Monday, September 8, 2008

Just Another Beautiful Evening

We had a great day again. MW thought that I should pay for it by marking my ass with a paddle. She mentioned it a couple of times, but did not do anything about it, so I did not anticipate much. I figured that she would forget.

MW was catching up on some email after dinner. I paid attention to her, to be sure that I could help her dry after a shower. I was about to shut down my own computer for the evening when she left the room. Alas, some chores got in the way in the form of furry felines. Upon my completing the chores she was already in the bedroom. I missed my chance.

The day before, and today she talked of my painting her toe nails with polish. We both prefer to do it when the sun is up, so I missed that chance too. I felt like a failure. I don’t know how she felt, but she did not seem to be angry about it.

She lay down in bed, and allowed me to kiss her feet before I picked up the lotion. I followed our evening ritual of applying lotion to her legs and feet. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to bond once a day. I give her pleasure and she gives me pleasure by allowing me to do this. I massage her legs. Her legs are impressive. They look good in nylons, bare, standing or walking, sitting or reclining. I could spend hours feeling them, kissing them, lovingly looking at them. Her feet are sensuous. With her sexy shoes she draws my attention. She can stand bare-footed and I drool over them. She can feel my face with her toes, part my lips with them, and have me make love to them with my tongue and lips. I get lost in pleasure.

But I digress.

After the massage she said something that I can’t remember clearly, but it had to do with getting close to the center of my being. Her heavenly aroma drew my attention already, so this was exactly what I needed. As usual, I misunderstood her suggestion, and tried to kiss her lips. I think she meant to sniff only. But even that was perfect.

We settled down to watch a movie on a DVD. She gets involved in some dramas, and tends to have bad dreams when the drama is violent. So, after the movie she picked another that was less stressful and more light-hearted to take the edge off the drama. I liked it, but was passing out as we sat side by side. With the movie over I was ready to sleep. She again reminded me of the re-marking of my ass. Well, I was not about to do it to myself, so I waited. I did not have to wait long.

She had me lie across her thighs, with those curvaceous beauties capturing the little guy and the boys. I am sure that they were as happy about that as I was. Just that they did not know what I knew was coming.

She used a homemade paddle that packs a heavy wallop. She was being very nice about it, not really trying to hurt me, just sort of. Well, you just had to be there at the receiving end to really appreciate that. Lying across her thighs is erotic by itself. I mean, one could give up a fortune to experience that. She had me do that. Can you imagine my ass up and the family jewels between her thighs?

I could not use my hands, but I felt as much as possible through our frontal contact. She began with the paddle. I thought that she would give me a few whacks, and then put me down for the night. She did give me a few whacks. They were light, then hard, then severe, then light again. I could not guess what would come next. After sixty or so whacks she began to work on the back and sides of my thighs, but not really ignoring my butt. At some point she picked up the pace so much that I lost count, and I just gave up the pleasure of her attention. It hurt, but in a really good way. She alternated barehanded strikes with the paddle, and then two-handed strikes. She was a virtuoso with her hands and instrument. I was no longer sleepy.

She had me kiss her thighs, the place where she had the boys captured during the Miss Treatment episode. It was appropriate, and I could have done more. But this was a special gift from her to me, so I did not feel greedy. I felt grateful. She may have hurt her hands on me. Such lovely self-sacrifice given to me. I love her.

I was expecting to be dismissed for the night, but she said, “You will write this up for your blog.”

“Yes.” After a pause, I said, “Do you mean now?”

“Yes, now,” she responded.

This is way past my bedtime. I could handle it, just that I have some mechanisms that always get me up early, like around three o’clock, and I need my sleep. One of the mechanisms is a cat. If that fails, it’s another cat. Sometimes it is MW who needs something, such as having me turning on or off a fan, opening or closing a window, or getting her a drink of water. Once I am up, I tend to stay up. I make the word’s strongest coffee, and settle down to mess with my writing and such using my computer.

Well, here I am, writing about the evening’s pleasures provided by my loving and lovely Mistress Wife. There is nothing that I would have changed about this evening. She can really make my life wonderful, and she is doing it.


All For Her said...

Wow. I think I would like to experience that.

How long has your wife known about your blog? I've been considering telling my wife about mine, but I'm more worried about it changing how I write it than any negative reaction she might have. It's sort of my place to work things out when I'm not sure about how I feel. If she's reading it I may not be as honest as I am now.

Susan's Pet said...

I read and enjoy your blog. I did not realize that your wife did not know about it.

I understand that once your thoughts are out in the open they may drive your or her actions. That is neither good, nor bad, just different.

I know that my wife and I have some thoughts that we have not shared, and that is good. But at the same time I try to be open with her about my feelings. She knows exactly how I feel about her and about what we do together. I can be honest, for many reasons. She is a good person. We love each other. We are committed to a forever relationship, etc. That is a good basis for being honest.

Your question about how long has she known ... It was she who created my blog, and said, "Do your best or your worst. But submit to me for approval everything you write."

I have done that, and she has saved me from embarrassment a few times as a result. I don't have my comments censored by her, but occasionally there is a "correction" if she sees something that is inappropriate. I like the arrangement. I could have my own secret blog that would be different from this. But, I would not feel it to be completly honest. It would be like hiding something from her. As usual, I throw myself at her mercy, and take the pleasure and the pain as the consequences.

Lusty said...

Susan's pet,
When was the first time she spanked you and did you have to cajole her into it or was it her idea?

Susan's Pet said...


I actually don't remember the date or the details. We were in a vanilla relationship with many problems. At some point I changed my attitude in a drastic way from my "being in charge". I did not become submissive, just passive. It helped, and maybe drove our relationship toward FLR. During the ensuing years we played with FLR, but it was not real. It was during this time that she first spanked me for offenses, rather than just for play. I did not have to cajole her, it just seemed the thing to do by her. Then we had an epiphany of FLR. This was before the acronym and the corresponding phrase were coined.

We realized that all the pieces necessary to start FLR were in place, so we agreed. Since then, she spanks whenever she feels that it is necessary for play or purpose. I agreed to always submit to her, and never argue or try to justify my actions prior to receiving correction or punishment. Given that, she feels safe in her authority over me.