Monday, November 16, 2009

What Is Appropriate

First the disclaimer. I apologize for having borrowed these pictures from the internet. Although MW and I have done what is shown in the first picture many times, alas, we have had no camera men to commemorate the event. As a result, we don’t have a picture of us in this situation. The closest is at the top of my blog. In addition, I am not making rules here, just some comments.

In the spirit of a Female Led Relationship anything goes that the female wants. Given that, I have my preferences. Being on my knees serving her is totally appropriate. For example, look at the first picture.

If MW wants to do what I show in the second picture, it is entirely up to her. Even more, I would love to be the recipient. Just that, somehow it seems inappropriate unless it thrills her. Oh my! I could live with that. But don’t worry, she never does that, so we are back to the first picture as the appropriate thing to do.

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little shaun said...

I agree with you completely!