Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mistreat And Denial

I have covered Tease and Denial (T&D) often enough. The last time I came up with a new idea, that of I&D (see Ignore and Denial). Alas, that did not turn out to be perfect either. So here is still another theme. I hope you love it!

Mistreat and Denial

I think that it began when she was searching her mind about what to put on my cock to give me something to think about while I was working on my current remodeling job. There are things that can be mildly irritating, somewhat painful, extremely irritating, and very painful. The Kali’s Teeth Bracelet (KTB) is all of that, so naturally, she chose it. She even helped with the installation. She is very kind that way.

In the past we installed the evil little device as near the base of my cock as possible. It just seemed natural to do that. This, of course, causes some problems whenever I sit, especially when wearing tight pants. That is not an issue when I am at home and indoors, for being in my natural state, there are fewer provocations to the Little Guy. My remodeling project requires me to go down to the garage and out into the drive way to use a radial saw every few minutes. Given that we have apparently straight neighbors, even though they are about 300 feet away, we don’t want to set them off. Besides, I don’t really want to end up in the county jail over something trivial like this, so I always put on my shorts before going outside. Pity. Anyway, the Little Guy suffered through yesterday and the night last. Today would have been the same. Except that she asked me how my last night was, and I explained, “I hurt like hell, which is why I was up at 2:30 on.”

Well, I must take the good with the bad. The only perturbation on the situation was her suggestion to change the position of the KTB. She had this perverse idea that if we put it near the head of my cock, then I would have fewer problems with sitting in tight pants. Not that I did much sitting during the night, but her leaps of reasoning seldom coincide with what I expect. I am sure that she was right.

After work I did drive to town today wearing tight pants, and I did not have the usual extreme pain near the base of the Little Guy. I did, however, have another extreme pain near his head. But I was thankful for her thinking of me that way. On the good side, I was able to remove my tight pants after I returned home, so the pain was relived immediately. Almost. The KTB is wrapped tightly on the surface of the Little Guy that is normally covered by the foreskin. It is the place that is the most sensitive to the touch.

The afternoon went well while I did some writing and general puttering about. She sent me an email whose content referred to that I sent to her earlier. The message was,

“Okay... I went to the site, and got so turned on I wanted to jump on your face. I am sitting here pulsating........ I want to masturbate with a huge cock......have you eat me until I scream.......get my nipples sucked until I go out in an orgasmic blaze of glory.”

This was one of those “Holy Cow!” moments. She never does that. Well, never, except this time. I felt good about her being turned on like that, but bad at the same time for not being there for her to sit on my face and such. I always miss my chances.

MW made a wonderful dinner. We ate. I cleaned up afterward. She decided to start the evening early. Soon afterward I showered and joined her in watching a movie. I had had a fair amount of wine already, so I was ready to pass out early. She did not see it that way. She told me to make some tea. I did, and had some. In spite of the caffeinated stimulant, I was still ready to sleep.

Things changed a bit after that. She had me put “Saving Silverman” into the DVD player, and we began to watch it. We were about half way into the movie when she began to mess with my ON/OFF buttons. She knew exactly what she was doing. I could tell, for she was watching the Little Guy gaining stature. That in turn gave me a new kind of pain in view of KTB. Ordinarily I would have enjoyed watching that movie. The problem I had was that I could not really concentrate on anything except the pain. Good pain, bad pain, alternating.

My tits were thoroughly abused. Nothing bleeding, just painful. Then there was the Little Guy. He was now big.

Now, I ask you. “Have you ever had your cock between the jaws of a fierce feline with the sharp teeth sinking in?” I know, you ladies might not know the exact sensation first hand, so I am really asking the men out there. I could not pull away. In a way, I could have, but when MW pays attention to me like that, I could just as well have been shackled to the bed (I wish!). So I stayed.

Having my tits mistreated by her causes major erection almost instantaneously. That in turn gave the Big Guy more reason to fight against the KTB, which produced more pain. He was not about to back off, the bastard!

MW must have known exactly what she was doing. She began to flick the head of the Big Guy with her finger, and continued as she watched the movie. At that point I no longer enjoyed the pain, but I was a captive audience as such. The Big Guy pretended to enjoy it. He received reinforcement from the attention in several areas: the flicking, squeezing, the KTB, the tits which MW kept tender by repeated pinching, and the view of my beautiful MW as visual feedback to me. I gave up to the painful pleasure.

Of course, her plan did not include an orgasm for me. When the movie was over, she suggested that I write about the evening’s events. As you can tell, I am doing just that. At this point everything is back to normal. The Big Guy is little again, and the KTB is hanging in there. My tits are a bit tender, but there seem to be no damage anywhere. Maybe installing the KTB just behind the tip was a good idea. One thing is certain: I don’t think that I could masturbate on my own with this piece of vicious plastic on. Of course, she could make me do it, but that’s another story.


This is the day after the M&D episode. We both noticed significant swelling of skin on both sides of the KTB. MW decided that the device should come off. After removal we found some lacerations by the evil little teeth, and a patch of hematoma. I washed things thoroughly, and applied antiseptic ointment. I have stayed in my natural state since, so I am able to watch the development. It does not look like anything is about to fall off, but we may have to revise our approach to prescribed discomfort.

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