Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Day After

The dust has settled. MW has been home for some days. I remain horny as usual, and MW has been sweet and kind with some spice. I guess that she knew about the long-term effects of confinement on the Little Guy, so she generously gave him a rest, “When you finish your chores, you may remove the cage. Clean it and your parts, and report to me with the device of obedience in place.”

The device of obedience is also known as “signaling device”. The name depends on how it is used.

I did all the work I could do on my current remodeling project, and asked her permission to shower. After the shower I installed the electrical device, tested it, and reported to her. She, of course, tested it again. After all, we must be sure that the device works!

Seeing the swollen condition of my foreskin, she generously allowed me to remove the silver ring [more to be said in a later post]. That took some time, for the Little Guy stayed big, and the ring does not stretch. But, after an hour or so I was able to remove it with the aid of some lubrication and several increments of push and pull.

I don’t remember what caused her to decide that my ass needed re-marking. Nevertheless, she had me leaning on the bed with my butt in the air. The very stylized little flogger with the chains for tails

can be used gently, although it still hurts like hell, or with abandon. I show our heavy-duty home made paddle, and a Coke can for size comparison.

I can stand the pain, but sometimes The Boys get in the way, and that causes me to make some very unmanly sounds. I know that MW is a very sweet and loving mistress, and did not mean to hurt The Boys to that extent. Well, anyway, at least I think so. It could have been just a bad aim. But, according to her remarks as she observed my naked butt while I washed dishes later, “You were marked well.”

Well, I certainly hope so, after all the pain!

Damn, I am horny! There is no indication that I will be getting any sex in my behalf. Well, that may be wrong. Any sex in her behalf is sex in my behalf, but still, it would be nice to orgasm again. And again, and … I know, I am greedy.

She had me put on the silver ring again so that she could take some pictures. That somewhat diminishes the chance of my orgasm through intercourse for now. The ring is a bit intrusive to soft private internal female parts, so she seldom allows entrance with it on. However, it is on.

Removing the ring is a possibility. She would have me do that if she felt the need for the Little Guy masquerading successfully as the Big Guy. Then again, she could have me take matters in my own hands while supervising the proceeds. But she has never done that, and I don’t see why she would begin now. I guess it will be another two or three weeks of honing my horny skills. I am likely to become very sharp and pointy in spite of the dulling effect of the silver ring. It is kind of “damned if you erect and damned if you don’t” situation, with me mostly being “erect.”

I walk a tightrope where pain is on either side. Pleasure is a promised possibility if I manage to stay on the top. Falling into pain is likely, but then there is no promise of pleasure. I wish to stay on, but it takes extreme concentration. At times I even look forward to falling into pain so that I can abandon my concentration to stay on the rope. MW will, I am sure, accommodate either event, and I will accept it. I am a willing slave to her whim. I crave her attention. I serve her in many ways to deserve her attention. When she gives it to me she is generous. And then the cycle repeats.

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