Saturday, November 28, 2009

She Is Playing Again

The Day Before Thanksgiving

She had hinted about things that were definitely sexual. I pretend to ignore them only because if I make an issue of it, and she does not deliver, then she feels guilty. This way she can rationalize that she did not really mean to do it at any specific time, so she is in the clear. It appeared that these things remained on her mind. In the evening as we were about to settle in to watch a movie she said, “Assume the position.” Being the good husband I leaned over the edge of the bed face down thereby presenting my bare ass to her.

I did not expect what she gave me, for in my limited intellect I had not done anything to warrant it. Nevertheless, she used a heavy paddle to have her way with my skinny butt. She is seldom severe, and this time, too, she stopped at two-dozen whacks of a medium nature. I was happy when she stopped. I was also happy with the attention, so I said, “Thank you Mistress.” Later on she checked the results, and commented on my rosy cheeks.

The next day I was at home doing some chores. After I came back into the house I got into my uniform when she ordered me, “Put on the CB2000. I like the looks of the CB3000, but your little guy is easier to keep clean in the 2000.”

It’s nice of her to be concerned. I put on the device and settled in to pay some bills.

She was not doing a full dinner this time; instead, we were going to have a feast at our son’s house. She prepared some “with-its” that were were to take along. I am her chauffeur, so as usual, I had to take the car out to the front yard in anticipation of the trip. After returning she said, “Switch the CB to the Kali.”

She does this because she seldom lets me go out wearing hard devices. A few times I did while I was on patrol, and felt very apprehensive. Wearing the Kali’s teeth bracelet is less obtrusive, but more insidious: it bites. I had it on only once while on patrol, and later explained to her that it won’t happen again. Imagine my getting out of a patrol car and trying to re-arrange the little guy to avoid the bite while I am approaching a driver just stopped for a traffic violation. It just was not professional.

Since we were on a holiday this time, that was not an issue, and she insisted that I am to receive the benefit of her stand-in. I chose the largest pair of pants I had to avoid the inevitable tightness and resulting discomfort as I drove us to our destination about 45 minutes away. I managed to survive the pre-dinner drinks, the dinner, and the subsequent conversations without indicating that my private parts were suffering. I must have been fidgeting a lot well into the evening, for MW decided that it was time to leave. Hallelujah!

On the way home she asked, “How are your sweet cheeks?”

“They are fine, thank you.”

“Not even tender?”


“I guess I haven’t given you enough then.”

“I think it’s not just the quantity, but also the quality that may produce the effect,” I added in a wise guy like fashion that I later regretted.

After returning home I got into my uniform, which alleviated the confinement-induced pain of the little guy. Later on, before we went to bed, she said, “Let’s fix the quality of these spanks. Assume the position.”

I leaned over the bed as requested and waited for the pain. I did not have to wait long. She really put some force into it that time. I could not help but yelp. She is very kind, so she stopped after four good wallops with the heavy paddle.

I tried to go to sleep as she left for the living room to watch a movie. I knew that my sleep would be impossible with Kali still in place, but I knew better than to ask her to remove it.

She came to bed about two hours later, and asked me about the pain as if she did not know, “How are you doing?”

“I am trying to stay awake so that I don’t get a hard on so that I don’t have extreme pain.”

“Oh, that’s silly. Let’s just take the thing off.”

With her per mission I removed Kali and then thanked her. She paused on each of my tits pinching them in turn. She can cause instant but very sensuous pain that way. When it was over I slept well in a short time.

The Day After

The next day I was involved in some construction project in the morning. She said, “As soon as you quit, I want you to shave and put on the CB3000.”

The work was a pain in the ass, and I was tired enough to quit just before lunch. I shaved the boys, showered, and installed the CB. After presenting the package to her, she had me do some indoor chores, but gave me much of the afternoon off. In the evening she had me work on her legs and feet with a lotion, but nothing extraordinary happened. I was still wearing the device at bedtime. I noticed the ropes attached to the four corners of the bed blatantly displayed. I guessed their purpose, but said nothing. At the time I usually try to go to sleep she had me on my back, and attached a rope to my left ankle and to both wrists. I was not exactly four-pointed, for my right ankle was free, and there was a fair amount of slack in the ropes. Still, I was forced to remain on my back. She left again, and I was on my own. When she returned some hours later she asked, “How are you doing?”

I am not too sure that she was interested in my answer, for she turned over in bed away from me before I answered, “I’m OK.”

Around 2AM she was awake and checked me. She magnanimously released my right wrist from the rope. I asked, “What do I do when I need to get up in the morning?”

“We’ll deal with that then,” she replied.

At this point I could turn onto my left side and curl up in a comfortable position, so I was happy with it.

She was checking me at the time I usually get up. She removed my wrist restraint and told me to release the remaining rope on my left ankle. She again imparted that sensual pain to each of my already tender tits. Her fingers lingered in my pleasurable pain, and then let go. She said, “Go now. And put on the Device of Obedience once you are up.”

I got out of bed and went about my business. When I sat down with a cup of coffee, I installed the device also known as the signaling device. I have posted a picture of it earlier; here it is again behind the CB3000.

Around five she zapped me. I dropped what I was doing and went to see her. After a short discussion I set up her computer, and later made coffee for both of us. She let me remove the signaling device in order to preserve the small batteries on which it runs. The CB stayed on.


L said...

I love these blow-by-blow accounts, thanks for sharing!

doll said...

Well it sounds as though you have have a superb Thanksgiving.

I just bet you have given thanks many times over ;-)

Susan's Pet said...


I am appreciative of her attention regardless of the pain or pleasure that she gives. But what I really want is to give her pleasure. I think she is working on that.

Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hi SP:

Glad to hear you and your beloved Mistress are playing again. I hate the dry spells that are inevitable in a long term relationship but they make rediscovering each other all the more joyful!

It is both exciting and heart warming to read accounts of domestic discipline and play like this one. Play in a long term D/s relationship ebbs and flows and intermingles with everyday life. I know from experience this is how it goes which gives your words an unmistakable flavor of authenticity! ;-)

Susan's Pet said...



Your words and her attention is what keep me going. Life is not perfect, but from time to time it is great.

Milliscent said...

It does sound like a most wonderful Thanksgiving, and a perfect scene for you both!

Hot_Bottom said...

Great Post. Can you give me more information on your signaling device


Susan's Pet said...

HB, you dog!

Go to Click a tab "Dog Supplies", and then "Behavior Control." You will have a choice of several.

Be careful, though, these suckers pack a punch! They are reliable, and work up to 100 yards, which means your mistress can recall you from the liquor store while you are ogling the porno mags.

You will also need to adapt the device to your anatomy. You will need some leather collar about 1/2 inch wide. It can go around your neck, arm, or as in my case, around the whole package of my private parts.