Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Tension is Increasing ...

This is the day before Thanksgiving. As usual, MW has over-extended herself. Many people coming to dinner tomorrow, she is cooking and baking everything for everybody. She is too good!
This morning as we sat outside sipping coffee while watching the stars she gave me a real thrill. No, not the good kind of thrill. She yelled loud enough for me to be really alarmed. It was over a shooting star of unusual display. Well, maybe it was falling space junk. But it was still startling.

I commented about how much work she did yesterday, and that she should not work so much today… Her response was a very warmly condescending “yeah, sure.” After breakfast I left to do my chores. Before I got anywhere, she asked me to fix her computer so that she can “print recipes.” I assumed that to mean that she wants to be able to use the printer from her computer. Well, the driver and software installation took more than the expected few minutes including one reboot. After that I went about my business.

I mentioned earlier that dratted deck that I am repairing. You know, way up there, the free fall thing, etc. After many days and many hours I am coming close to completion. But still, every time I need another tool, more supplies, it is three flights down and then three flights up. So, after several hours of hard labor on the project I came downstairs for good to check in with her. You know, the being naked to do her things, etc. Well, before I knew it, I had to put on clothes just take out the trash from the kitchen in which “she has been slaving over a hot stove for hours.” I fixed some lunch and sat down to study. For the next few hours it was up and down. She always apologized but had still another thing for me to do. Actually I think that she was lonesome. I really liked that!

It was not until late afternoon when she said something that I considered as “It is time that I tippy-toe out of the kitchen and not return until I am summoned.” She said right away that she realizes the tension, and that it would be good for me to be in another room. She had no argument from me on that remark.

It is now 4PM. She has been working on and off since 7AM. This is not good. I usually hurt when she does that. She did mention that a full body massage was in order. That means I massage, she receives the massage. Well, at least the day may end with a pleasant exercise. Not always, but most often, a “full body massage” ends in my being requested to give her endless oral pleasure. Maybe I will get lucky tonight.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog. If I was married again I would love to have your kind of relationship. Keep up the good work!

Susan's Pet said...

Thanks, A. Don't be shy. If all else fails, you can email.