Tuesday, November 17, 2009


If you think this piece of writing is tongue-in-cheek you may be right. I know I have said some about this subject, but it is time again, given my propensity for self-abuse. No, I don’t mean masturbation. Masturbation is not abuse. What I mean is willingness to be subjected to mistreatment by my MW. Generally we don’t do much, but when we do it is significant. Actually, when I say “we”, I mean “she” for I am only the recipient of her doing. Not that I complain.

The only reason I bring this up is that once in a while she gets into the mood of imposing locked chastity on me. As kinky as I am, I love it. That is, until it becomes a real pain in the ah … you know. Ok, you may call me a pussy, you may call me a coward. Hell, you may call me anything as long as it is not too vulgar under the circumstances. But I have a problem. I don’t know whether my problem is representative of men in general. I will elaborate, and let you decide.

I have posted pictures of the little guy and his alter ego, the big guy, but most were when he or the other was in his glory. You know, large as life, so to speak. The boys go with it, again, so to speak. It turns out that the pictures had been during times of temperate season when the boys hang loose, and the little guy is in his element.

However, there are times when the temperature drops, such as in winter, and being in uniform (my natural state) provides no shelter from the change of temperature. What I experience is twofold. First, the little guy practically disappears. If you looked, you could see some skin with a Prince Albert ring being most prominent. Second, the boys practically disappear also. I know they are there, but not to be fondled or viewed in general. Oh, they all would come back upon sufficient provocation (actually you might want to stand back so that you are not knocked over by the reaction). But as is, they look very unimpressive. Maybe later I will post a picture here, just that, I would be somewhat embarrassed about it, and I would have to post the real looks next to it just to maintain some dignity.

This brings me to the purpose of this post. As much as I like the CBT associated with the forced wearing of a so-called chastity device, it cannot be 24/7 for a long time without suffering real damage. My parts are just too variable in size: near zero to, well, you have seen them. So, forget about taking my measurement to fit a device.

I know, somebody will come up with still another “greatest chastity device” and charge a month’s wage for it. Whether I will buy it depends on what MW might think of it. Meanwhile I experiment in my workshop and hope that I don’t seriously hurt myself on the next prototype. MW has not had to call the firemen to use the "jaws of life" on my devices yet, but as you know, stuff can happen. Sheesh, I would hate to meet someone I know professionally under those circumstances. Wish me luck.


I have decided to be generous and include some pictures to which I alluded above. The first picture below shows him in his most diminished state.

Those of you who are embarrassed about having a small cock (not that you should be) may feel superior looking at this. After all, this little guy is just barely there.

Here he is at half mast in warm weather.

Then there he is Somewhat handicapped but otherwise all there weighing in at seven inches from nose to tail. Not record breaking, but when you consider the difference in size between this and the first picture, you may realize the problem of defining "size" for chastity devices.


doll said...

I always find them absolutely incredible when they are in their relaxed state and tiny. The skin is so soft and they seem so vulnerable.

little bitch said...

i have to ask if you have had any problems with your PA? Mistress and i have discussed having one done but worry about problems that may arise in keeping in clean or other problems during the few times i am allowed to have sex. i have the additional problem of being very small both soft and erect. i would love your input.

Susan's Pet said...

Little Bitch,

First is my disclaimer: I am not an expert in medicine, anatomical piercing, or dominance and submission. What advice I give you here is based on what I have experienced and on the dubious reliability of Internet research.

I have not had any problem with the installed hardware, neither had my wife. If or when she were to be irritated by it, the captured-ball ring can be easily removed with a tool, which we keep handy.

Health wise, the self-induced piercing healed well and rapidly. I thank my Creator for having a body that easily heals small wounds.

Keeping it clean is not an issue after the initial healing period. During healing, which took about a week, I monitored the wound carefully, and used antiseptic ointment daily after each shower.

Being small, as in having a small cock, is not an issue either. Remember, it’s not what you have, but what you do with it!

If you or your Mistress is squeamish about blood, I recommend that you go to a professional to get your piercing. Keep in mind that every body is different, and that you may have different reaction to this body modification. On the long run, it is benign, and a joy forever. If somehow it fails, you can remove the hardware and allow the body to heal the wound, and maybe try again.

Imagine this: my wife can lock a thin leash or tiny chain between my PA ring and a bolt on the wall, and I am there as long as she wants it. No chains or sturdy ropes are required. When she sets me free, every time I see the ring is a reminder of her and what she can do to me if she chooses.

little bitch said...

Thank you for your information. i enjoy your blog and appreciate your comments about your submission to your Wife.

Keep the posts up.