Saturday, November 17, 2007

Piercingly Potential

Some people get queasy about body piercing, understandably so. I used to pass out at the hint of getting a tetanus shot. I even dropped to the floor of a hospital room just prior to the administration of some stuff preceding surgery. In spite of my aversion to medical piercings, actual body piercings fascinate me. I used to say that ear piercings were a barbaric practice and I fully believed it. Actually, I still do. Not just ear piercings but all kinds of body piercings. The difference is that now I am willing to participate in the act, with mutual consent, of course.

I feel that I must not let my fascination get away from me. I have seen pictures of pierced people that even I would call “geeky”. I think that some of those folks don’t have much else in their lives at the time, so they do this, and later on may regret the extent. The only problem I have there is that some of these body modifications are extreme and permanent. I don’t think that the practice is harmful in general, as long as the practitioners remain realistic and healthy. However, the modifications do get in the way of social interaction outside of their very closed circle. So you need not be concerned, I will control myself and remain discreet with the place, number, size, etc.

Some years ago my wife and I decided to do a private piercing on my parts. It was an itty-bitty hole through the rim of the head of my cock. I inserted a piece of 18 gage solid gold wire which I shaped into a circle afterward. The piercing fascinated us for a while, but over time it worked itself to the edge and I removed the wire just before the hole turned into a notch. It was disappointing, but we got over it. It was at this point that W (at that time she was not yet Mistress, just Wife) decided to get another piercing in her right ear (she already had one in each ear). After it healed she inserted the same circular gold wire through the hole and now, many years later she is still wearing it. It is a symbolism of something that I have not yet determined in a satisfactory manner.

Our next attempt at piercing was again on my private parts. I will not go into the details now because I want to write about it later. It was in a very romantic setting which we will try to re-create in the upcoming trip in December. The result of that piercing was satisfactory at first, alas, that too had to be abandoned eventually.

The third and last piercing took place about a year ago. You have seen the result in Mistress Wife Is Away posting. The illustrated story behind it is another potential to present to you. Let me know if I would be going overboard in the details. In any case, that has been successful for over a year. Completely healed with only one problem that was described in the above mentioned post.

Getting to the point. MW buttonholed me a couple of days ago. Actually, she did not use a buttonhole on account of I was not wearing clothes at the time. You may guess what she used. She said that I should look through our paraphernalia to determine what we will need for the next piercing that she is planning for our upcoming vacation. Needless to say, I complied. We reviewed the options, and decided on acquiring 12 gage needles, and straight and curved barbells to support the operation. The items have been ordered, and the little guy is ready and eager to receive his new jewelry.

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