Monday, September 29, 2008

A Woman Wants To Dominate: Part one

Introduction To Still Another Pontification On FLR

As I have stated earlier (Mistress Wife Is To Have Surgery ), MW is facing some problems that require solutions of surgical nature. Circumstances are not dire, however, they require her attention, thereby diverting from our usual loving playfulness. Our FLR is still going strong, but sex is on hold. We are regretful, but trying to be patient. I don’t want to elaborate on the details, for they are not relevant to this blog.

While waiting to return to more careless life, I have decided to do some more pontification. There is too much to post at once, so I will do it in parts. Please remember, “tongue in cheek” is the appropriate enunciation for what you are about to read. You may have questions and objections, and you are free to comment. All will be resolved at the end.

The Veracity of Female Bloggers

Referring to a female FLR blogger, when I say that she is a good writer, I mean several things, one of them is that she can write a very convincing scenario to have us believe that the writing is not some man’s fantasy. You will see what I mean at the end of this series of posts.

I think that I could be a convincing female FLR blogger. I still would have to rely on my wife’s coaching. I might try that some day on a new blog, and see where it goes. One reason why I have not done that is because I would have to stop it at some point, and refer back to hints and clues that I left on the trail for those who were paying attention. The hints and clues, if perceived, would lead the reader to conclude that the blog is a spoof. I still hesitate to do this because I don’t like to deceive people, especially those who become virtual friends. So, if I were to make the dominant female character unsympathetic, and the readers would begin to dislike her from the start, it would not be too bad to admit at the end that the whole relationship was created in my imagination. This happened inadvertently by a barely literate person at whose blog became defunct as soon as “she”, if indeed it was a she, could not take the heat. Of course, “her” purpose was to deceive without remorse, whereas I would deceive with feelings of guilt. Oh well, maybe I would be just as bad.

Setting the Stage

I wonder what would happen in a totally atypical situation where the woman in a vanilla relationship decides to become dominant. This is just the pshycho-logical complement of a man in a vanilla relationship who decides to become submissive. It is not the opposite, for that would mean “the man decides becoming dominant.” Sorry about the attempt at logic to illustrate my point. Psychology and logic are not always compatible.

I may need some help here from female readers, because the only intimate access to the female mind that I have is possessed by MW, and she is not about to become dominant in the sense that I propose here. The woman who is switching from vanilla to dominance is one who decides to be the dominant partner either against the wish of her mate, or, eventually, with the reluctant support of her mate. Kind of like the FLRs that we read about, where one partner is either a stealth submissive or throws himself at the feet of his female partner and hopes to be stepped on. This time, however, it is the woman who advocates the same FLR relationship.

I hope that you guys out there are already salivating at the possibilities. Please stay with me even though I am not trying to turn you on. I am just investigating the possibilities. We will start with a vanilla relationship and try to follow some ideas.

The Starting Position

I will describe a vanilla relationship for a hypothetical couple. It is somewhat stylized, and some features from many relationships are used to illustrate the scenario. The purpose is to include some elements of truth that could provide the fuel for the woman’s need to become blatantly dominant.

She has skirted the issue of D/S, and may have played with it in the bedroom. He is joyous to go with it as long as, and until it satisfies his libido. When done with playing in the bedroom, he reverts to his usual lovable but slovenly self. Some of the characteristics of their relationship are:

  • He uses the toilet standing up thereby splattering urine on the seat, wall, and the floor, after which he leaves the seat in the up position.
  • He takes out the garbage but does not wash the dishes. On rare occasion he will load the dishwasher.
  • He leaves his clothes on the floor and does not do laundry.
  • He earns a living but watches TV all weekend while she cooks and cleans after having come home from work. He might wash the car if the weather is good, and there is no game on TV.
  • He does manly chores but also creates a mess in the house that she faces daily.
  • He wants sex daily, regardless of how she feels about it.
  • He wants oral sex as much as penetrating sex, and complains when not getting it.
  • He always comes first, then loses interest until next time.
  • He masturbates when she refuses sex, then he holds a grudge.

I could go on with the s**t list above, but I am sure that you get the idea. She is fed up with his insensitive and immature behavior. She still loves him (I wonder why), but knows that he needs to be taught to be a better partner. Not sexually, but to make living together less stressful and more productive in the interest of both partners. What does she do about it?


Cawti Bunny said...

You pretty much just described my husband, with the exception of the last four points, and the fact that outside of yoir points, he is very attentive and loving.

What does she do? She goes on the net and starts reading FLR blogs in the hopes of expanding their relationship and getting more of her sexual needs fullfilled.

Thank you, as always, for your insights. They obviously are enduring, as I've just recently found your blog, am making my way through it from the beginning, and have been touched by many of your posts.

Susan's Pet said...

Cawti Bunny,

It is wise of you to do some research in FLR. With luck, you will read about real life rather than fantasy. In either case, you will come away with some useful and interesting ideas. However, there is no substitute for applying these ideas to your situation. Enjoy it.