Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Punishment for the Crime

I mentioned earlier that MW must approve my writings before posting. I email it to her, she reads it and possibly makes changes, emails it back to me, and then I post it. My last post was similarly reviewed and approved by her. But as we know, stuff happens. After I published it she read it and became angry. I know that I am in trouble when she is angry. Somehow she missed the second part of my writing prior to posting it. It was the part that deals with the kitchen sink.

After she calmed down enough to deal with it, she ordered me to go to the bedroom and lean on the bed. She asked me how many I should get with the riding crop. I said ten. She replied that it does not matter how many I think I should get. Indeed. I received 29 strikes. She took a snapshot of my striped butt and then told me to retract my writing dealing with her handling of the sink. So that is what I am doing.

I have exaggerated the part about scraping garbage into the sink. She may drop some stuff in there or cut leaves off vegetables, etc, while fixing fabulous gourmet meals, but does not actually scrape garbage off the plates into the sink. If any garbage gets in there it was not done by her on purpose.

Signed, with contrition while sitting on the warm glow of my striped butt,

Susan’s Pet

PS: If you think that you see the outline of an "S" on both cheeks, you are not imagining it.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted you guys to know that I love the blog and we are out here reading it.


Susan's Pet said...

Thanks, I appreciate that.


slave2Catwoman said...

Interesting. I don't think Ms. Catwoman would want to preread or proofread my blog posts. For one thing, she likes to be surprised. And for another, it would make me less honest if I thought I had to censor my thoughts.