Monday, August 17, 2009

Phase Of The Moon

It must be the phase of the moon that compels MW to do or not do these things. One of my wishes is for her to be turned on by whipping my ass, and then to use me for her satisfaction, and leaving me wanting more. Well, actually, some of that does happen, but not all necessarily connected in a causative way.

Just a few of hours after my last posting she summoned me to our bed, and gave me many strokes with a paddle whose photograph I have posted before here. Just out of the blue she did that. Aside from the skin on my ass being sore and hurting like hell while she was doing it, the experience was right out of my fantasies.

Later we were reclining in bed watching a movie. She said, “Get me some tit clamps.” Being a well-planned traveler, I always have my kit in order. I reached to my nightstand and produced a pair of excellent clamps connected with a piece of rawhide, and handed it to her. I knew that she was not intending to affix the device to herself, so I braced myself for the inevitable. Yes, she did affix the little buggers to my tits. As the movie progressed she began to do more. She whipped my cock, she whipped my balls, and she yanked the rawhide. Now, some of you might think that all that was pointless, and you might be right. But, I think that it was a gift from her to me. Hours later I thanked her profusely for my suffering and for her attention to me. No, I did not get my rocks off, and did not get to serve her orally either. However, it was a thrill anyway, and would not have missed it for even a glass of wine. Make that a barrel of wine.

It is now some hours later that I add this post script. I have had a chance to look at my thighs. The front and inside are showing bruises that could have been made only by MW's loving hands and tools. They are not excessive, but they remind me of the pain and pleasure we shared last night. Mostly my pain and her pleasure, but that is as it should be.

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