Friday, January 11, 2008

The Night before Last

We have purchased a massage table some months ago. It was with great expectations of my massaging MW as often as she can take it. We did use it twice for massage. The rest of the time it has been a convenient place on which to put something temporarily. Because we seldom use it, the table accumulates junk. If or when we think of using it, the junk has to be moved, and, this is just a guess, she does not feel the work involved in moving the junk justifies the benefit. I would have cleared the table long ago, but the junk on it was not mine.

A few days ago she cleared the massage table. Since then it remained more or less clear of lumps with the exception of an occasional cat. I have been hinting about giving her a massage, and she tentatively agreed, but something always got in the way. This is why it surprised me when she said let’s do it.

The procedure was simple. It was not a planned routine. I was not following any rules other than trying to discern her preferences. Maximum pleasure was the issue. I worked on one side, then the other, then the one again. She then asked me to apply lotion to her feet. Although she was naked (I, of course, was in my natural state already), and I was handling all that lovely femaleness, I did not get overly sexual. Yes, I did some nibbling, some kissing, some sniffing, but those are things that any male would do when being exposed to her. I figured that she would ask for whatever she wants knowing that I am willing and able to satisfy. I kind of expected that she would have me serve her orally. I mean, it was right there in my face so to speak. It did not happen. Still, it was a very pleasant forty-five minutes or so.

After the massage we settled down to watch one of our favorite movies. Sitting side by side, I often reach across to her and feel any of her parts that happen to be accessible. I like her soft parts, and her firm parts. I guess I like all of her parts. One of us mentioned that it would be really nice to cuddle for a short time. I don’t know who it was, but I thought that it was a great idea. She said that if I want to cuddle, I could do so with her leg. She moved her leg closer to allow me access.

I spent some time making love to her leg. Not in a crude way, just hugging, petting, caressing, licking, feeling it. I did quite a few deep inhales of her essence, and all of this caused my little guy to assume his big guy attitude. Actually he tends to transform into a drooling monster, but I don’t want to brag.

After I figured out that I was not going to get any more than what I already had, I gave up on the attempt. In spite of lack of orgasmic events it was an enjoyable evening.

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