Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chastity Control With Pain

Well, maybe not on purpose, but chastity devices do come with pain. Regardless of the type, from time to time, pain of the wearer is involved. Does the key holder know? Does she care? Would she cause the pain on purpose?

There is an inherent flaw in the design of the devices generic to the CBX000 and the like. The flaw is the need to keep the balls separated from the cock making sure that no parts can be withdrawn. Regardless of what configuration one selects, one problem may be alleviated, but another will be created. No pair of balls and cock are the same, and no such set will behave the way another would. No two individuals feel the same about the confinement. The conclusion is, you should not expect the CBX000 to fix your problems without causing its own problems. In addition to the generic flaw, there are flaws in the manufacturing process, such as cracks, and protuberances.

When a keyholder decides to incarcerate her submissive in such device, she may not know the implications at first. Aside from all the hype and testimonials of how it makes men docile and more willing to serve, there are other issues. The issues range from vindictive and purposefully cruel application of the device to benign orgasm control with passion for the poor schmuck who is the recipient.

I have gone through some bad experiences wearing them, and I am sure that MW has no idea how it felt. I did tell her some of it, but, as you know, “You just had to be there,” as such. MW is not cruel, and I don’t think that she would make me wear such device if it really caused me obvious harm or extreme pain. But then there is moderate pain. I, as a submissive to her, should expect to bear at least moderate pain from time to time. The CBX000 never caused continuous pain, but it did cause more than moderate pain from time to time. I never complained, although I was close to doing so many times.

Should I have complained? Should I have been subjected to such pain only for fun when MW was not even aware of my condition?

In a way I think that I should shut up and put up. I did sign up to this relationship, and I got some of what I asked for. If it is more than I expected, maybe it is something that goes with the territory. I get some joy, I should get some pain also. As much as I would love to, I should not expect MW to feel everything that I feel, especially the pain.

I am probably being a sissy complaining about this. Still, I would prefer a chastity device that would simply keep me chaste, but would not get too much in the way in other respects. I have done some research. During the course I have seen quite a variety of devices along with testimonials and evaluations. Mostly because of the expense we have not tried them. After all we could spend thousands of dollars and barely sample the available devices.

There are the belt type devices that purport to be escape proof and yet comfortable. It may be so, but then issues with personal hygiene and key holder involvement come up.

The devices that rely on a Prince Albert piercing almost assure chastity, such as Miss Lori’s excellent products. But they come with their own problems of ill-fit. In my case, my little guy varies in size from miniscule to huge in both length and girth depending on temperature and provocation. Given that, almost any device that is supposed to fit over it would be only part time fitting. There is no way that I can give accurate and correct measurement to order the device.

There is the one that uses a penetrating part to keep one chaste, but that too, is reliant on sizing, so there is a problem from time to time, unless it is used only for play under some benign circumstances.

Should I expect painless control? Or should I expect pain to be part of chastity for my Mistress Wife?


Anonymous said...

i wear a CB2000 as a permanent thing, and you are right that each configuration has its problems. i have been adjusting to it pretty well though, but there are times when it hurts around my balls a fair bit. i have just accepted that but am on the look for a good alternative i can recommend to Mistress, so let me know if you find one!

doll said...

The problem of when to express concern over pain is one that is fundamental in sub/dom relationships I think. I struggle with it myself in one tiny area and continue to keep quiet and accept it as a small part of what occurs. I guess it is when the pain becomes more of an inconvenience then the dom needs to be enlightened. However pain is a very important warning signal from our bodies so needs always to be assessed and accurately gauged.

Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hi SP:

My Queen has no interest in exploring chastity devices though she does seem to enjoy orgasm control. We use "on your honor" chastity. If she wanted me to wear a chastity device I would certainly do so but after doing some reading on the subject I have discovered it is not without its complications.

Aarkey is a chastity device aficionado and has some great insights on this subject. He recently posted about steel devices; http://aarkeybabble.blogspot.com/2009/10/custom-steel-chastity-devices.html

Mknight said...

If a chastity device is something that you a serious about there are several custom made devices that are report ably more comfortable than the generic ones. That said you can expect pain with any of them. If a chastity device is something that you or your partner wants then I’m afraid you will just need to put up with it. You will get more and more used to it so unless it damages you you’ll be just fine.

Susan's Pet said...

The trouble with the cage style devices is the separation of the cock and balls. With temperature changes, one must choose the smallest rings and spacers to disallow withdrawal. Of course, that presents a tremendous problem under warm parts of the day.

Using the "points of intrigue" and similar measures does not solve the problem, only aggravates it. I know I am whining, but for some of us, this is not a realistic 24/7 game. Yes, if I were a real slave, I would put up with it, since I would have no choice. But then, none of us are real slaves.