Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Having Fun without Sex

I am as horny as any teenager, and can get it up at the slightest provocation. Of course, that depends on the provocation. For example, when MW casually turns on her side in bed and I am just in that delicious semi-conscious awareness before passing out, she grabs one of my tits and pinches hard with the opposing nails of her thumb and middle finger. As much as I would resent being knocked back to consciousness, I am suddenly fully awake and eager to see what she wants. She gets away with waking me so rudely and with a huge erection to boot. She does this rarely, but when it happens it is memorable.

It has been several days since she allowed me to remove the CB2000 and have me keep it off. Actually, she does not usually have me locked like that, she does it only to torment me temporarily. This time we were both willing to keep it on. She gets a thrill from keeping me locked, I get a thrill from being locked. Pleasing both, tormenting one. The problem was that the little guy became damaged by a device that is not part of the CB2000. It is a wedding ring that I usually wear. With the cage in place and the frequent erections the ring cut into the frenum and the site began to sting when wet. After the removal of the cage it took a few days to heal. The little guy is right as rain now. He and I are ready for anything.

Alas, MW has had a lot of other things with which to deal. First, she planned a family gathering for a mid morning meal that is now traditional with us during the cool days of fall and winter. Only half of the family responded, and she had to deal with what she perceived as rejection. Then she planned a Thanksgiving meal at our home for the family and some friends of the same. Again, only some of the family responded. This caused her to be occupied with the whys and wherefores and consequently pushing her pet’s needs into the never-land that I maintain for her just in case she needs it.

Meanwhile life goes on. My natural state is without clothes. I regret to admit but most people of whom I am aware would resent seeing me that way unless the circumstances were right. In a way I understand. I have some friends whom I would not care to see naked under any circumstances. Then there are some whom I would love to see naked, but their state would get in the way of conducting whatever business was on the agenda. So, clothes are not really optional as such; more like necessity. Pity.

For the same reason, plus to avoid being arrested by the Sheriff for indecent exposure, I wear clothes when I am outside. Inside is something else. We don’t have many rules, but this is one: I am naked unless told to be otherwise. She is with or without clothes as she chooses. Most of the time she is dressed. I can live with that. As much as I love to see her without clothes, it is a special thrill for me to be naked at her command while she is dressed. With the winter coming I am practicing wearing goose bumps. I heard that they help to keep one warm. We will see.

By the way, I figured out how to add my icon to my profile. You can see Susan’s Pet in my profile and also on comments that I make on other blogs.

On a Slightly Different Subject: Griping

I chose my lot in life when I submitted myself to serve my MW. The decision was well motivated, mostly based on my wild fantasies, but at the same time it was a very rational and realistic decision. Under the circumstances it was the best approach to the rest of my life. I assume that the rest of my life will be with her.

Aside from the good stuff that she allows me I have some irritating issues with which to deal. One of my tasks is to always clean up after a meal regardless of whether it was thirty-guest family gathering or the morning breakfast with just a boiled egg. I chose this life, and I am grateful for my MW to allow me to have it. I feel that I am serving her when I do this. Getting to the point. I am a person who relies and lives by logic. She, on the other hand, lives by feeling, emotion, empathy, in a laissez-faire approach to life. Not only that, but she is a creature of habit. Somewhere in her young life she became imprinted with the notions that (1) all scrapings from a plate left from a table go into the sink, and (2) the scrapings go into the left side of the double sink and dishes are washed on the left side, rinsed on the right, and (3) all unwashed dishes are to be stored in the sink until they are in turn put into the dishwasher. These are not rules as such, just that they are inviolable habits. My approach in general is to do what makes sense under the circumstances unless they violate some prime directive. On item 1, I don’t scrape garbage into the sink. Garbage goes into a plastic bag which eventually ends up in the dumpster that gets dumped twice a week. Why? I will not go into the several reasons. Trust me. It makes sense. On item 2, this is just absolutely arbitrary. I really don’t give a rat’s ass about which side of the sink is used for what until I have to deal with the garbage that clogs the drain because it was not designed the accept garbage: the disposer is on the other side of the sink. As a result, I have to pick garbage out of the drain with my not so dainty fingers before the water will drain. So, generally, I like to wash dishes on the side where the garbage disposer is. On item 3, the only problem is that well meaning people pile dishes with all the garbage into the sink. Before I can do anything with them, I have to take them all out and store them on the counter, clean out the sink (both sides) from the garbage, and then get down to the business of washing dishes by hand.

I face a dilemma. If I don’t say anything about my dissatisfaction with this, it is assumed that all is well, and I continue to face frustration. If I do say something, then either “I am complaining,” “I am topping from the bottom,” or just plainly annoying my MW. In a way I can see that all three options are correct. Not that I am a slave, but let’s assume that I have a slave. Being the considerate person that I am, I would try to be aware of my realm. If someone were to point out that through my action or inaction I repeatedly make my slave’s life more difficult, I would consider changing that if it is within reason. There I times when I would make it purposefully difficult for my slave, but that would be to teach him/her a lesson, or to give him/her pleasure because that is what the slave craves. Messing up the sinks for no real purpose is something that I could change to avoid making a relatively simple chore more complex.

Sometimes we feel that we have to do something just for the principle. I know that my core dump above will be a reason for my punishment. The punishment may be something that will hurt temporarily, or may be withholding her attention from me or both. I am aware that even if she were not to change her habit with respect to the kitchen sink I will continue to serve the same way, punished or not. There are greater issues here that are far more important than garbage in the sink, and I would rather deal with those any time to be sure that our FLR is supported. I wish to point out that within this same FLR, I maybe taking a chance at invoking punishment from her, but she is never so severe that I am afraid to say when something bothers me. It is always up to her to do or not do something about it. That is what a loving Female Led Relationship is.

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