Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back To Ignore And Denial

I have done much reading and produced juicy pre-cum over forced male chastity, and tease-and-denial stories. I still like to read them, but I am becoming jaded. The story needs to be more radical, or else, it does no longer give me the hardon and the subsequent production of pre-cum.

Right. Much like the old saying, “There aren’t any old jokes, just old people who have heard them all.” Yeah. I’m one of the old people, at least when it has to do with this subject.

I still get off on forced male chastity in a big way, but I tend to carry the fantasy to a higher plane. It needs to do with a woman who cares about the result. She needs to be involved. She might have stuff going on the side, but I must be attended from time to time. Yes, it is topping from the bottom, but it does not matter, because this is my fantasy.

There are extreme male fantasies that involve irrevocable acts, such as surgical removal and alteration of some parts. The fantasy is great, but the result is dismal. I don’t see myself happy, regardless of how subservient I may be to a woman or a man, if my cock or balls or both have been removed or altered surgically for real.

So you can see where my mind has traveled, at least to what I have admitted. In a more benign male chastity situation to which I am subjected for real, it has its good and bad periods. The bad periods have to do with the title of this posting that deals with "Ignore and Denial. As long as I am not encased in a chastity device, I can, and might, satisfy myself daily, or as often as I deem necessary. But something would be missing in this scenario.

Say, if I were single, I would do what I said above. But I am not single. I am married to my sweetheart. Could it be that she is not listening to my plaintive cries?


subservient-husband said...

I read on some blogs where forms of punishment are employed and how the sub enjoyed the receipt. Others how every aspect of their lives are ordered and how obedient they are. Neither of those are present in my WLM. I ask myself, what is more of a authority reinforcement, a D who is constantly engaged ordering and punishing constantly or one who is disengaged and who makes their appeasement to the sub's desire to have a particular desire played out only on rare occasions. I find the latter takes more effort to comply with my wife's wants/wishes. I know I have needs as a sub, but distinguishing between wants (which I relinquished the right to require) and needs is a struggle I continue to work through.

Susan's Pet said...

My Friend, I think that you have it sorted out just right. Being in a wife led relationship is like a primitive wishing for rain. When it does, he revels in it as he should. Much like gifts from the gods, or goddesses, as the case may be.