Monday, September 1, 2008

Really The End Of Her Vacation

The Last Day Of Her Vacation

Saturday came, the day when I was to join MW at the resort for her last evening there. I packed my bag late afternoon, and left to do just that. On the way I stopped in town to buy some wine and other essentials and then entered the freeway to drive across the valley.

Upon my arrival she and the girls, Laura and Beatrice, were happy to see me as usual with the accompanying hugs, etc. We sat around sipping wine until dinnertime. I barbecued a steak for each of us. We had a pleasant dinner. Afterward I set up the massage table (we never travel light). I have a shoulder condition that I have been nursing back to usability. One of the ladies, Laura, is into healing, so she volunteered the help of the three of them to fix me real good. I am not much of a supporter of psychic healing, but I figured that I couldn’t go wrong with three women getting their hands on my body at the same time. I just hoped that the Little Guy would cooperate by not making a spectacle of himself. Even though I was dressed in shorts (outerwear) and teeshirt, he has a way to draw attention. I was ordered up on the massage table on my back, and then they took it from there.

If at this point you are expecting lurid details of an intimate massage, you may be disappointed. About the closest was when Laura felt bump under my shirt. “Have you seen a doctor about this?” she said. My wife answered before I had realized what bump she was talking about, “That’s his nipple.” I guess I should have had my shirt off to avoid misunderstandings of this nature. I wonder what they would have thought of the other lump that was forming further south of my nipple. Alas, they did not discover that one. I enjoyed being their center of attention.

After the session broke up MW and I retired to the mistress suite. I had expectations of sexual nature, but I could tell the she was not quite ready. It was also late, and we knew that we had to be up early, so we got naked and went to bed. We shared some skin, and then I passed out.

Going Home

I was up early the next morning. MW and her nocturnal friends were still asleep, so I left for the dining room where I set up the computer again to catch up with some chores. I checked MW a few times before the sun was up. I assumed that she would not mind being awakened around eight. I made coffee and returned to the bedroom to kiss her butt awake. I took my time to run my tongue over her twin dimples while inhaling her pleasantly musky aroma. She was up, I was up. We set in bed sipping coffee.

The plan we made the night before was to leave well before checkout time. I had a lot of work to do before I had to leave on another trip that involved a six-hour drive. I started thinking that this would put MW in a difficult situation. Her planned activities with her friends would be shortened, they would be rushed, she would need to do some chores at home that I normally do, and I would still be way behind schedule to set off on my trip. After being apart for a week already, except the three times I already mentioned, I would be gone for another four or five days. It was apparent that she did not want me to leave. She actually missed me. I made arrangements to postpone my trip until the next day.

After coffee we played a bit, and I put on something to make me appear decent in polite company. Read that as “I did not want to scare the straights with my PA piercing, tortured tits, and shaved balls.” I put on my athletic shorts and tried to keep my poor tits out of view. The women were in the living room already packed. I apologized for being two hours late in the implementation of our plan, and asked them to relax, for after we check out we are going to lunch. After they tossed around a lot of guilt, and worry about my late start of my trip, I generously allowed them to thank me profusely. When MW showed up all dressed, she found three happy people.

Not having eaten since dinner the night before, I was ready for breakfast. MW had other Ideas, and I began to load the Beast. The luggage, food, and furniture were to go into three distinct heaps on the floor, which I could then translate to the vehicle. There was a good reason for this. The longest time was consumed by unloading the refrigerator. Since I was the only one with an ice chest, MW ended up loading it to the gills with perishables from the almost full refrigerator. She always returns home with more food than she takes on a trip.

I checked out at the front desk, and we were leaving just as the maid pushed her cart into the unit. We agreed to meet at the Dos Amigos restaurant for lunch. The two ladies went ahead to, I assume, enjoy a drink, while MW and I drove to Beatrice’s condo and I unloaded their luggage. As I said, there was a lot. Only ours remained in the Beast. We joined them at the restaurant.

We shot a couple of hours on lunch, then MW I headed back toward home.

At Home Again

Our dogs and cats were happy to see us. I unloaded the luggage and ice chests, and attended to chores. By the time I finished we were ready to have a drink and relax. But MW still had things for me to do. After I showered she had me put on the CB3000. It was not for punishment or denial; it was just because she could make me do it. While in my natural state I did some computer work for her, paid some bills, and was finally in a position to relax early evening.

We enjoyed the evening. It was good to be home again. I suggested that I could get a real early start on my trip in the morning. She expressed her wish to have coffee with me on the top deck, something that she missed while she was away. It was thus decided by her that I would leave later, in order to give her my time.

In the morning I was up early again, did some messing around on the Internet, and bumped into her in the dark unexpectedly. It appears that one of the cats awakened her. Dawn was just becoming visible. I made our coffee, and we met on the upper deck. The morning air was cool enough to be pleasant, due to the breeze. We talked until the sun came up from behind the mountain.

We returned to the bedroom where she instructed me to remove the cage. I did, and was back with her in a flash. She drew me on top of her and did that wonderful thing with her fingers and my on/off switches.

“You know, I could give you your thrill afterward, I hinted that maybe this time she would allow me to server her orally after I have had mine.

“You could do it now,” she replied.

I did not wait, but turned around and began to do that wonderfully fragrant and tasty chore that I love so much.

I think that she was trying too hard. By her admittance she had one orgasm, but I could tell that it was not an earthshaking event. She stopped me after that because of an instant headache. We paused, and the headache was gone in a while. I rejoined her at the top and we continued with very traditional sex.

She whispered, “Maybe I will have you clean me afterward.”

She usually says something like that to mess with my mind, so maybe this time she meant it, I thought. Whether or not she meant it, it did not happen. I did have an excellent sendoff. It’s interesting how we behaved almost like newlyweds, but with a kink.

After I finished some chores I had breakfast, and then loaded my luggage into the Beast. It took me a long time to get away, because somehow she kept finding more things for me to do. I don’t think that the dead rat floating in the bucket of water outside the front door was done by her in an attempt to delay my departure. We have had some rains. In any case I did have to dispatch the dead animal.

The last chore she had for me was to photograph her standing on the bridge while I stood below with the camera. It was done, and I could leave on my trip. We kissed again, and I was gone.


doll said...

Dead ratties are never a pleasant experience. Thankfully we don't have them (touch wood) but we always get mice in the autumn and my very brave youngest is the one that gets to pick the dead critters up by their tails and remove them to the garbage. Where would I be without such a brave little man.

Susan's Pet said...

That is sweet. He is probably protecting the women folk. I began with mice as a young boy. Now I am doing rats. Who know what I will be doing next?

Actually, we have to be ready to avoid larger animals: bears, mountain lions, javelinas, snakes, etc. They, of course, don't end up dead in a bucket, and we just need to watch where we step. Jogging in the neighborhood can be adventuresome. We enjoy living with it, after all, they were here first.