Monday, November 5, 2007

The Male Chastity Game

I woke during the night with a pain. It took a while to realize that my cock was trying to survive in a space that is about one third of the space it needed. Once erect, it filled the cage and bulged through the slots while pulling hard on my balls. I lay on my back waiting for the erection to go away. The pain catered to my kinky needs such that it fed back to maintain the erection. Under the circumstances it was not about to go away. The only way to get some relief was to get up and walk around while trying not to pay attention to the problem. It worked. The time was a little after 1AM, so I tried to go back to sleep. I woke again for the same reason. The time was just before 3AM. I knew what I had to do, so I got out of bed. A few minutes of walking around barefooted so I would not disturb MW did the trick. The pain went away as soon as the hard-on went away. But by then I was fully awake, and did not think that I could go back to sleep. I stayed up. I did an hour of weight lifting, and after that I did some work on my computer.

Around 5:30 MW joined me. I made coffee for both of us, and we sat on the front deck to watch the sliver of moon and the stars while sipping the strong brew. She asked me how I slept, and I mentioned to her the problem with erection. She said that she already gave me permission to take off the cage and use the little guy as he was intended. Silly me, I thought that her permission was good only that night a couple of days ago. I guess I will have to wait and try again. I have been wearing the CB2000 for four days now. I know that I will not be breaking any records, and am not trying to do so.

MW and I have a way of looking at chastity that is both sacred and a fun game. The sacred part is that neither of us will stray from our commitment to each other. That means, “No messing around with anyone without her approval.” Her having a relationship with another person is not forbidden, but is extremely unlikely. My having a relationship with another person is forbidden and is also extremely unlikely. Although she is “hot”, she is not a “hot wife”. She is also not into cuckolding, swinging, or threesomes. In my fantasies I might be OK with all of this, in reality I doubt it. I wish to point out one more thing. I am as horny now as I ever was in my life. I get turned on by a lot of stuff, mostly in a female related way.

Everywhere I am I look for females and enjoy seeing them tremendously. The way I see females is with deep appreciation of their beauty and a reverence for their power. That does not mean that I mentally undress every woman whom I see, or that I have thoughts of all abandoned sex with them. It is kind of like seeing and smelling a flower, or feeling the gentle caress of my feet as I stand in a shallow stream on a warm day. It is like hearing a favorite piece of music, or watching kittens play. It is nature’s gift to me to enjoy anywhere. I can enjoy without taking anything away, or without having to pay for the privilege.

Getting back to being horny, I would absolutely love for MW to allow me to make any kind of love with a female acquaintance of her choice. There is one fantasy that never fails to get me going! But as I said, none of this is likely to happen in this life.

Now we get to the fun game. She is allowed to pleasure herself any time, anywhere, in any way, according to her rules. I, on the other hand, will get my pleasure only through her generosity. This means that I am not allowed to masturbate unless she orders me to do so. The CB2000, and some other devices that she has me wear occasionally are just her way of teasing me, making me appreciate her more when she allows me to use my little guy as he was meant to be used. It is just part of the sex games that we play.

This does not mean that I am allowed to remove the device, any device, just because it is a game. It just means that even without the device I would be chaste because she wants me to be. I will remove the device only when she tells me to remove it.

We have a rather relaxed attitude about the whole thing. Reading about forced chastity does turn me on. Actually I get turned on by just about anything forced when it is done by a female to a male. But all that is just my fantasy. In sex games with MW she can do anything that she wants to do to me. True, I never get enough and I could use more of it, but I am not in a position to tell her to “do me”. She does when or if she feels like it, and I enjoy it then. It is part of my fringe benefits of serving her as my queen. Still, I do wish that I could have more.


Anonymous said...

Speaking as one who has been married for 40 years and in wife enforced chastity/orgasm control for 5 years I agreed with you 100%.
In my case the use of the CBXXXX male chastity not only helped me focus on my wife/keyholders needs/ wants the increased testosterone level ( and horniness) gives me more energy in addition to curing my problem with ED.
While I am given the privilege of giving her 3-5 orgasm per week, I am released on the average once per week. My love ,making is better than it had been in 20 years with more semen produced, harder, bigger erections and more powerful orgasms for both of us.
I am surprised more men have not discovered the miracle/blessing ofspousal controlled male chastity .

Susan's Pet said...


When two lovers find something that pleases them both, the result can be fantastic. It is known in research that married couples who have lost intereset in sex (seemingly) regain it and even surpass earlier results when they do something different that both find satisfying.

I am glad that this works for you. I am sure that there are many men out there who wish for this, and are not getting it. Pity.