Sunday, November 1, 2009

If You Can't Take A Joke ...

In my Army days we used to have a solution to a potentially disintegrating personal relationship among ourselves. We would say, “If you can’t take a joke, f*** you.” It was meant with all the warmth and camaraderie that we possessed, and meant no more than a dismissal of another person’s taking offense at a rib or a joke. We lived hard, we joked hard, and we had hard fun.

I have always promoted satire as a way to offer humor, and yet convey an underlying meaning. Jokes and satire are successful only when based on reality. As a consequence, some people who consider themselves the butt of the joke or the object of the satire can’t live with it. Well, satire hurts only when it hits home, otherwise it is funny … sort of. After all, there is wry humor. Some people just cannot take a joke, and even worse, cannot tolerate satire. That is sad, for much of satire is of political nature, and politics are fun.

A person made a comment on my previous post, he said,

“This must be the dumbest thing I've read in a long time. I hope this article was satire. If not, you were very irresponsible in all your assertions as they were all spin jobs. Hence, maybe you shouldn't mix looney neocon politics with a fetish blog. Although, considering the history of neoconservative politicians in the last eight years, I suppose neocon polotics and fetish go hand in hand..ex-Senator Craig and ex-Rep Marc Foley can attest to that, as they know all about it.”
I did not let the above become a comment on the post, because, I did not want to embarrass the person by allowing his ID to be associated with it. However, because his comment had such passion, I felt that it should be aired, so here it is.

This post was indeed satirical. It did not present real scenarios, but situations based on currently very real scenarios. The comment about “…you shouldn't mix looney neocon politics with a fetish blog”, well, who makes the rules? You, the reader, or I?

This person was disappointed because I had not provided enough fetish as expected. Instead of fetish, I provided some thought provoking ideas. This is not a fetish blog. However, even if it were a fetish blog, I could post anything I wanted as long as what I am writing is not illegal or slanderous. I am not promoting harm to any person. I am not fomenting discontent with any person, organization, or entity. I am making comments. This is my turf. If you cannot contain your reaction to my writing, I suggest you start your own and try to counteract what you see here.

I have written on many subjects, and may continue to do so. I have nothing against politics or any other subject. I can elaborate on and debate any subject unless it requires distinct and expert knowledge outside of my field, such as quantum physics, etc. Comments are welcome as long as they are civil. One can disagree without resorting to bad manners.

Those of us who follow current events, national and global politics and trends, will have opinions on them. If your opinion differs from mine I don’t consider you a lesser person because of it. I don’t expect that everyone will see things my way in politics or in the basic charter of this blog, “Female Led Relationship”. I am vocal about all that. Let’s discuss the subjects, rather than take offense and react inappropriately.

It is also proper to share certain beliefs and attributes, yet disagree on others. That is what makes interacting with people interesting.

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