Sunday, September 21, 2008

She Is Getting The Idea

It was last night that I noticed a somewhat significant change in how MW handles me. In the past she waited until I had done some foul deed for which she needed to correct me. That usually meant an explanation of the foul deed while she punished my poor ass with a paddle or a riding crop. I hope that this is a trend that heralds her new direction in self-pleasure.

I don’t like pain much, but being spanked by MW turns me on anyway. I get a hard on even as I am writing about it. It hurts like hell, but feels good when it is over. Ever since we first tried this, many years ago, I wished that she would do it just to make herself feel good. Kind of like we use fantasy as a preliminary to masturbation or mutual sex to put ourselves into the proper mood for what is coming. I have imagined her to bind me and really whack my ass for a while as she worked herself up to a juicy condition, then turn me on my back and ride my face until she is totally spent. She would then leave me alone as I was until much later, when she is either ready for more, or ready to release me.

It’s a nice fantasy of mine. Some of it had happened from time to time, but not all in one session. What was different this time, the real thing, was that she had me lean on the bed to expose my bare ass, and then she paddled it. It hurt like it was supposed to hurt. She told me it was for my “topping from the bottom,” referring to some web address that I sent to her about one of my favorite subjects (cleaning up after myself as a rule).

After the session was over she settled on the bed, and I applied hand lotion to her legs and feet, as we always try to do in the evening. She asked me whether I had a problem, referring to some expression that she observed on my face. I quickly tried to allay her fears of that. I explained that I am trying to come up with an attitude that will not “top from the bottom.” She laughed, and said, “I made that up. I just needed an excuse to whip your ass.”

Wow! I think she is figuring this out. I love it. She may whip my ass any time with or without a reason. Especially without a reason!

I also think that she may be trying to keep me interested in view of our temporarily diminished sexual activities for the reason I mentioned earlier. It is another flavor of Mistreat And Denial applied in love.

We watched a movie afterward as I struggled with trying to stay awake. After the movie I suggested to her that we “share some skin,” meaning, “let’s cuddle.” This means more than it sounds. I always get up early in the morning while she stays in bed. We plan to cuddle as a way of my waking her, but stuff happens, often in the form of cats who decide that they want attention. Many times she is up before I get a chance to sidle up to her and feel our nakedness together. This time, to make sure that we don’t miss our chance, I suggested doing it “here and now,” this evening. We both enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

hi HERS forever,

very nice posting, describing your feelings for HER. you write about cleaning up after yourself and a webaddress. can you share this address, mike is very interested, thanks mike & eve xx

Susan's Pet said...

The web address is that of one of the specialized forums. I can not insert a link here in a neat way, so I will email it to you. Make sure that your spam filter does not toss it. Let me know if it did not work.