Wednesday, November 7, 2007

More CB2000 Thoughts

This is somewhat of a record for us. It has been six days now since the cage was installed on me. MW has not asked or checked to see how we are doing. I guess that she is expecting me to have a hard on, remove the cage, and have penetrative sex with her. Of course, that applies only to night-time hardons. And there is the problem. Like last night and early this morning, I was awake several times, out of bed, trying to make the painful erection go away. I just don’t see myself grunting, turning her on her back and spreading her thighs to have my way with her. That is neither romantic, nor justifiable. Under different circumstances, once in a while, that would be a terrific scenario. But not now.

By the way, we have not done anything sexual since the first installation of the device. I am not sure that there is a graceful way out of this. I don’t want to be a weenie and ask to be released. Yet, I am not sure that she is fully aware of the implications of this. You know, one being in charge must be aware of all that is going on. I am willing to continue wearing it, but one of us should check to make sure that all is well.

If this sounds negative, or as if I am whining, I apologize for that. This is a very positive experience for me so far (with some concerns). She has pushed my limit, and I am in full support of pushing my limits. In the past we were always somewhat tentative about doing any of this. She seems to take it in a more “matter of course” fashion this time, which is a good sign. The other thing that I want to point out is that I am very blessed with her attention and with her assumption of being in charge of me. That has been my fantasy all along, and I am thankful.

So, the only thing that puzzles me at this point is, “Why am I so much on autopilot?”. My autopilot can handle short term trips, but it is not designed to be autonomous. After a while it veers off course and needs to be reset.

The following is a comment on this posting by MW. I may be in trouble.

My, oh my. This does sound as if you are whining. I had planned to release you soon, and bestow a juicy gift for your “suffering”. Now I realize, your character needs a challenge. Be aware, that I AM aware of your suffering. Your “autopilot reset” will be postponed indefinitely.
Mistress S

On Another Subject

I know that I have been at this blog for only a short time, but I am already getting impatient. I am aware that people visit here, but nobody seems to have anything to say about it. I don’t even know how they stumble onto the site.

I have followed the “Sugasm” link to see what it is about. They appear to be a way to make one’s blog known to other interested parties while providing a service. However, they have rules. I have dealt with rules all of my life, and I am trying to relax for a while. I don’t really want to get into more rules for now.

The other thing was what I have seen on various blogs that re-post links to weekly Sugasms. I don’t blame any blogger for promoting her or his site, but I like to be realistic. The Sugasm references on any blog are tiresome and visually polluting. They are complex without sufficient reward. The multiple links appearing on multiple blogs are further loading the already bloated blog space. When I see them I am reminded of irritating commercials that are repeated ad nauseam. It seems like the various blogs are serving one another in an incestuous fashion where most of the visitors are bloggers. I am sure that Sugasm is a good thing, but for now at least, I am not tempted enough to try.

That brings me back to the “I don’t get no respect,” [credit to Rodney Dangerfield] situation. Maybe I have not earned it yet. My MW seems to agree. Nobody knows about my blog, so nobody visits on purpose. Those who do must do so by accident because they leave no comments. I hesitate to add links to other blogs without the permission of their owner. Without knowing me, nobody will add links to mine. It is like working in the dark. Does anyone have a suggestion? I guess I should remain patient.

MW here:
AKA, Mistress S

We hit a little bump in the road yesterday. Apparently I am expected to put him upon the rack and check to see if all parts are functioning properly during and after he has been confined a certain number of days or 10,000 miles…whichever comes first. I expected my Pet to know the proper care and maintenance of his appliance. I was wrong. He was wrong. We each expected the other to notice, check, be aware of any problems, and follow through with appropriate treatment.
Fortunately, no real damage was done to the “little guy” during his incarceration.



Anonymous said...

Perhaps you need to "give to get".

I found you because you had posted on another blog (MistressClaudia's)

Keep doing that and not only will readers find you, but other more prominent bloggers may link back to you (especially if you "add value" to their posts)

Its a bit like a femdom/FLR relationship: first you have to give freely expecting nothing in return and then you may find good things start to happen.

s said...

Hi Susan's Pet:

I've been following your blog since its recent inception, and so far enjoy your posts. I don't have anything significant to add, but wanted to offer my encouragement for your efforts to share your experiences.

I'll be looking forward to further posts.

Susan's Pet said...


Thank you for the tip. I will use it.


Susan's Pet said...


Thank you for the encouragement. This is when I need it.

Anonymous said...

Well I found your blog through that of cagedone, as said above you had commented and I followed to your profile and so to the blog. I am currently reading it from the beginning so have a long way to go and don't know if you will realise I have posted.

Thank you very much for everything you have written so far and look forward to getting onto later posts.

Susan's Pet said...


Thank you for your interest. I hope you will enjoy reading.

Cawti Bunny said...

I am currently reading your blog from the beginning, found it from another blog. I just want to say that you write very well, and I'm looking forward to catching up!


Susan's Pet said...


I am glad to have contributed to your enjoyment of life.