Sunday, August 31, 2008

The End Of Her Vacation

Midweek while she was with her friends we had some family business to conclude, so we agreed that I would drive to her resort and pick her up on the way to the meeting. I did. But there was a prerequisite. When we parted a few days ago she said,

“Next time we meet the little guy and the boys will be shaved, and you will be wearing Kali.”

“For that I would have to remove Kali at least once. Do you agree?”

“You may do what is necessary.”

Well, that was some days ago, and I did. I cut the plastic securing band and was worried about the swelling under the collar. There was a set of neatly regular puncture marks, but the extent was superficial. In any case, I gave the Little Guy time to recuperate. Yesterday I did the required shaving. Today was the day of the meeting. After taking care of chores at home I showered, and re-installed the Kali’s Teeth Bracelet. I did get a thrill knowing that I was following her orders. I drove to the resort and we spent an hour sipping coffee and talking. Afterward I drove us to the meeting to conclude our business.

After the meeting she wanted to buy the steaks that I was to barbecue for her and her friends on the last day of their stay. We found a grocery store and I fetched a shopping cart, then I followed her through the store. She wore a mid-calf skirt with a tailored blouse that allowed a hint of her curves from breasts to her hips. I was just reading the sway of her hips with frequent glances at her calves when she said, “I hope you like to watch my legs.” Either she was reading my mind or I was being too obvious.

After shopping we returned to her condo. Her two friends were there in a very relaxed stage of undress, and were happy to see me again with the, by now, routine hugs and kisses. My little guy responded as we greeted one another. We spent some time talking, and then I had to leave for still another appointment at the far end of town.

Before I left, MW wanted to see whether I complied with her request. In the Mistress bathroom she had me drop my pants and shorts. She was satisfied, and I was allowed to go. I could tell that she had missed me.

On my way out I was again confronted by the more aggressive of her friends, Laura, claiming that she did not get her last hug due. I remembered otherwise, but what the hell. I suggested, “You should do your hugging and kissing every half hour just to be sure that you don’t miss your due.” I think that she would if she could get away with it. Alas, MW is in charge, and she has other ideas about “just plain fun,” and might not agree.

I am at home now. Kali is still reminding me of my position, but extreme pain is not an issue until the wee hours of the morning to come.

I am looking forward to joining MW and her friends on the last day of their stay. Plans include my barbecuing some excellent steaks, applying lotion to many feet, and maybe some hands-on healing of my shoulder by one of our healers. I fantasize more, but I know better. And, yes, I will be cleaning up after dinner. After all, that is why MW married me.

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