Tuesday, November 10, 2009

She Is Out Of Town Again

I dropped her off at her friend’s house. She and friend Laura planned to head north out of town. Laura, as usual, practically devoured me in her driveway as soon as we stopped and exited our vehicle. OK, I could do her, as in, “just about anything”. The problem with that would be MW, who definitely would disapprove. So, anything other than deep kissing for a few moments, and maybe a few feelies of voluptuous female (and male) parts is verboten. Shoot, on my way driving home I was inundated with her perfume, and couldn’t get it out of my mind. Once home, I dropped my shirt into the laundry chute so that I could relax. Her perfume became only a memory. Then, so was kissing MW on the lips before we parted. OK, for those of you who are attuned to pleasing females, I meant, “her upper lips”. Not that I would have refused to kiss her lower lips as we stood in Laura's driveway.

After returning home I did the usual. No, not the sexy parts. You know, taking care of animals and doing chores. Then I got to the sexy parts. Being a bachelor for a few days gave me the option of unlimited sex. Well, unlimited as long as I remained faithful. My right hand was duly drafted to do some sorely needed attention to the little guy. Then eating junk food, drinking whatever was available, listening to loud music ... We are far enough away from neigbors such that they are unlikely to call the Sheriff complaining about the noise. I think.  I don’t want to go on account of I might tend to incriminate myself.

My neighbor, a lovely woman with the longest and most beautiful legs in the neighborhood (other than MW's of course) came across the road as I was picking up my mail. I may have had a drink or two before, since I have a vague memory of kissing her hand. During the conversation she had invited us to dinner this coming weekend, after MW’s return. Sheesh, I am a basket case when it comes to women.

I don’t know how I have been able to remain civil and detached in my various professional positions over the years. There have been no lawsuits, and my supervisors have not confronted me with complaints of unprofessional behavior, so I think that I managed somehow. But it is getting difficult. The older I get the more my vista opens: more females become attractive.

I have not shaved in a while. I guess I will have to do so before I collect MW upon her return to the city. Looking like a lumber jack months out of town may be offensive to some females. Imagine that! Although, I don't think that would slow down Laura.

And, oh yeah, maybe I should give the little guy a rest in case he were to be needed by MW for some unknown reason. After all, I am not famous for being multi-orgasmic. But I am willing to try. I often thought that I would have a future in pornographic movies, and regret not having tried. I had a good reason, though. You know, I would not want to be recognized on my day job. It would embarrass some of us.


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

I really enjoyed reading this! Many things you say here are quite familiar to me. It was well written and quite humorous.

There is something to be said for the occasional bachelor's weekend...as long as you don't allow yourself to get into *too much* mischief. In one of my posts I describe myself as a "monogamous slut". Although I am faithful to Her Majesty I think it still applies! ;-)

Susan's Pet said...


I am glad you enjoyed, and connected with the feeling. I usually don't do that, but it must be like when guys get together and waste the weekend on games, beer, and chips. When the cat is away, the mice rule!

I work hard, follow the rules, and remain loyal and polite all the time. Therefore, it is with great pleasusre to let it all hang out once in a while when I don't have to work, and don't have to answer to anyone.

Of course, we would not want to make that a lifestyle. It will be good to have MW back so that she can correct my behavior when she thinks it necessary.

I like your "monogamous slut" adjective. I feel very sluttish with respect to MW.