Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mistress Wife Is At Home

The events I relate here took place on November 3, 2007

How can I say this otherwise? Her presence is everywhere. Her scent is in my nostrils and my mind. Her taking charge of me grabs me by the balls (mostly in a figurative way but sometimes ...).

I let her sleep late in the morning because of the hardships that she endured, and our going to sleep later than usual. So, it was after sunrise that I awakened her for our morning coffee. The process could be anything, but this morning it was just a few warm kisses and nibbles of her buns and serious sniffing around her most lovely private parts. She was ready. I served coffee on the front deck. Yes, the sun was up, but it still had to rise over the mountain range to the east, so we had not missed much. As we sipped coffee she debriefed of her most recent visit with relatives. She talked; I listened, and asked relevant and leading questions. She began to be agitated, and then relax. Overall, it was a relaxing time for us.

Later she re-attached herself to her computer to catch up on her various email accounts and websites. When she does that, she likes to have a constant supply of ice water to drink. I am the man who provides that for her. Since I have chores around the house, and the repair project going on, I would not be next to her to fetch her drink or anything that she needs. She thought that it was a good idea to instsall the signaling device on my person so that she can fetch me any time she needs something.

The signaling device is a simple electronic dog-training item straight out of the catalog. It was designed for a medium size dog to fit around its neck. When the trainer pushes the button on the controller, the dog gets a shock. The intensity of the shock can be set on ten levels. The shock can not be continuous; it must be done with pauses between presses of the shock button. Level one is most often not felt by me. Level ten is intense, and we seldom use it. The remote controller has a range sufficient to cover our house and yard. The only modification that I made was to remove the nylon-webbing dog collar, and replace it with a short ¾-inch leather belt. The belt can be put around my cock and balls, or just around my balls, depending on what else may be there or what MW desires. After testing it, I can be anywhere on the property and be summoned by the simple push of a button. Of course, from time to time, I may need to explain my sudden dropping of whatever I am holding, and the accompanying noisy outburst. In any case, I usually hasten to where I think MW is so that she will not repeat the summons at a higher level for thinking that I did not feel it the first time. Sometimes it takes a while to find her, and I get another jolt. Generally it works very well. Here is what it looks like:

She chose to have me wear the CB2000 also just to remind me of her. The two don’t get into each other’s way. I get to remove the signaling device while I am using the bathroom for anything. That is to keep it relatively clean and out of moisture. I do wipe it off often with an alcohol soaked towel. The CB is no problem, since the shower with a spray attachment gives it a thorough cleaning.

After finishing my morning chores I went upstairs to continue the deck repair project. She called me a couple of times during the morning to refill her ice water, etc. I know that some men would resent their important work interrupted just to come downstairs to reset the router when her internet connection goes away. I don’t mind. I am thrilled to do it for her, knowing that she uses me for her pleasure at all times. It is what I want and enjoy doing.

She had made a date to go out with our daughter who lives about a half-hour drive down the valley. Today was the day to do that. Later in the morning she began to put on makeup and dress. I was up on the deck working when I heard the fire alarm downstairs. I dropped what I was doing and walked down quickly, rather expecting a false alarm. Sure enough, the bedroom alarm was objecting again to the fumes from her cosmetics. I turned off the stupid and offending device and went back to work. Later, she asked me to drop her off at the meeting place. I then removed the signaling device, showered, and drove her to the place.

It is now a day and a half later and I still have the CB on. I will talk about this in a later posting.

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