Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Way Of Life With MW: Part One, The Situation

The Way I See It

MW and I don’t kid each other about who is in charge. I know that I could overpower her in many ways, but I am not known to have done that ever, neither do I plan to do so. We used to wrestle, and she always won. Not because she was stronger and bigger than I was, but because she had her ways, and I loved it. We have not wrestled for a long time. I wish we would, and I would love to lose to her again, regardless of what the consequences of my losing would be. It is because I trust her. She would take advantage of me, but only for her pleasure. She would not destroy a wonderful relationship that we have forever.

Ok, so she is in charge. Maybe not the way I think that I would like it, but I really have no choice here. If I want her to be in charge, and I do, I follow her orders and her needs. There is no other way. It’s funny. “I want her to be in charge.” So who is really in charge, she or I? Is she doing her thing or mine?

It’s not really "my giving her the option to be in charge," as if I had it to give in the first place.

It’s not that "I let her play with the idea and the real thing." She can have the whole thing if she wants it.

It's hard to explain the reality of it. I want it, she wants it, I want to shed responsibility, she does not want to assume it, … You can see that there is not a clearly defined role for either of us here. Yet we still have a viable relationship. I want to be her pet, and she wants me as her pet. She may or may not want to pretend to be anything, but she may actually be, or trying to be the person in charge. It is detached from my being physically stronger. It is not because she may be stronger in several other ways. Then why do we both want her to be in charge? Strange situation.

I don’t need a chastity device to keep me from philandering. I also don’t need it to keep me from self-gratification. Yet, I am encased in one purely to satisfy my wife’s preference: she wants to be the one to control my private parts. It is effective. I could try to play with my parts, but there is only so much that I can do. I could try to make love to or with her, but there is only so much that I can do there too. Once the device is in place, she is in charge of it. I could break out of it, but she also has a mental chastity device on me, so I just don’t do it. So, here I am with a cage around my cock. It looks sexy, but does not get me anywhere. I think of her, and my cock gets fat and long. Too bad! The volume of the cage is limited.

Here Is What Really Happened

Take any regular American male in the following real scenario, and guess his response to this situation. You may substitute your own response.

The phone rings. The answering machine’s memory space is full, and can’t handle the new call. MW is very busy concentrating on a task from which she does not want to be disturbed. I pick up the phone to find out that one of her dear friends is answering an assumed emergency email from MW sent earlier. I explain to the friend that there is no real emergency, and then say, “Please talk to the Sweet Thing yourself, here she is,” as I am about to hand the phone to MW.

MW pulls back from me, and says in not a nice way, “Don’t do this to me. Who is that?”

I explain who is on the phone, and she takes the handset from me. All is well as far as she is concerned.
I was hurt. I was offended. I did not do anything wrong. I did what I was tasked to do. Yet she treated me as if I had offended her on purpose.

What do you think I did at that point?

Did I smack her in the jaw?

Did I say, “Up yours, too?”

Did I say, “There is no need to treat me like this?”

Did I go off in a huff and hold a grudge for hours or days?

I would appreciate your input here. I will report on how I actually responded in a subsequent post.


Anonymous said...

You kneeled and begged her to let you know what you did wrong so you can avoid doing it again?

Susan's Pet said...

I like that very much! Under slightly different circumstances that would be very appropriate. It turns me on even to think about it.

However, that did not happen, because I knew why she responded the way she did. More on this later.

s said...

I'm guessing you didn't sulk, you didn't pout, and you simply swallowed your tongue and bore her irrational, snippy behavior.

I try, but sometimes I still get huffy or sulk when my wife does things like this.

By the way, this is a great idea for a post: taking a common scenario and inviting discussion of an appropriate reaction for a wife-led man. Great idea...would love to see more.

All For Her said...

I usually respond to things like this by feeling hurt and embarassed, maybe a little humiliated too.
Then it transforms into a submissive high as I realise she is comfortable enough with the arrangement to do and say what she likes without worrying about any comeback from me.

doll said...

Well I understand her response completely and feel a sincere apology would have been in order. Then double check the way she wants you to filter the calls to her in future. If she was communicating by email it might have been because she wanted the distance and not the closeness of a phone call.

Susan's Pet said...

Guys and Gals,

I appreciate your comments. I am trying to keep myself from replying, because I don't want to give away what is coming up. This is in case other people want to guess about the outcome. Give me a few days, and I will reveal what really happened.