Sunday, November 4, 2007

Ho Hum. Another Evening of Oral Sex.

MW and I share a room in which we have office equipment set up including the use of some computers. In the evening I usually shut down mine and retire to the bedroom before she does. There I shower and then read until she shows up whenever she feels like doing so. Last night it was the other way. It took me a while to realize that she was not coming back, so I followed her to the bedroom. She was already on her back reading a book. I could not help but run my hands all over her soft thighs. I began to massage them. I must have gotten carried away with the pleasure for she pulled away with a painful expression on her face, “Kneading muscles is all right, but the soft part hurts when you do it so hard.” I playfully apologized and kissed her inner thighs as a token of my sincerity (as if I needed one!). I sniffed around a while before tearing myself away from her charms.

I did the usual evening application of lotion and foot and leg massage. I don’t mean to make this sound like some boring chore. It is not. There are many things about it that are dear to my heart. Most of the time she is naked while I do this. I love her naked. Actually, I love her clothed, and in any stage of dress or undress, so that this is not really saying much. Anyway, seeing her on her back enjoying my attention pleases me much. One of her best qualities of physical nature is her legs. She has, in my opinion, beautiful legs. I always get a thrill as she walks by me with her legs visible from the knees down. Or from the waist down. Or from the neck down … This is especially true when she wears high heels. Then again, I get a special thrill also from seeing her barefooted and standing. I guess I am just a horny guy hung up on a beautiful woman who happens to be my wife.

Getting back to the evening. After I showered and shaved I returned to her to apply the lotion. Taking her left leg first, I lifted it by the foot with her knee slightly bent. I ran my spare hand over that perfectly shaped muscular calf, then rubbed the lotion into her foot and toes. I put the leg down gently and rubbed my fingertips on both sides of her knee with a circular motion that pressed deeply just far enough to be penetrating but not hurting. My hands traveled down her leg an inch at a time while pushing into her muscles as if they were stepping along. Back again to the knee, and down again, but this time kneading like bread dough. My fingers repeated the action of circular massage at her ankle, then I concentrated on her foot. There are a lot of things one can do with her foot, and I love to do them. This time it was only massage. I spend a little more time on her toes, then back to her calf for a bit. I repeated this with her right leg and foot, then returned to her left foot for some extra care. This sort of work often gets me going so that I end up with an erection. Since I was still caged, it was of no importance.

She must have been reading or thinking of something special prior my appearance, for she had a small finger-dildo inserted in her love nest all this time. To say that this was unusual is an understatement. She never does that. I took it as a cue to concentrate on it, but needed verbal reassurance since I had been very wrong in the past at trying to interpret her cues with potentially deadly results. Yes, this time she was ready to play. I did some more finger-tip massage all over her and began to gravitate toward that wonderful place where the dildo nested. We have used such toys before with mixed success. This time was one of the not-so-good attempts, and she had me toss it so that I could concentrate on giving her oral pleasure. Now there is one thing that I can do well! The evidence is overwhelming. When she is ready, we go on and on giving her pleasure that way until she is totally spent. We did again.

When it was over she said,

“When you get hard during the night, use him to his best advantage,” pointing my my little guy. Well, he was little only because he was confined. Normally he is, oh, larger ...
“Remove the cage. Whether or not I am awake, do it.”

“I assume that you mean I should fuck you then …”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.”

This meant two things. One, I will not be removing the CB2000 just yet, and two, it will be up to me to unlock and remove and gently mount her in her sleep when I get my usual nightly hardons. Ok, I can live with that. I put the key on my night stand, and we watched a movie until I got sleepy. After that I don’t remember.

I woke up this morning with a hardon as usual. Time was 2:47. Remembering what she said, I lay on my back thinking of the details of what this would take. By the time I figured out the logistics, the little guy's hardness was history. I got up and made an espresso for myself with extra caffeine. While my computer was booting. She slept.

I have no regrets. Giving her oral pleasure is by far the best and most that I desire. This is not saying that I do not want orgasm. I could handle that on the average, say, three or four times a day. But I have to be real. Actually, make it three or four times a week. What I have to give does not diminish but reinforces itself, kind of like an addiction to her pleasure. My pleasure is her pleasure. So, my orgasm is secondary and entirely at her discretion. I love serving her.

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