Friday, November 27, 2009

I Dislike Fakery

I have read a number of blogs that purported to be real. After a while I realized the ruse, and was willing to leave it alone, no longer being interested. What bothered me, however, was that some of the readers interacted with the so-called author as if they believed all that crap. I have exposed several fake blogs over the last three years. They are all defunct by now, for the authors gave up trying to be real.

Don’t take this wrong. I don’t give a damn what anybody writes: I don’t have to read it. But, as long as they invite my comments, well … you know.

I love fantasy. I do much of it. I love to read novels of fantasy. I even write them. What I dislike is when some upstart assumes that we are stupid enough to believe his stuff to be real.

There are many subjects dealing with sexual content that turn me on. One of them is cuckoldry. I am interested in cuckoldry for various reasons. I don’t want it to be part of my life, but I like to read about it. I like to read posts of those who are involved in it. I like to read novels using it as a theme. I find it an escape from my daily life that does no harm. What I don’t like, however, is anyone writing it as real when it is fake. It takes people of limited intelligence to try to pass off something real. It is a matter of time until someone comes along and challenges the author.

Here is an example of the fakery, and I quote from the blog:

"I remember a dream, a very vivid dream. It was one of those dreams you swear really happened. I was asleep on my bed, and Annie walked in. Although I was sleeping, I could see her. She was naked and beautiful. She said nothing as she climbed on the bed and sat on my face. I felt another presence on the bed. It was Aaron. He was kissing her. Cum flowed from her pussy into my mouth like water from a faucet. Huge, unnatural volumes of it. It tasted good, like real food. I was so hungry, and so happy at the seemingly unlimited supply of it. I remember thinking - in my dream - that it was impossible that she could have this much cum inside her. I hoped she never ran out. I was afraid that she would, and I would still be hungry."

Before I go all the way, I admit that I have not read the whole story. I am on page 13 of 22, so I may have some surprises coming to me. However, having gone this far I have formed conclusions already based on common sense. I will present that here. If you were to read The Real Story you would at first go with it as if it were real, sort of like reading a novel. The guy is a fairly good writer, but he quickly runs into gaps of reasoning, difficulty with sequential presentation, and ultimately, inconsistencies. In the story the participants are at least in their thirties, so we should assume that they have accumulated some wisdom.


I can list some of his bad decisions, but as you read it you can form your own conclusion. The scenario is this: the husband is the only one with a job. His wife has been screwing her boyfriend, and this schmuck of the husband goes along with it. He is responsible for paying all the bills, while the wife and boyfriend screw around and use him as a slave in sexual, monetary, and menial manner.

It is a nice fantasy for a would-be-cuck, but highly unrealistic. The wife is about to divorce him and marry the boyfriend who would move into their house. The boyfriend works, but would quit his job when he moves it. Her “former husband-to-be” is expected to remain in the household to pay the bills, do the housework and be a sex slave to the two of them. Whoa! ‘Tis the fodder of cuckold fantasies!

There is no mention of the future other than sex and slavery. Well, that should be a clue! The man’s job is obviously not one that earns him a lot, otherwise his wife would not want to divorce him. What happens when somebody gets sick or has some sort of accidental injury, or gets sued by avaricious people? Who will pay the bills? Does this schmuck of a husband think of his later years, as in, “will he serve these two useless carcasses until he dies at the age of 85?” Give me a fucking break! None of these asses think of the future. They think nothing of consequences. The scenario may be based on some real things, but it got out of hand early, and is, at page 9, a total fake. Yet he goes on. I regret that some people take it seriously and actually respond to his writing. Oh well, we have all been duped from time to time.

I enjoy reading a nice short story, or a novel. It can be real or fantasy, Fantasy is great as long as it is not purported to be real. Then I have real problem with it.


Anonymous said...

Susan's Pet,

You can put my thoughts into words so well.

It's such pleasure to read your blog.

Have a nice weekend.

Susan's Pet said...

Thank you

Black Chicks Rule said...

I totally agree. I too find that many of the Femdom blogs are written by horny men who often interject fictitious accounts that aren't indicative of dominant female behavior. For example, why would a dominant woman who wants her way, choose to share her man, or allow any man to ejaculate in her face? Impossible. It makes no sense to me. But so often these bloggers are using patriarchal dominant porn influenced fantasy to create their fictitious accounts of their Femdom experience. I've read Femdom blogs that were suppose to be written by dominant women, but clearly was from the patriarchal perspective. Thereby, making it hard for me to believe it was a woman clicking the keys behind those words. Although, there are many female readers that buy into the absurdity; I am not one of them. Hence, the impetus for started my own Femdom blog which clearly defines "SMOOTH FEMDOM" from the female point of view. As it should be. Matriarchally speaking that is....

Have an incredibly sunny day! Best, BCR

Susan's Pet said...


You are slightly off the subject, but I agree with most of what you have said.

A bad move by a man in a sexual scenario is to ejaculate on a woman’s face no matter what the situation is. I went into some detail in one of my earlier posts, Screaming Dominance (, to express my views on this. Then again, if or when she actually wants it, who am I to make rules? We all have our kinks, and I am not one to deny anything benign when it comes to consensual sex. After all, Female Dominance (that is, “being dominated by a female") is benign as long as it is consensual, sex or not.

BCR, if you have started a blog named “Smooth Femdom” please send me a link so that I and my readers can benefit from your views. A direct search has not turned up anything. I am looking forward to reading it. It is always great to hear from dominant females. I may not always agree, but it is definitely fun. And, just on the kinky side, I would love to submit to one, at least in fantasy: my wife would not allow it in real time. You, too, have a nice weekend, and please keep in touch.

Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hi SP:

It really is a mixed bag out there. But we shouldn't be surprised. It is the Internet after all. As for those who respond enthusiastically with comments I have seen ample proof that people will believe just about anything they want to believe.

Some of these blogs seem to reflect perfect relationships where love is eternal, no conflict is ever experienced and both "Mistress" and "sub" have the sexual capacity of rutting rhinos. I have often found that if something appears too good to be true it probably is! ;-)

m said...

Excellent blog, and a poignant post.

What I find most annoying about the fakes and ruses out there is that they cast all blogs in some shadow of doubt. As a result, those people who truly are living out fantasies and having some incredible experiences are often not believed. i've had people comment on my blog, protesting that it is fake. That drives me crazy. None of what i write is fiction, unless it is a "fantasy" and I disclose that upfront. And often Ms. Catherine's own blog (when She writes, which these days isn't often) reflects the same experiences but from Her very different prespective.

It's unfortunate, but as you say, people can write whatever they want.

Thanks again for the great blog.

- m

Susan's Pet said...


If you are a fairly good writer, then your blog will stand on its own merit, and you need not worry about appearing fake.

I have had some doubs about some blogs, but other than those that I pointed out as fake, they eventually proved themselves to be real. Truth and reality have a way of creeping into the fabric of the words. Fantasy can sound realistic, but like you, I present the disclaimer if or when I write fantasy, for example, in "Ripe For Fantasy" at

Most of us hold back some things from our readers. It could be to maintain privacy, or to limit the volume or posts. Then again, there are things that we don't want to share. Our post is not necessarily the whole truth, but neither is it fantasy. If even this becomes too difficult to handle, we stop writing.

Susan's Pet said...


When there is no reason to suspect somebody's words, we generally don't. Then at some point we get a feeling. You are right about the "too good to be true" indicators.

My favorite tipoffs are inconsistencies and the typical structure: they begin with a tremendous amount of momentum, and quickly run out of steam.

Giles English said...

Nicely put!

It's also hard to know whether somebody is typing "in role", or whether that's what they really believe.


Susan's Pet said...

Oh my, GE!

Are you saying "being in forced subjugation" or "being volunteer"? Somehow both turn me on at a certain level. Then again, I have been known to fight to the death over forced subjugation.

I guess it depends on circumstances. As long as we can separate consensual from truly forced I am all for it. Then almost anything goes.

Giles English said...

@Susan's Pet

I don't follow! What are you responding to?

Susan's Pet said...


I am sorry. I was working on a reply to you, and was interrupted. When I came back I began working on another response on a different blog, and pasted it here by mistake.

It will happen again.

Milliscent said...

As one of those who responded to that message board thread, I did view the account as fictional in the beginning.

Alas, it got a bit far out for my own belief, so I stopped reading quite some time ago.

Alas, most of what one reads on femdom sites is fiction, but done well, it can be loads of fun too!

Susan's Pet said...

Miss Milliscent,

I admit that I had fun reading it. I did get a thrill out of it regardless of its pedigree. I will probably continue reading it in spurts when I need to take a break from drudgery.

What I perceived there was a man who had a lot to say in the context of a novel, but is not quite ready to commit to writing one.

Thank you for your response.

Sensual Femdom said...

I couldn't agree more! Some things I read seem a bit unrealistic, and when the same blog has these unrealistic scenarios over and over, I question the authenticity of it.