspect, though, that he is spending a bit more time at it than most of us with defunct or about to be defunct sites.