Friday, September 5, 2008

Am I Still In An FLR?

Why do I ask this?

Why am I in doubt?

It is because we are not acting the roles. I am not in frilly female clothes doing the dusting. She is not being bitchy.

I am not serving all of her female friends dressed as a maid while she is imperiously telling me where I failed.

I am not sucking her toes every day and giving her countless orgasms, and she is not teasing and denying me while keeping me locked in a chastity device or a dog cage 24/7.

She is not earning more than I do, and neither of us resent that.

She is not spanking me every day for real or imaginary wrongs (although I wish she would), and I don’t make mistakes on purpose to cause punishment.

We don’t seem to follow the script in any of the FLR themed books: Ms Rika, Elise Sutton, Lorelei, etc. (although I wish we would).

We seemed to have departed from general expectations.

Her position, her actions, her feelings are a matter of my interpretation, so I must present my view based on something more tangible: my position, my actions, and my own feelings. Here is what I see:

  • I mop the floors, I clean the bathrooms, the kitchen, although not as often as I should (she does work on the kitchen sometimes).
  • I vacuum-clean carpeted rooms.
  • I wash dishes by hand after every meal.
  • I make the bed every morning, and fold and put away the laundered items.
  • I do the cars, the repairs, and the maintenance on everything including emergencies.
  • I handle the family finances, I pay the bills, and I do arrange repairs and remodeling with or without external help.
  • I discuss all issues with her: financial, medical, legal, family-related, long term plans, etc., and don’t go against her will when it is time to decide.
  • I deal with the Sheriff, thieves, robbers, bankers, lawyers, wild and domestic animals.
  • I deal with relatives and friends whenever MW does not feel like doing so.
  • I give her all that I have and more, as long as she wants it.
  • I don’t demand anything from her.
  • We have sex at her convenience.
  • We have sex when, where, how, and who is to be pleasured.
  • I have sex only when she allows it, and how she allows it.
  • I try to talk her out of feeling guilty when she experiences real or assumed failures.
  • I am polite, respectful, and uncritical with her.
  • I try to show my love in tender ways, and try to be there when she needs me.
  • I love her for the children that she produced for us and the companionship that we shared over the years.
  • I love her for being with me in spite of my faults.
  • I love to be with her even when nothing is going on.

I make mistakes, but they are just that, not purposefully wrong things. I still wish for a very blatant FLR, but I take what I get instead. I still wish for total sexual domination, but I take what she gives me, and I try to give her what she wants.

Our relationship is not at all stylized. We don’t show off on purpose, although there are times when people envy her and our relationship. I feel good about that. Most of all I feel good about her when she is happy with what I give her. My position is that of a trusted, and loved slave. My purpose is her well being, I have powers to make that happen.

I am not a mindless tool who does only what I am forced to do.

I look for her love, satisfaction, and approval in all I do.

I look for her guidance when I am lost.

I need her discipline when I am wrong.

I miss her when she is not here.

She gives me much of all of that.

Is this an FLR?


All For Her said...

Sounds like an FLR to me, but maybe that's because ours are similiar...

s said...

Another similiar FLR. I chuckled at your/our list of identical chores. We have days where She seems very dominant, and others where it is hard to identify. However, I've been keeping a journal that She reads when She wants to and I believe it helps Her better understand me. I thank Her constantly for accepting me as I am.

Susan's Pet said...

Thanks, guys. It is a somewhat low-key operation that gets the job done. There are occasional highs, but on the average, very satisfactory.

Milliscent said...


I think that it is impossible to define long term relationships. They grow and change over time.

The important thing is not the definition, rather the fulfillment of those involved.

If you are happy, and she is happy, that is what truly matters.


Mistress160 said...

Look at the couples who's blogs you read online ... we are all different, and sometimes we post about exactly the same subject!

We all make what we what work in ways that make each relationship unique. milliscent is right: your happiness and hers are what counts.

Susan's Pet said...

Dear Ladies,

Your kind remarks prompt me to say that I feel good about her happiness. I am not the perfectly selfless submissive as defined by Rika. I often feel that I would like more. But I do re-examine my position every time. I know that I make at least one very important person happy.