Monday, August 10, 2009

MW Is On Vacation Again

By now, if you had been paying attention since way back, you would know that she does go on vacations without me. That also involves my setting it up for her, and for her friends. She had made all the arrangements with respect to reservations, time and date of grouping for the excursion, etc., also for my hauling the frigging luggage for a week’s stay. Holy cow! I think they could have existed in style for four weeks, rather than one. Then again, I am just a man who thinks that a bottle of wine, a good book, will sustain me for a day. Multiply that by seven, and you get the idea.

Just a note, I had to change the names of her two friends to avoid some reader identifying us.

I underestimated the amount of preparation that I had to endure. We were late. After stopping to buy essential groceries, we arrived at Anthea’s place. I drove our family vehicle in anticipation of accommodating all of her luggage. After several trips down and up the second story condo I had all Anthea's stuff stowed and ready to go. We drove to the resort that MW arranged. Nothing special about the trip, just that, I still had to deal with other details.

Check-in was a bore but uneventful. MW’s other friend, Dolores, was already there waiting for us. I wound my way around the quaintly laid out units to find the proper building, and parked our vehicle. Dolores and husband followed. While I took the next fifteen minutes to move all of Anthea’s and MW’s stuff into the adjacent units, Dolores’s husband struggled to move hers and some other stuff in as well. He was actually in the role of a driver, too, so he left after the lugging of luggage. I, on the other hand, stayed. Well, I took a good slug of Scotch to lubricate my bearings, and helped with stowing the goods.

Being late afternoon, MW realized that I needed sustenance. I had breakfast early, but nothing since then. I opened an excellent Cabernet in anticipation of relaxation. The three ladies partook and agreed about the goodness of this most excellent wine.

Damn, that was indeed a good bottle of wine. While I sipped my own glass of wine MW, being her sweet self, fixed me a great sandwich, which I then had for dinner. I did some required maintenance to support the three of them, then I retired to our suite while she and her friends enjoyed the evening in the adjoining suite. I am not into girl stuff, and they know it, so I get away with it. Besides, they get to dress in almost nothing, and MW does not want me to be there to make them feel uneasy. Right! As if I or they would feel uneasy? I would not. Still, MW is in charge, so I stayed in my uniform in our unit, while the ladies lounged in the other as they wished. Just one thin door away … Jeez, I hoped my hardon would not punch through that door. I read a book for some hours while MW checked on me from time to time. After that I went to sleep.

In the morning I was up early as usual. After coffee, I tried to use my laptop to check email and such. Alas, it all fizzled. I was unable to make a connection. I did some maintenance, some reading, and waited for MW to wake. When she did, I made more coffee, and we talked for hours. But, you know, when two people lie naked in bed, one thing leads to another. For the moment she suspended her “ignore and denial” rule (see Ignore And Denial) and dropped into her previous favorite, “tease and denial”. Oh yes, my tits were tender, my balls ached, and she gave me an order to show up two days later with the requisite toys. Then she got back to doing what she had been doing. It was hard for me to avoid dumping my balls during this, but with great attempt at control I managed. Actually, she just stopped short of my losing control. Several times.

I left for home, for I had work to do. After work here I am, waiting for two days to join her and suffer or enjoy what she is willing to give me. I may let you know the outcome. Meanwhile MW and friends are enjoying culinary delights that they do only once or twice a year. They also stay up much of the night watching chick flicks and drinking Champagne and such. They can be very decadent. I whish though, that I would be the main course. Alas, MW has other ideas. Meanwhile I read the dictionary to keep my mind off the stuff to come.


subservient-husband said...

dictionary doesn't seem very engaging for distraction. How about max out an IPOD, or clean the refrigerator.

Sounds like a wonderful weekend of service. The whole travel agent/concierge role for a weekend of bliss, I can imagine, for me would be rewarding. That is a really good idea. My wife has one coming up in the fall and I believe I will be on the hook for managing the children of ours and her best friend while she and her are gone for a week. To be honest, I don't know, because one of my rules is I am not allowed to ask about any scheduling. Information is provided to me on a need-to-know basis, normally at the time of the event. She has found that keeps me on my toes and attentive.

little shaun said...

I absolutely love the idea of the wife going on vacation without the husband. I've tried to get my wife to do so for years and she just can't get the girls together at one time to enjoy her own vacation

Susan's Pet said...

Sub,I do all that and more. When she is gone, I play music at full volume! As for the refrigerator, I eat all the leftovers while she is gone.

Little Guy, nice to hear from you again. My wife does this two or three times a year, and has me drive her there and back, and uses me on the occasions. It is one of my life's wonderful burdens that I would not change for anyting.