Monday, November 9, 2009

Grumbling On Female Superiority

I love the many variations of the message on a woman’s tee shirt, “I have the pussy, I make the rules.” It is so appropriate among people who wish to submit to a pussy! I am definitely one. However, I don’t want to generalize it to mean, “I have the pussy, so I am superior to you.” If it is your preference in your own relationship, then good for you. That's not necessarily so for the rest of us.

Much of what is said on the subjects of female supremacy and feminism is just passionate philosophical argument. I love philosophical arguments; I also like arguing using logic. Alas, logic, commenting on and writing about these subjects, is rarely there. What there is usually, is passion, and interpretation. None of that is generally wrong when we consider that we are simply expressing our feelings. Feelings are neither wrong nor right. Nevertheless, if logic is missing, any attempt at argument loses potency.

Before I get into the depth to which I want to cover this subject, I want to point out the following. Although they may coincide in narrow contexts, female supremacy and feminism are not the same thing.

I have worked with people of all sorts in a professional environment. I have run into rabid feminism and I did not like it. It was as bad as the so-called “macho man,” who assumed that he was in charge because he had balls. There are people who are leaders because they have the capability and the drive. Then there are others who pretend. Gender has nothing to do with it.

Some of the comments and blogs have to do with the evil of patriarchy. I have no problem with patriarchy. Neither do I have a problem with matriarchy. Either one works when it fits the situation. Just don’t try to impose one or the other when it is inappropriate, or to an extreme degree!

According to Merriam-Webster, feminism is “The theory of political, economical, and social equality of sexes.” My addition is to “promote such”. Feminism is a good idea when we try to give equal opportunity to females. Difficulty arises when we use “affirmative action” in a manner similar with respect race. One does no harm in promoting equality with respect to gender or race. This brings me to the other subject, which is female supremacy, including the assumed destruction of patriarchy. There are two reasons for my objection.

Reason one: anyone who wants to “destroy” something in order to replace it with his choice is going to meet resistance. Not everybody will think that the replacement will be better than the old thing. It would be better to promote the new idea, and let it take over on its merits. Forcing it onto others will meet with justified resistance.

Reason two: feminism was and is a good idea. Just as would be “masculinism” if it were necessary. Just don’t carry either to an extreme. Female supremacy, on the other hand, is based on gender. As such, it is fallacy. Give each person his or her chance to excel. Deal with people instead of gender.

Even though I am a dominant heterosexual male, I am willing to submit to a deserving female. My wife happens to be one. That does not mean that all females are worthy of my submission or that any are superior to me. It also means that I don’t take dominance over females in general because of my gender.

Human intelligence evolved encompassing “skull size”, “skin color”, “gender,” etc. It is not what you have, such as gender, size, etc., but what you do with what you have that makes the difference.

I have a quote that is attributed to Barbara Wright Abernathy, author of the book, Venus On Top: Women Who Are Born To Lead And The Men Who Love Them (From the now apparrently defunct blog,

“Freedom from the artificial restrictions of gender roles is underway and gathering momentum. However, the rise of the feminine does not mean the demise of the masculine. It means a new and healthier balance of power, and it bodes well for the future of the human race.”

I could not have said it better. Let natural leaders lead, and submissives follow, regardless of gender!


hersforever said...

Thank you for a rational post on what is wrong with female supremacy. I've always felt that there is no "one way" for everyone -- and your post reflects a lot of my own feelings on this. I love that quote too, thank you for sharing it!

tazieguy said...

“I have the pussy, I make the rules.”
I just love such messages on the t shirts .. i go in a tizzy after reading such messages.. mmm.. too good..