Monday, January 21, 2008

Alone Again, Temporarily Jan 19, 2008

Mistress Wife is away for a few days visiting friends. I drove her to her friends' place. As usual, the ladies were thrilled to see me, and gave me very personal hugs and a kiss on the lips. We spent some time over a glass of wine. As I was leaving, I again received personal hugs and a kiss on the lips, and that did not even include MW. That was yesterday (Friday). Today I have done some work on the roof repair I mentioned before. Actually, all I did was preparation to enable me to do the work. Still, it took about four hours of hard labor. During that time I put on some favorite CDs and enjoyed the music echoing off the slope of the hill. I was a bit concerned that I might be disturbing the neighbors, but not too much. Houses here are hundreds of yards apart, and it was not too loud. I think.

I was happy to quit a bit after noon. I fixed lunch, and ate it while checking the mail. I spent the afternoon trying to use Microsoft Access. I am sure that it is a good tool, but the implementation of a database is not exactly intuitive. Is anyone out there who knows a good tutorial? After some hours of messing with it I felt the tension, and decided to postpone the work to some other day. Now it is after dinner, and I am just messing around. I write my proposed blog, and MW will approve it with or without corrections, but only after she returns from her visit. Meanwhile I am left to my own devices.

I wish that she had left some kind of reminder for me to contemplate while I miss her. You know, a CB2000 or something. Alas, she had not done so. I will have to rely on my memory and my fantasy.

I suppose that I could play with the little guy and give him a good time. After all, MW has not explicitly forbidden me to do so. I think it would be OK if I did. But then she would know, and I would have to try to justify it, and I could not. This is the thing about chastity imposed by females in an FLR. The hardware (or plastic-ware) is just a symbol. I could cut it off with my bolt cutter in a second. It is the reason and the commitment that makes my chastity binding. I wait for her to release me. I wish that it were more often, but we are following her schedule on this one. Since I don’t even have hardware or plastic-ware to cut off this time, I am even more aware of my commitment. It is both good, and bad. It is good because I honor her decision. It is bad because I miss a lot of pleasure without reason. On the balance I will go with her decision. It is always better for me to do so. After all, that is what an FLR is about. Thank you, MW.

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helpmate hubby said...

A lovely post, best wishes on awaiting her return. And yes, wait for the release untill your wife comes home, it will be that much better.