Monday, December 31, 2007

Returning from the Trip

I was gone only for a little more than three days. So I should not have been so lonely for MW. Ok, horny also, but mainly missing her company in any fashion. I called her as soon as I entered the highway heading home. Alas, she did not answer the phone. I left a message. During the six-hour drive I called again, and she was in good humor telling me what she will do to me when I am home. I am sure she was just teasing me, but I was looking forward to all that. Upon my arrival I proceeded to unload my vehicle. I arrived with a computer bag, another heavy bag that contained valuables, a gym bag with clothes, and several items on hangers. She stood by the door as I greeted her. She grabbed my private parts through my pants. I paused a bit then walked upstairs to put the bags and stuff down. After I returned to her, I hugged and held her close. She was about to cry. Not because of the overwhelming affection that we each showed, but because I did not hug her before going upstairs and depositing the stuff. I am so bad! But we worked it out.

In the evening we settled down to watch a movie as usual. All was quiet and uneventful, but pleasant. She grasped my package at the base and held it much of the time. Once in a while she squeezed until one of the boys popped out of her grasp. I tend to be stoic, but I made a sound each time: part pain, part appreciation. Although I expected to score in the Beavis and Butthead terminology, we did not even get close otherwise.

The Day after the Trip

I was up early as usual. We don’t heat the house at night, so it was cold as I sat down at my computer around 3:30. I turned on a portable heater, and had my computer boot while I made espresso. After that I did some work while sipping the thick brew. Around five I felt a tinge under my balls. As usual, I hurried to the bedroom to find out what MW wanted. It happened that one of our cats decided to be extra loving, and proceeded to make love to her only as cats do: kneed her feet, lick her face with a cat's raspy tongue, walk on her body with hard little feet, nestle between her legs so that she is essentially immobilized on her back, etc.. I kissed her arm, the only thing that was bare, and took the pussycat with me as I closed the door to the bedroom. She is so good with that signaling device.

Since winter nights are long, I expected her to sleep late. Around seven I began to see the sky lightening, so I went to see her. I stood in the doorway to be sure that if she is not yet awake I would not disturb her. She was awake, and sent me to make coffee. I turned on all the heaters, and returned with the freshly brewed beverage. This was our first morning together since my leaving for the trip. Afterward we cuddled.

I received email from her while on the trip. One of them said,

“My sweet Pet....... I do miss you. Of course I have made some decisions during your absence.
  1. You will remain naked unless I give you permission to wear clothing
  2. Your bed will be on the closet floor
  3. I will access your parts whenever I feel the need
  4. If your chores are not done to my satisfaction, punishment will be applied (no excuses accepted)
  5. Public humiliation is in your future”More later :) Love you

To which I answered,

"Dear Mistress Wife,I have achieved instant erection as I read this. I think that I could live with this wonderful approach to an FLR. I am truly looking forward to it. Thank your for your thoughts and your caring. I love you and also lust for you. Your pet”

You can see why I was anxious to get home. So, this morning, after the coffee and cuddle, we had breakfast. I did some chores, and then attended to cleaning the mistress bathroom which I had been neglecting of late with some credible excuses. Our son and significant other (SO) were at home, so I could not do this work in my natural state. After I finished I did some more cleaning and straightening, and then came into the room that we share for computer usage and communication “

I smelled ‘Murphy’s Oil Soap’,” She said as I walked by her.

She was working on some research using her computer. She paused. I stopped and waited, because I knew that having smelled a cleaning agent was not the point of her statement. Sure enough, she continued,

“If we were alone, you would be in your natural state and with a weight hanging on your balls.”

I was not sure whether to feel relieved or feel a loss of opportunity. And then I thought, If I want to turn her on at the next opportunity, all I need to do dab some of Murphy’s Oil Soap on my jaws as an aftershave lotion. What could be easier than that?

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