Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mistress Wife Is Due To Return

The events I relate here took place on October 29, 2007.

MW is due to return tomorrow. I tested the reinstallation of the lock in my Prince Albert piercing. There is definitely some damage, so I gave up on it and reinserted the ring. Regrettable since I miss the constant pull of the weight of the lock. I will have to give the damage a chance to heal.

I have been busy each morning with working on an ambitious repair project on my house. One on which I had worked a number of times over the years. Each time it was improved to make sure that the rain does not soak through the bedroom ceiling. Each time I was disappointed. Ever hopeful, here I go again. By the time I quit for the day and come in to clean up, I am ready to relax and rest my back. So, I need to make a choice: Do I work on the project this morning, or do I clean the mistress bathroom? I suppose that I could do both, but then I would lose a substantial part of the day for other activities. More on that later.

Today I will work on the bathroom. Naked, of course. I always do my housework naked. Too bad there is no one here to appreciate it. She will be here tomorrow, but by then this work will be done. As I mentioned, before she left on the trip, she left a note for me on what is to be ready upon her return: (1) clean sheets and pillow cases on the perfectly made bed, (2) my balls shaved with lock in place (see earlier post), (2) waiting for her at the terminal’s baggage claim upon her arrival at the airport. I will have clothes on, of course. We don’t want to scare the straights.

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