Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mistress Wife Is Away

The events I relate here took place on October 27, 2007.

Mistress Wife (MW) is away visiting her relatives in another state. Sounds simple, but keep reading. She takes a week or two to become acclimated to the visit, to “build a bubble around her,” in her words. The bubble is there to protect herself from pushy and boring relatives whom she feels obligated to visit out of duty and love. She reminds me that it is the same as what I used to do when I would be ready to go on patrol: some time before my scheduled departure I would assume an officer mode and practically become unapproachable. I didn’t think that I was that different in officer mode, but then I was too close to be subjective.

As she built her bubble our attention (I should say her attention) to mutual sex was suppressed to barely recognizable. She is sweet, and occasionally has pity on me, so I was not entirely ignored, but only comradely touches were imparted. Adding this to my extant count of DWO (Days without Orgasm) I was looking at 31 days, if she were to grant me the joy immediately upon her return. As wonderful as she is, I would not hold my breath. The day before she left she was thinking out loud about what sort of reminder she should leave for me. A CB2000, Kali’s teeth bracelet, and others would be good. But she did not want me to be too handicapped for a number of reasons (I did say that she is sweet).

On the morning of her departure she handed me a number of pink index cards. On them were instructions of when to feed her pet fish, water plants, do her laundry, etc. On a more specifically intimate matter, she requested that the bed sheets be changed on the day of her return, and that my balls be shaved. And, oh yes, as soon as she is on the plane, I should install the small padlock through my Prince Albert piercing and leave it in until further notice. I will report on the piercing later as a flashback, but will include one picture here for your information.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of this specific body alteration, I will say this: things can be attached through the piercing temporarily or by way of a locked device, and it is an attention getter for all involved, especially the one who is pierced. That would be me in this case.

After dropping her off at the airport I ran some errands and then returned home. My usual attire while at home is wearing my birthday suit with some jewelry and occasional encumbrances (my natural state). I removed the curved barbell ring and replaced it with the small padlock. As you can see in the picture, the hasp of the padlock is substantially thicker, 3mm versus 2mm for the ring. With judicious application of lubricants I got it done in a jiffy. I don’t have a picture of the direct application of the padlock, because my MW has our only reliable camera. I thought of using my cell phone to snap a picture, but then I remembered that MW borrowed that too for the trip because she could not find hers. Oh well, I will just have to post that picture some other time.

The feeling is also different. While the ring weighs a quarter ounce or less, not even noticeable unless my cock is really swinging (like when I run on my treadmill), the lock weighs 1 ¼ ounce at least, as determined by my postal scale. The extra weight causes my cock to be longer, not that I need the extra length. I am not extraordinarily endowed, but the little guy has served me adequately. Well, maybe I have had some thoughts of, you know, self gratification under some circumstances in the past. But this extra length is not really significant enough to provide that opportunity. Still, looking in the mirror, it is gratifying. When I walk the weighty lock induces a pendular motion. My cock bounces off each thigh with every step. The feeling is sensational, a constant reminder that I belong to my MW.

All was well for a couple of days. On the third day I needed to run some errands in town, for which I had to dress (some people would not understand my preference to be naked). Getting in an out of the car is usually not a problem. However, with my tight pants, there was considerable strain on the piercing to the point of real pain. Sitting in the car aggravated the condition to a constant pain. I am not a sissy when it comes to pain, especially sensual pain. But in this case there was a feeling that the already healed piercing was being damaged. Regrettably, after returning home, I felt it necessary to replace the lock with the ring. Yes, she left me with the key “for emergencies.” I may be punished for this, but I did consider it an emergency.

Three more days until her return. At that time I will have to start making the bed again and throw out the cats in the morning. End of the bachelor life. I assume that my ass will be re-marked with her usual casual manner using a number of her favorite instruments. But she is worth it, and I am happy to provide the opportunity for her to exercise.

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DWO. I love that. I will steal it and use it myself.