Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Way Of Life With MW: Part Two, The Resolution


I related an incident A Way Of Life With MW: Part One, The Situation a week ago. I have been holding off the presentation of the resolution of it to see what some of you would have done, or assumed that I had done. Here is what happened.

How I Responded

I did not respond. I walked away to give her privacy with her friend as she talked on the phone. Yes, I felt hurt, but not in a way that would cause me to retaliate. I realize that she has problems that have nothing to do with me or this situation. I have agreed to serve her in any way, which includes helping her with any problems that she has. So, I am called to serve her at this particular instance. Like it or not, it is my duty if I try to be true to my commitment.

It took me just a few seconds to figure this out. I was over my “hurt”. It was not a thing that I had to address. I took it in stride, for I love to serve her. She was not being bad, bitchy, vindictive, or irrational. I don’t really want to analyze her action. I am her supporter in all circumstances, and this was just a minor test of my ability and willingness to do so.

A few seconds later I could have kissed her on the lips (or anywhere else), and say, “I love you My Sweet.” I did not do it because she was still on the phone.

Don’t misunderstand my intent. I don’t claim to be a saint, or anywhere near the perfect pet that she thinks I am. I simply practice kindness. That practice works well when dealing with reasonable people.

We have an understanding: whether she is right or wrong, it is her prerogative to fix my behavior under any circumstances. I may dislike the particulars, that is, the associated pain or embarrassment, but we both know that it is for the best on the long run.

A day later, after seeing my posting of the first part, she apologized in a very nice way. I appreciated that very much, but there was no need for her to do it. I know that she is a good person, and that is good enough. She just demonstrated that.

I hope that I can live up to all of this goodness that I claim of myself. Of course, she is known to whip my ass when I don’t. She is not being hurtful at those times. She is just expressing her opinion, and I love it.

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