Thursday, September 4, 2008

Of A Supreme Female

Those of you who pay attention to my scribbling know this: I love women, I love to serve women, I desire women. But I don’t buy into the religion of female supremacy. Some females are supreme, and I have no problem with that. My problem is when supremacy is based simply on gender, ignoring intelligence, compassion, and accomplishments. The advocates of female supremacy are populated mostly by naïve submissive males, dominant females, and extreme feminists. They are entitled to their opinion, I just happen to disagree with them.

I generally stay out of political discussion on this blog, for this blog is not the forum for that subject. But, seeing that politics, feminism, and female bashing have come together this time, I feel compelled to say a few words.

Based on that, you may understand, that I was somewhat amused by the gushing about Hillary Clinton’s would be candidacy a while back. The writings on the blogs mostly in comments indicated that members of the female supremacy group were falling all over themselves to elect this woman for president. It was tacit that after election she would immediately establish a matriarchy that will right all wrongs, put all good old boys into slavery to women, and make pets of submissive males who are already bent that way. Women would no longer have to support their (fatherless) family, or work for a living for that matter. All housework would be done by willing or unwilling males drafted for the position. As to who would earn their living, was not addressed in general. I guess that would have come from taxes.

Too bad that Clinton did not make it. I guess there are enough good old boys among the Democrats to have made a hasty decision and pick her antagonist for the position. Just as bad, her antagonist could have selected her as a running mate, but no, the Democrats were not ready for a female vice president either. Instead, they chose a good old boy. I still can’t figure out how Democrats survive as a party while acting mostly like buffoons. Well, not being a member of the Democrat party, I can’t show my displeasure to the DNC, since I was not making contributions to them anyway.

What really prompted my discourse this time was a vitriolic piece by Richard Cohen. I understand his political view, and he has a right to take sides. What I totally disapprove is his ripping to shreds Sarah Palin just because she is Republican, forget the idiocy about her not being qualified. I could take each of his simpleminded sarcastic utterances and point out how baseless they are, but it is not worth my time, and this is not the place for it.

After being thoroughly mistreated by the Liberal media, Palin responded, “Here is a little news flash for all those reporters and commentators. I’m not going to Washington to seek their good opinion. I’m going to Washington to serve the people of this great country.”

Intelligence speaks.

Here is a supreme female. She has the gender, the intelligence, the compassion, and the accomplishments. I wonder who or how many of the submissive males, dominant females, and extreme feminists will say that she is the right person for the job. She could be president. Will they come to her aid against the deliberate Liberal attempt to destroy her, because they are afraid of her? Because Liberals are angry that the Democrats missed their chance to bring in a female candidate?

I am certain that Sarah Palin, if elected, will not institute the silly view of what was expected from Clinton. Clinton would not have done that either. First I expect that she will do a fine job of being Vice President. She will also be there to be President if she were to be called to do so. And, by the way, she is a great looking female, so some of us submissive men will get off on that.


s said...

Excellent post! My Wife is excited about Sarah Palin and I too find it interesting how some feminist claim that Palin isn't in touch with women's issues. The bottom line is that people are shying away from one issue, abortion. You can be pro-woman and pro-life at the same time. These women that don't want children should exercise orgasm control on their men. That way they can enjoy their sex, but don't have to worry about his little swimmers. My wife likes the saying, equal rights for unborn women. I know our blogs aren't usually about politics, but I think this is a valid time.

Susan's Pet said...


Well said. I think that H. Clinton would advocate your idea of birth control. I love it!

Anonymous said...

I have lived in Alaska for nearly 30 years. I know a number of people that have worked for Palin in both Wasilla and in Juneau. I also am a good friend of a woman that is a relative her husband as well. She treats her female staff like crap. Sara Palin is a disaster for Alaska, the US and the globe!! She is not qualified for the job, and the media should be doing a job on her. She is social and religious nut case - her beliefs are very extreme and bad for woman and children. McSame’s choice was cynical at best, though smart as many people seem to be falling for this like they did for Bush’s cowboy routine. The Dems nominated a woman 20 years ago. Palin is good looking and strong. I would love to have her tie me up and (mc) cane me. But like McCain she is no real reformer - when you look at the facts you will find that she is no better than Bush. She has frequently abused her power around this great state.

Lusty said...

Anonymous, you must be part of the 20% of Alaskans who don't approve of her. She makes me feel funny inside, and I think I like it...

Anonymous said...

If feeling funny inside is how you make such important decisions, than so be it. I guess you like the way the country is bieng run right now. If you think children shouldn't be taught about contraception and women shouldn't have a right to choice, than maybe Sarah is right for you.

Susan's Pet said...

A seventeen year old female is a woman. Sarah Palin's daughter knows about contraception, and also about abortion. These two subjects are not the same. Except in the case of a rape, she had the choice to create life or not, albeit as a side-effect of her sexual involvement. I am sure that it was without consulting and the approval of her parents.

But, given that she had this choice and she exercised it, she is now faced with a more important choice: kill the progeny of her earlier choice, or allow it to be borne as the human that is growing inside her already. This is where rhetoric fails, and commitment to one's priciples is demonstrated.