Thursday, August 13, 2009

Well, Damn!

This is an update on the planned reunion with MW. She asked me to bring more essentials to her well being while at the resort with her friends, and in turn she would do things to me. I did bring clothes, coffee making apparata, and the toys that she requested. You know, toys like a riding crop, and such. I showed up with the goods that MW determined essential, had a wine, and visited with them. Later, the four of us, Anthea, Dolores, MW, and I, had a great dinner that Dolores prepared.

Dolores and I must have been fairly well into the wine. As I tried to make my exit for the night she came over to hug and do her special kiss on my lips. I usually can’t get away without at least a hug. I reciprocated for once, and grabbed her ass with both hands as we kissed. It was only later I realized that my automatic response to a kiss should be reserved to MW. OK, I am guilty. However, I enjoyed it for the moment. She has an ass that just asks to be grabbed.

MW and I spent the night in the same bed, but it was all just friendly time together. Yes, her naked ass was tempting, but by then she was asleep. Besides, I don’t do anything unless I am invited. She promised benefits to me in the morning, but the implementation fizzled. Her friends were supposed to leave for business purposes, and be gone for several hours. During this time MW assumed that she would do evil and wonderful things to me, and not worry about what noises I would make. Alas, her friends, being somewhat flaky in decision-making, stayed in.

Promises of consummation of certain things were not fulfilled. Instead of thoroughly perverted sex, we had a long and pleasant conversation while we shared my powerful coffee. Later I left for home taking a load of unessential stuff that we should not have brought with us in the first place. I was also having thoughts of furious masturbation.

But damn! I felt that I woud be cheating on her, so I did not do it. Not even later in the day.


doll said...

You are good and well behaved. MW is lucky to have snared such a rare beast.

subservient-husband said...

I found when I wrap my expectations around something I am normally setting myself up for frustration. Since I am not in control, my expectations are rarely met. Hers are. I can relate to the frustration you are describing. For me I have found, even if my wife spells out something that I would look forward to, I do not fixate on it because it is her choice to change her mind as she wishes and if she does, there is no need for her to have to live with a frustrated husband as a result.

Susan's Pet said...

I'll go with you on that. I am basically a skeptic: wait and see. With respect to MW, she had reneged on some deals. I sometimes compare her to Lucy in the Peanuts cartoon for when she promises to hold the football but does not.

Still, I have to go through the motion, for she might actually deliver, and I would look and feel foolish for not trusting her.

I do all this because I am not the one who is really in charge.

mistressusan said...

He is a rare beast INDEED. S